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Life at the Jedi Temple

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1 Life at the Jedi Temple on Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:37 am

Okay, first of all this takes place during The Clone Wars. Vivana Firewalker is the Jedi padawan of Aayla Secura. This is supposed to be a funny story, so I hope you all think it's funny and not just annoying. LOL Anyway I can't take full credit for this story. Leia and me both wrote it. Well, here we go.

(Vivana is sitting on her bed staring at her computer.)

Vivana: Dude, I'm bored.

(She goes and sits in a chair and turns on the computer.)

Vivana: I think I'll check the Jedi Temple's homepage. Lets see. What's my password? Username: Vivana Firewalker Password: jedipadawanvivana What?! Incorrect password and screenname combination?! Dumb computer! Oh, wait. I had caps-lock on.

(She logs on and starts reading some of the headlines.)

Vivana reading headlines:
The Jedi Temple's volleyball team makes it to the finals
Today's lunch will be sloppy joes
Master Yoda will be giving a speech on the facts and myths of the dark side of the force
Mace Windu spotted entering a nightclub
Is that really Obi-Wan's real hair? We found out the truth!

Vivana: Okay? Interesting headlines.

(She scrolls down to the bottom of the website. She notices a chatbox that wasn't there before.)

Vivana typing: When did we get a chatbox?
Plo Koon typing: Kit Fisto put it in this morning.
Vivana typing: Oh, I see. Who else is on?
Shaak Ti typing: I'm here!
Ahsoka typing: I'm here too! Yum! My master is cooking bacon!
Shaak Ti typing: I thought he said he was illergic to pork.
Ahsoka typing: I think he just said that to get attention.
Vivana: (snorts a laugh)
Vivana typing: Probably so.
Ahsoka typing: AH!!!!!!! Master caught the bacon on fire! Oh my goodness!

Ahsoka logged off

Plo Koon typing: Good greif! His room is next to mine, and I see smoke coming from under the door!

Plo Koon logged off

Shaak Ti typing: LOL Glad I'm not there!
Vivana typing: Where are you?
Shaak Ti typing: On Endor with Eeth Koth. It's fun really. We had a dance party last night with some Ewoks. I don't know where Eeth learned to do The Robot though.
Vivana typing: Ummm right. Anyway I better go. The Jedi Temple's fire alarms are going off.

(Vivana gets off her computer and pokes her head out into the hallway. She sees Master Yoda leading some younglings towards the emergency exit.)
Vivana: What's going on, Master Yoda?

(Suddenly Kit Fisto goes running by screaming.)


(He runs out the emergency exit.)

Yoda: Fire, there was. Sense now it's safe to go back, I do.
Vivana: Oh, well. That's good.

(She closes her door.)

Vivana: Oh brother.

(She looks outside and sees everyone all lined up outside while the Jedi Council is calling role. She opens her window to call down to them.)

Vivana: HEY! It's safe to come back in now!
Luminara: What?
Luminara: We can't hear you! Do you need help?
Luminara: What?! Did you say there's a bomb in the temple? Good heavens! RUN FOR IT!

(Before Vivana can stop them, all of the Jedi run into the streets, alleys, and stores of Coruscant.)

Vivana: WAIT! COME BACK! That's it. I give up.

(She closes the window and walks out of her room.)

Vivana: This place sure is empty.

(Vivana sees Anakin's room where the fire had taken place. She peers inside. The stove, the ceiling above the stove, and the floor around the stove are all burnt to a crisp. She walks toward the temple's main doors. Suddenly the doors fly open, and hundereds of Jedi start running in. They all head straight for the lunch room.)

Vivana: Well then. I had better go locate my master.

(She walks into the crowded lunch room.)

**Life at the Jedi Temple Chapter Two**

(Vivana grabs a lunch tray and gets in the lunch line. Vivana looks at her tray.)

Vivana: Grose!!! Do they ever wash these things?!

Random Jedi Dude Waiting in Line: *shrugs*

(Vivana steps up to where they are handing out food.)

Kit Fisto: Want a roll?
Vivana: Sure.
Aayla Secura: Here. Take it.
Vivana: Thanks, Master.

(Anakin walks up with a hair net on and a tray of meat.)

Anakin: Here's the meat!!! Cooked it myself.
Aayla: Then it's a wonder that you didn't catch the kitchen on fire.

(Anakin huffs and walks away insulted.)

Vivana: I think you hurt his feelings.
Aayla: Too bad. So sad.

(Vivana sits down at a table and is staring at her sloppy joe.)

Vivana: These things should be illegal!

(Barriss Offee runs over and sits next to Vivana.)

Barriss: Guess what! Today's Obi-Wan's birthday! They are going to have a party and they should be bringing the cake out soon!

Vivana: Just as long as he doesn't make us dance a birthday dance on the tables like last year.

Barriss: Yeah, that was pretty bad when Quinlan Vos slipped on Ahsoka's tray of mashed potatoes.

Vivana: It made Ahsoka pretty mad too, if you remember.

Barriss: How could I forget? It was pretty weird when Master Kenobi declared himself king of the kitchen, since it was his birthday, and ordered that all the chicken nuggets to be brought before him.

Vivana: Lets hope he doesn't do that again this year.

Barriss: Well, just to make sure, I'm going to go hide my food.

(Barriss walks off with her tray of food.)

(Anakin comes out with a chief's hat on instead of a hair net, He's holding a huge birthday cake.)

Everyone: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Obi-Wan. Happy birthday to you!

Anakin: Cha cha cha!

Obi-Wan: YAY! Where's my birthday dance?

Everyone: *groan*

Mace Windu: Not this year. Sorry.

Obi-Wan: In that case, bring forth all chicken nuggets!!!!!!!

Anakin: FINE!

(Anakin throws a handful of chicken nuggets at Obi-Wan.)

Barriss: FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!

(Barriss then pours sweet tea on Vivana.)

Vivana: Grrr!

(The room soon becomes a battlefeild of flying food.)


(After everyone helped clean the lunchroom, everyone headed off to bed.)

Now, as you may know, every Jedi has their own room. Ahsoka's room sits in between Quinlan Vos's room and an empty room. But tonight the room isn't empty for Anakin is sleeping in there till they can fix the damage in his room due to that fire. Another thing you should know is that the walls are rather thin, and you can hear through the walls.......

11:00 P.M.

(Ahsoka is sitting in her bed.)

Anakin through the wall on his phone: Oh, Padme! You're so cute!

Ahsoka: ....................

Quinlan Vos through the wall: Hoo hoo haa haa!! Me monkey!!!!!!!

Ahsoka: ????????????????????

Anakin through the wall on his phone: Okay, goodnight baby! I think we can meet tomarrow evening for lunch. Bye sweety!!! (Hangs up.)

Ahsoka: *sigh* Oh, I can't sleep.

(She gets up and heads for the kitchen.)

Ahsoka: Hey! The light is on!

(She goes inside.)

Ahsoka: What the?

(Obi-Wan is standing in front of the fridge with his pjs on grabbing crackers, meat, cheese, and milk.)

Ahsoka: Master Kenobi?

(He looks up.)

Obi-Wan: You never saw me!!!

(He starts to run back up the stairs.)

Ahsoka: Don't worry, Master Kenobi. I came in here to do the same thing. Is there any chocolate milk?

Obi-Wan: No, there isn't any.

(Vivana comes in with an empty chocolate milk jug.)

Obi-Wan: Hey! You drank all of the chocolate milk!

(Aayla steps inside from behind Vivana.)

Aayla: Actually, we both did.

Vivana: I love my chocolate milk!! =D

(Rex walks in with a nightgown on with a nightcap and with fuzzy slippers.)

Rex: Oh, I see I'm too late to get any of the good stuff. I'm heading back to the clone quarters.

Ahsoka: Hey! At least there's some ice cream left!!!

Rex: Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice Cream!


Vivana: Is it chocolate ice cream?

Ahsoka: Yep.

Vivana: Then give it to me!!!

Obi-Wan: Never!!! It tis mine!

Vivana: Fine. I'll get a chocolate bar instead.

Ahsoka: Chocolate bars?! =D

Obi-Wan: There's enough chocolate bars for all of us.

Ahsoka: Okay, let me give Rex his.

(She turns around and Rex is gone with the ice cream.)

Ahsoka: Hey! He took the ice cream!

Vivana: Oh well.

(She walks off with the box of chocolate bars.)

Aayla: Great! She just ran off with the chocolate bars!

Obi-Wan: And Rex took the ice cream! The nerve!

Aayla: It seems that Ahsoka has also just ran off with the cheese, meat, and milk as well.

Obi-Wan: Blast! I will get the crackers and water then.

Aayla: And I will get the cheese sticks and carrots!

(They both grab their food and head to there rooms.)

2:00 A.M.


(Anakin wakes up and grabs his phone.)

Anakin on the phone: Huh. Uh. Hello? Padme? What's the matter?.......You heard a noise and became scared? Padme, I can't leave. There's nothing to be scared of!....... But Ahsoka will wonder where I went!.......Don't start crying!! I'm coming. I'm coming right now. (Hang up)

(He gets dressed and heads off to Padme's apartment.)

5:00 A.M.


Ahsoka: Gha!!! What's that???!!!

(She jumps out of bed.)

(Vivana comes into her room.)

Vivana: Ahsoka! I'm scared! What's that noise!?

Ahsoka: I don't know! But it's coming from Obi-Wan's room!!!

(They burst into his room. He's watching King Kong with the volume turned way up. Kit Fisto is with him watching it as well. There are boxes of crackers sitting around.)

Ahsoka: You woke us up! Turn that down! People are trying to sleep! The whole temple's probably awake.

(Obi-Wan grabes a remote and turns it down.)

Obi-Wan: Sorry.

(They head back to their rooms.)

8:00 A.M.

(Ahsoka bursts into her Master's room.)

Ahsoka: WAKE UP, MASTER! Rise and shine!!! Hey, where is he?

Padme's apartment.......

Padme: Would you rather have waffles or panckes?

Anakin: Waffles!

Padme: Okay! I hope I don't burn them....... Like I always do..........

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2 Re: Life at the Jedi Temple on Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:23 pm

Hey guys. Next chapter. I'm just gunna copy and paste it straight from Leia's blog.

"Oh, let me explain something. If there's a Jedi missing, chances are it's because they're out fighting. This story is basically life for the Jedi when they are at the temple. I'm also trying not to re-use the same characters too often. Please let me know what characters you'd like to see or like seeing. =D Oh, before I start, Breha is Bail's wife seen in episode three. Okay, ONE more thing. The begining didn't turn out that great. It gets better once they leave the haunted house."

(All of the Jedi are at a carnival that's on Corascant.)

(Anakin, Padme, and Ahsoka are getting off a roller coaster.)

Anakin: I think I'm going to be sick.....

(Padme's face is green and she runs over to a garbage can.)

Ahsoka: THAT WAS FUN!!!
Anakin: Yeah right. Why are you so hyper anyway?
Ahsoka: I don't know! Maybe it's because of all that coffee I drank for breakfast.
Anakin: Yeah. That probably does have something to do with it.

(Anakin looks up and sees Cody, Rex, Kit Fisto, and Quinlan Vos on a merry-go-round. Kit Fisto is riding an alligator, Quinlan Vos is riding a dolphin, Cody is riding a tiger, and Rex is riding a pony.)

Anakin: Well now. That's too funny!

(They get off the merry-go-round.)

Rex: That was fun!
Quinlan: Yeah man. I felt like a kid again. Hey man! Look! A haunted house! I dare you to go in!

(The four of them go running in the mansion.)

Padme: Ani! I wanna go in too!

(She goes running in the doors.)

Anakin: Padme!

(Anakin and Ahsoka run in after Padme. When they get in they see Padme, Aayla, and Vivana standing in the entry-way.)

Vivana: Hmm.... Which hallway? This one!

(Vivana goes running down a hallway.)

Aayla: I wouldn't go down that hallway if I were you!

(They hear Vivana scream)

Anakin: Not going down that hallway!

(A group of senators go running by and Ahsoka goes running down a random hallway giggling because of all that coffee she had.)

Anakin: AHSOKA! Great......

(Padme and Anakin go walking up the stairs. They come to a table with fake skeletons sitting at the table. Quinlan, Kit, Cody, and Rex are in that room as well.)

Cody: They are so fake looking!

(All six of them start laughing.)

(Suddenly one of the skeletons move and they all go running out of the room with their hands in the air screaming.)

In the hallway.......

Anakin: Huh?

(He looks toward Padme and sees a ghost floating towards her.)

Anakin: AHHH!!!!!

(He goes running towards it screaming. The ghost stops and goes running away.)

Padme: Oh Ani! You're so brave!
Anakin: I know it.

Meanwhile with the group of Senators.......

Bail Organa: I have no clue where we are.
Chuchi: You mean you got us lost?!!!!
Breha Organa: Shhh! Keep your voices down!

(They enter a room.)

Bail: Where are we?
Breha: Here's a light switch.

(She turns the lights on.)

Chuchi: Hold it! It's not real though! This is all fake! Do you honestly think they'd torcher people here?
Bail: No....... Maybe.
Chuchi: *sighs*

(Vivana walks into the torcher chambers.)

Vivana: Hi!
Bail: Oh, hi.

(Breha walks over to one of the props in the chambers)

Breha: Honey, what did they use this for?
Bail: Well, the prisoner would lay there and that thing would, umm...
Vivana: Make them flat like the floor!
Breha: EEK!
Vivana: Didn't mean to scare you.
Random senator: HELP! I'm stuck!

(The senators and Vivana turn around and see a senator locked up in the stocks.)

(AN: Stocks- Stocks)

Breha: How'd you get locked up in that?
Random Senator: I just stuck my hands and head in it to try it out.
Vivana: Oh, that was smart!

Where Padme and Anakin are.......

Padme: Ani? Where are we?
Anakin: I.......Have no clue.......

(Padme starts crying.)

Anakin: No, no, no, no, no, no, don't cry! I'll find a way out of this place!

Where Rex, Cody, Kit, and Quinlan are.......

(Cody looks in a mirror, but his reflection isn't in it.)

Cody: How come I'm not in the mirror?
Rex: I'm not in it either. Maybe we're vampires.

(Rex and Cody start laughing. Suddenly a vampire shows up in the mirror.)

Rex and Cody: AHHHHHH!!!!

Where Aayla and Vivana are.......

Vivana: Cool! A dining room with food!
Aayla: I wouldn't eat that...

(Vivana takes a bite of ham anyway.)

Vivana: Ggahhg!

(She falls forward.)

Aayla: VIVANA!!!

Where Rex is.......

Rex: I'm all alone......

(He hears footsteps coming up from behind him.)

(He gets scared and starts beating the thing up.)

Rex: GAH!!!!!!!!!!

(The thing falls on the floor.)

Rex: Oops.

(Bail Organa is lying on the floor.)

(Rex goes running off.)

Where Cody, Kit, and Quinlan are.......

Cody: Hey! Cool chair!

(Cody sits in it and it suddenly goes flying off with him in it.)

Cody: WOOHOO!!!!!
Quinlan: Hey man! Get back here with that! I want a turn on it!
Kit: I want a turn too!

(Cody goes flying out the open window.)

Quinlan: Dude.......

Where Vivana and Aayla are.......

Aayla: Vivana! Are you still alive?
Vivana: Yeah, I think.

(A skeleton walks up to the table and takes a bite of food.)

Vivana: LETS GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!

Where Kit, Cody, and Quinlan are.......

Cody: AH!!!!!!!!

(Cody comes flying back into the house. He goes flying down the hallway with Kit and Quinlan chasing him.)

Where Ahsoka is.......

Ahsoka: Ooooo! Pretty basement!!!

(Rex runs in.)

Ahsoka: Rexy! Hya Rexy! Rex Rexter Rexy Rex Rex Rex!!! I NEED COFFEE!!!!!!!
Rex: Ah! Don't hurt me!
Ahsoka: I won't!

(They run out of the basement.)

(The senators are looking for Bail. They see him lying on the floor.)

Breha: BAIL!

Bail: *moans and gets up* Lets get out of this kooky house!

(The group of senators go running out of the house screaming.)

Where Padme and Anakin are.......

Anakin: Hey! I wonder what's in this closet.
Padme: I have a bad feeling about this.......

(Anakin opens the door.)

Anakin: AH!!!

(He slams it shut.)


(The closet door opens and a purple, furry arm comes out and grabs Anakin and pulls him back in the closet.)

Padme: ANI!!!! ANI-POO!!! EEEEE!!!!!

(Anakin comes flying out of the closet with purple fur all over him.)

Anakin: LETS GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHGH!!!!!!!!!

(They go shooting out of the room and down the stairs.)

Where Rex and Ahsoka are.......

Rex: There's the door! Lets go!

(Suddenly Cody runs over them in his flying chair.)

Rex: HEY!
Ahsoka: Watch it!

(They all run out of the house and back into the carnival.)

Vivana: Look! A magic show!

(Everyone goes running in)

Magician: Hello everyone. Welcome to the magic show! We will start out by doing a classic trick. I will need someone to come up and help me. How about you?
Anakin: Me?
Magician: Yes, you.
Anakin: Oh okay.

(Anakin walks on stage and the magicion throws him in a coffin.)

Anakin: LET ME OUT!!!!!! HELP!!!
Padme: ANI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Magician: Now, now, don't cry. Your friend will be fine.

(He opens up the coffin and a zombie sits up.)

Vivana: Great day in the morning!!!!!!!
Padme: ANI!!!!!!!!
Magician: Gah, think I did some thing wrong. Hold on.

(He closes the coffin door and opens it again. When he opens it Chuchi is sitting in it.)

Everyone: AHHHH!!!!!
Padme: ANI! Where are you!?

(They turn around and Anakin is sitting in Chuchi's seat)

Cody: Creepy!

(The magician closes the coffin door, opens it, and Anakin is sitting there. They turn around and Chuchi is sitting in her chair.)

Rex: I bet you $20 that the next person that goes up there gets killed or disappears forever!
Padme: EEK!
Magician: Okay, for my next trick I will need someone to come up and do it with me. How about you?

(Aayla walks on the stage)

Magician: Okay. Lay down in this box.
Aayla: I have a bad feeling about this........

(He pulls out a saw)

Magician: Don't worry. I know what I am doing.
Aayla: It didn't seem that way with Anakin.

(The magician starts to saw the box in half.)

Magician: *Whistling while sawing*
Vivana: Are you okay master?
Aayla: For now.

(The box comes apart. He puts the box back together and opens it. Aayla is in one piece.)

Aayla: This has been very fun but we have to go now!!

(Everyone runs out)

Dude: Step right up to see the strong man! The powerful strong man!
Anakin: This I gotta see.
Padme: We all know you're stronger though, baby.
Anakin: Oh Padme!
Everyone: ??

(Everyone sits down in front row seats, and the strong man comes out with weights.)

Anakin: *Laughs* He has a 100lb weight and I can lift a 200lb weight!
Vivana: So, I can lift a 220lb weight.
Anakin: =O
Ahsoka: This strong man sure is cute.......
Aayla: No kidding........
Padme: I could look at him all day......
Chuchi: Look at his muscles!
Rex and Cody: *Laughing* He's ugly!
Vivana: I think he likes me the best. He's looking at me!
Ahsoka: He's looking at me!
Aayla: No! He's looking at me!
Vivana:......... Whatever.
Chuchi: I love his dark brown hair.......
Anakin: This is disgusting.

(The strong man puts the weight down, and the show is over.)

Padme: Oh blast. It's over. I wonder what his name is.
Ahsoka: I'll find out!
Anakin: AHSOKA!

(Ahsoka runs on the stage and jumps in his arms.)

Ahsoka: Hi! I was wondering, what is your name?
Steve: Uh, Steve.
Ahsoka: Okay, thanks!

(She's just sitting in his arms)

Strong Man: Uh, you need something?
Ahsoka: Yes, YOU!
Strong Man: What?!
Anakin: AHSOKA! Get over here RIGHT NOW.
Ahsoka: I got to go, Steve. I'll be back later though!

(Ahsoka jumps out of his arms and runs off the stage.)

Ahsoka: His name is Steve!
Chuchi: I love that name!
Vivana: I like that name too! But I like a name better that starts with a J.
Padme: I like names that start with A. *she winks at Anakin*

(The girls walk out of the tent, and the boys follow them out.)

Padme: Look, Ani! The tunnel of love! Lets go in!!
Anakin: Okay, Padme!

(AN: Tunnel of love- Tunnel of Love)

(Padme hops in a boat, and Anakin gets in with her.)

(Aayla gets in a boat and Rex gets in with her.)

Rex: Howdy!
Aayla: Oh brother.......
Vivana: This sounds like fun!

(Vivana jumps in a boat and the random senator named Bob gets in the boat with Vivana.)

Bob: Hi!
Vivana: Well, hello, I guess...

(Breha jumps in a boat with Bail.)

Breha: ROW!
Bail: Okay, okay, I'm rowing.

(Quinlan and Chuchi get in a boat together.)

(Ahsoka and Kit Fisto get in the last boat.)

Ahsoka: Hey! I wanted to be with Rex!
Kit: Tough luck. I wanted to get in one with Aayla.

(Everyone goes in the tunnel of love.)

Quinlan: This boat makes a cool sound, man. The oars make a splashy sound.
Chuchi: Ugh.......

(They hear this echoing down the tunnel: Row row row your boat! Gently down the stream!)

Breha: BAIL! I think I saw something move in the water!
Bail: It's probably just your imagination.
Breha: Honey! I'm scared! Lets get out of here!
Bail: Fine.

Bob: La la la la la la la la la la la!!
Vivana: *Groan*

Kit: The water sure does look pretty!
Ahsoka: Yeah.........

Padme: Ani, are we almost out of the tunnel?
Anakin: Yeah, but aren't you enjoying this? It's dark and no one can see us.
Rex from behind them: WANNA BET!?

(Anakin turns around and sees a figure in the darkness rowing towards them.)

Anakin: Grrrr.....
Padme: Oh well. Are we almost there?
Anakin: Yeah. Why do you ask?
Padme: I have to go to the bathroom.
Anakin: Oh great.

(He starts rowing fast, and they get out of the tunnel of love. Padme runs in the bathroom.)

Cody: So, um. What's your name?
Random senator girl: Samantha.
Cody: Ooooh.....
Samantha: Yeah, I'm a clawdite.

(Samantha turns to a creepy bug thingy.)

Cody: AHH!!

(Cody jumps out the boat and starts swimming to the end of the tunnel.)

(Bail and Breha row past Samantha.)

Bail: Wow, freak out.
Breha: Bail, be nice.
Bail: Fine. We're at the end of the tunnel.

(Breha and Bail get off with everyone else.)

Rex: Now where?
Anakin: GO-KARTS!!
Everyone: YAY!!!!

(Everyone runs to the go-karts.)

Kit: Cool! Two-seater go-karts!
Aayla: I'll drive, and Vivana you can sit next to me.
Padme: I wanna drive!
Anakin: Okay then.

(Anakin and Padme get in a cart while Vivana and Aayla get in a different cart.)

Cody: Dude, do you know how to get these things started?
Rex: Of course!

(Rex and Cody get in a cart.)

Quinlan: You can be with me.
Ahsoka: Great. I'm getting stuck with you.
Quinlan: What's that supposed to mean?
Ahsoka: Ooooooooh nothing.

(They get in a cart together.)

Bail: I'll drive, Breha.
Breha: I wasn't planning on driving.

(Breha and Bail get in one.)

Chuchi: Guess I'm stuck with Bob.
Kit: Guess I'll be driving all alone.

(Kit jumps in a green go-kart.)

Ride manager: Ready...set...GO!!!!!!!

(They go shooting off.)

Aayla and Vivana: WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
Padme: THIS IS FUN!!!!!!

(Rex and Cody go shooting by Anakin and Padme)

Cody and Rex: WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kit: Yeah boy! I am doing great!!

(Bail and Breha are still at the start.)

Bail: This thing won't start!!

(He hits the go-kart and it starts moving forward real slow.)

Breha: Hope no one hits us.

(Everyone goes driving past them super fast.)

Padme: Hey, I have an idea! I played Mario Karts when I visited my sister's place, and in that game to throw people off, you could throw things at them!
Anakin: Padme, we have nothing to throw.
Padme: Yes, we do.

(She pulls some food out of her side bag and throws a sandwich at Kit.)

Anakin: Padme! That was my sandwich!
Padme: Hehehehehehe!
Kit: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Aayla: GRR!!!! Anakin and Padme are in are way!!

(Ahsoka and Quinlan pass them.)

Aayla: Blast! Quinlan is driving!! We'll never pass them!

(Aayla crashes into the back of Quinlan and Ahsoka's go-cart.)

Ahsoka: Hey!!!
Anakin: I'm trying! They're driving like mad men!
Padme: This isn't a race, ya know.
Anakin: I know that. You need to tell them!

(So far Breha and Bail have made it four feet down the track.)

Bail: I HATE THIS THING!!!!!!!!

Bob: Watch where you're going, blue girl!

Bail: Okay, this thing is starting to go a little faster.

(Everyone is at the finish.)

Quinlan: Nuts. Aayla and Vivana won.
Aayla: =D

(Padme runs in the bathroom.)

Vivana: Is she okay?
Anakin: Yeah, just a little sick.
Chuchi: Wait, there's someone still on the go-kart track!
Anakin: Oh no. Its Breha and Bail!

(Everyone starts laughing.)

Bail: That's it!

(Bail gets out of the go-kart and is walking to the sidewalk. Breha is following him.)

(Padme walks out of the bathroom.)

Anakin: Okay, we're going home now.

(The Jedi get in the temple's bus. The senators all go to their private vehicles. Padme wanted to spend more time with Ani, so she got in the bus with all the Jedi.)

"PHEW! What a long chapter! As you may know, I love Bail Organa. You'll be seeing a lot of him. As you can tell, we really enjoy writing these. That's why the chapters keep getting longer and longer. I know things are silly... hopefully it makes you laugh. =P What do you think? *sits back nervously to wait for comments* I guess it isn't the best chapter... *sighs* I'll try to make the next one better.

P.S. I think I now know what I did wrong this chapter. I'll try to fix it next chapter. In fact, I KNOW what I did wrong for a fact! I know how to fix it! Next chapter WILL BE better!"

Okay, that was Leia talking at the begining and the end. I copied and pasted it from her blog. marajade

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