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1 Trapped! on Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:52 pm



The Day It All Started

It was another rainy day on Kamino, and the rain was coming down a bit harder than normal and it was a bit warm outside. Meanwhile inside were a new batch of clones were in shooting practice moving left to right trying to avoid incoming shock lasers. It was finally over and the two clones, dellson and 443, were going to the mess hall, since going left to right all day avoiding shock lasers was not easy. They went down the hall of gray and darkened colors that made them feel very much alike with no freedom of who they wanted to be. Since this is what they have known all there few years of life they just thought it to be what they do, never giving it a thought that theres more out there than fighting. As they entered the mess hall, with a couple hundred clones eating, they noticed it was very cool in there and just... different. Hey Dellson, said 443 as if he knew something were wrong, Do you noti.. he had just got half way through his words when A huge Laser blast hit the gray hardened Mess hall door. Dellson regained himself and picked up a D-16 blaster off of one of the emergency Blaster racks. Taking his ground behind a singed turned over table he quickly took aim, but he noticed something out of the corner of his eye, which was the same as everyone else’s eyes in the gray and now singed room of cold darkness, 443 had not gotten up yet....

Sick Bay

443 Had just woke up to hear the voice of a GH-7 meddroid In the back of the cold, dark
Medical room he was in. He opened his eyes and looked around the dark, cold, wet room
for any other clone troopers in the there, there were none. He figured that the battle on the
surface hadn’t been too bad since he was the only one in the room, of course what he didn’t know is that he was in a private medical chamber and that there was one other guy, a commander of a Ventor Class Republic attack cruiser Standing with the medical droid asking him some questions. As he took a closer look over towards the holo-projector where they were standing he saw the commander over there and wondered what he was doing down here and not above Kamino Fighting the battle or regrouping the troops? To the best of his ability He tried to talk, but the blow he had taken from a stray shot hitting a gonk droid and knocking it into him. He mumbled a bit hoping that they would here him. The Commander turned over to him and looked at him laying there on the black, and singed medical bed. He went over and asked if there was anything he could do for him. “Yes, there is sir. Could you tell me how the battle went?” The commander took a deep breath and looked over at the hol-projecter and the GH-7 meddroid then looked back at him. “Private… it .. well it was all unexpected and the hit us so fast, in space and down here. No one survived….”

It All Becomes Clear

The commander Continued with what he was saying after looking over at a broken monitor. “Only you me and two other squads survived, Omega Squad and Delta Squad.”
443 sat up and look around gathering all the strength he could get. “So? Do you know what happened to the rest of Kamino? The commander turned to him and said “We have stopped the secret droid attack led be Alto Stratus himself, It took all the troops we could get but… 443 stopped him in the middle of his somewhat sad talk about what had happened to Kamino, his home world along with the rest of them, “Alto Stratus? Haven’t heard of him making attacks lately?” The commander picking up where he left off while answering his question. “He hasn’t maid many but when he does he can strike a blow if done right.” “Anyway” said the commander “but we held him off and his troops, but seems like he’s got a new weapon that can disintegrate our blasters from 2-4 clicks away” “Wow” said 443 “Must be some weapon.” “Yes” the commander told him as he walked over to check when General Obi-Wan Kenobi would be coming. “Kamino Station 34x/9y7i/-98, Has anyone got a status report on when General Kenobi will be here?” A voice came in on the other side and then the Hologram of the clone sergeant came on. “Yes Sir, He should be here soon. Last we knew sir he was about 1 parsec away.” Very good sergeant.” 443 stood up and stood on the black hard floor with electric currents (that were from the ceiling wires hanging down from the lights and from the other wires up in the duct) flowing through the water on the floor. He went over to the small gray holo projector (that sat in the corner that used to sit in the middle but is now over in the corner because of canon fire hitting it, it looked like no one used it anymore, and everything looked this way because of the battle, but it was probably one of the most used there) to watch some of the fights and look at the tactics that were used, as they might come in handy later. Once he turned it on he went to the camcorder that had been taping the gray, old mess hall. He wished he hadn’t, he saw Dellson push him away to save him from a blaster shot, after that something else happened….

It Begins/General Kenobi Arrives

One of the droids had taken Dellson captive by shooting a grappling hook at him grabbing his D-16 blaster from him then shooting him on the stun setting. 443 just stood there looking back at the gray, greasy holo-projector. He wondered why the droids took him? He just couldn’t figure it out why droids would want to take just another clone? He walked over to a bacta sink so he could wash his face and off. The Commander looked at him and told him “I will be going upstairs now, do hurry up as soon as you can, okay? 443 removed his hands out of the bacta sink in front of him and grabbed a towel that was hanging next to a broken mirror on the wall. “Yes sir I will try to get up there soon.” “Good.” Said the Commander and then he went right up the white steps with black rails going up the side of the staircase holding his head high with his few medals dangling from his uniform and moving on with life knowing that just because it’s over for now doesn’t mean they won’t be back and that what matters is now and here. “443 looked over at the emergency Blaster rack, stared at it for a few seconds then went over and grabbed two D-16 Blasters from the rack. After that he jumped over some of the puddles with the electric currents in them then went rgith up the stairs turned the corner and headed down the singed hall ways and right into the armory. He took one look at it and said “Wow look the selection” “At least there’s one thing I can say for the Republic army, The have a nice arrange of weapons, unlike the food he muttered.” He didn’t waist time and went straight for the rocket launchers and grabbed a strap for it on the way over, picked it up and put it on his back. Next he went over and and grabbed a sniper strap and a DC-15x sniper rifle. After that went got ammo for the rocket launcher, DC-15x sniper rifle, and for the two D-16 blasters. “Now for the best part… The grenades” he said with a small laughing smirk on his dirt smudged face that some of the bacta could not get off of his face. “I will get those droids and all the ones who took Dellson from him or unit 442, The one who came from the cloning chamber just before he did. Dellson was one of his closest brothers. “Now just to get a transport” He wondered where he could get one. Then over one of the working intercoms came a clone captain voice “All units on the way to Bothawui, report to docking bay 45, 7, 23, and 19 A.S.A.P.” Then he got it, he would sneak on to one of the transports and start fighting the droids on Bothawui. Earlier he had found a piece of ruble that said droid disintegrator gun made by Bothawui Droid factory inc. So he thought he would start his search there and just blend in with the troops on the Transports. He got on a speeder bike and headed for the Transports. On his way over he looked up and saw a Shuttle coming in with the markings for a general’s shuttle. “General Kenobi” he said. He finally got there and jumped off his speeder bike and went over to one of the checkpoint stations. “I am unit 443/90-778x/45-6, but they call me 443 for short.” The Captain looked up at him and said “Let me look you up in the holo records real quick, hmm.. you’re not on the list to the Bothawui assault?” He quickly thought of something “General Obi-Wan Kenobi told me to get on because they needed some more troops.” The captain new that he had to be lying, but since General Kenobi had just landed and was there he told 443 “I shall contact the General and ask him if he did” “Yes sir!” Said 443 very quickly. The Captain got out his personal mini holo-projector and started the call to General Kenobi “Captain Tyto to General Kenobi do you copy” then came Kenobi up as a hologram “Kenobi here” “Tyto continued there’s a trooper here that isn’t one who is to go on the transports, but he told me that you told him to go? Is this true sir?” Kenobi started up again “No, I did not but we do have few men so let him on we need all the help we can get” “Yes Sir!” Said Tyto with a very annoyed sound in his voice looking over at 443 he said “You got lucky rookie, but next time you might not be so lucky, because the battle field of Bothawui is NO place for a Private, but it’s your life kid.” 443 thought if only that were true….



443 loaded up his two D-16 blasters, DC-15x sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and back pack up on an older model gunship probably used in the first battle on Geonosis 443 thought. “Well kid” said a corporal from a corner in the dark gunship “You ready for this?” “I…. guess” said 443 as he loaded his guns. “Why what’s there to be ready for?” “Wow Private you must really be new! Bothawui is one of the worst battle fields for us.” The corporal went back to hooking his safety belt on to the side of the gunship wall. “I thought Bothawui is on are our side? So we should get lots of help from them. Right?” “Ha” The corporal shouted as everyone stared at him for a few seconds then went back to what they were doing. “Bothawui is so corrupt you wouldn’t believe it! Sure we have 79.9% of them on our side, but the rest like to sell out to the sepi’s or stand on a fence and can’t decide which side to go on and end up trying to help both sides when they end up helping the sepi’s more than us.” The corporal stopped there and just went on with cleaning some blasters. 443 wondered if he had gotten himself into something too big for him to handle. “Oh well” He thought, “I must save Dellson!” He then put on his strap that connected to the wall in case they were hit by enemy fire or something like that. Now it was time to go, the pilot got on the intercom and said “all engines check and we are now taking flight to the Ventor Class Republic attack cruiser 123/9687/nmx059. Please tighten safety straps and hang on.” 443 new this was it, it was do or die and at this time he wanted do. The gunship took off in a roar leaving a cloud of black and gray smoke behind him since it was so old. They took off and traveled at about 5,000-10,000 miles per hour and were at the Ventor Class Republic attack cruiser 123/9687/nmx059 in seconds. The huge Landing bay doors started to open to the side and make a noise that creaked a little, and then they were in the ship beginning to land. They landed in the big open hanger bay filled with boxes and crates stacked around with men going to and fro place to place. 443 stepped out of the gunship and took a seat over at the docking bay check in to rest, after that he decided to go to the mess hall, one place he didn’t want to go, but had to go in there if he wanted to stay alive and save Dellson. He went in and took a seat on one of the hard cold benches and placed an order with one of the service droids. There was a little CSD (Coruscant Sanitation Department) droid buzzing around cleaning the white floors that might have food on them or other dirt on the floor. He looked so happy and just worry free. 443 just wondered that there must be more to life than this, there must be a way to make your own choices, fight if you want to or don’t fight if you don’t want to. Again another voice came over an intercom and said “We are now going into hyperspace to Bothawui.” The engines roared and glowed a light blue real quick then took off to Bothawui, one of the worst battle fields of the clone wars, not because of the fighting, but because of the corruption. They finally arrived and began descent down to the planet. They all strapped into the gunship and took off muttering amongst themselves as they went down to the planet that looked peaceful until you got down there. The gunship landed with a big clunk, and poof of smoke came out of the gunship. “Well here we are” said the corporal. “Finally, It took us long enough.” “Yeah well we were at least 2-3 parsecs away.” The corporal turned over to Captain Tyto and handed him some papers that he was holding for him before they took off. “Thank you corporal for holding these papers for me.” “No Problem, Sir!” The corporal responded promptly with a bold military voice. Captain Tyto took off his helmet and put it at his side. “Delta Squad, form up on sector 9 on the top east platform! Omega Squad, form up on the west platform of sector 9. Delta and Omega Squad, you will flank them in that passage while the other men slip around the other side. Captain Tyto was yelling because of the canon noise in the background that was droning him out and everyone else as it came closer. He knew he didn’t have much time left to put all the squads together, so he went as quickly as he could moving from post to post to get his job done and only using a lower class, Alpha Squad type speeder bike to do so. He finally arrived at general Kenobi’s post to brief him of the plan. He hit the buzz button on the outside of the door to see if he could enter. Kenobi buzzed it back and Tyto entered. “Sir” He said boldly “I have got as many men as I could get together for the attack.” Kenobi started to talk “Good captain. Say by the way have you seen that private we let go with us?” “No sir, but I believe he is over at the bunker on the south side in sector 9.” “Okay. Just have him make contact with me befo… .Suddenly a bomb hit the ground about 1/3 a click away from the post they were talking at….


The Battle Field/Delta and Omega Squad

The Bomb that the Hyena Bomber droid had dropped made a small wave in the ground and it traveled over to the post that General Kenobi was in and knocking General Kenobi over along with captain Tyto. Kenobi quickly got to his feet and with quick reaction to what had just happened he turned his Light Saber on and went to the bunker door. “Damage report!” asked Captain Tyto to a nearby clone trooper at one of the computer consoles in a AT-TE close by. The clone trooper turned to him and said “One of the small barriers was hit but that’s about all, nothing too big sir” The Captain looked over at General Kenobi “That was close sir, are you ok?” Yes Captain, I’m fine. We must strike now if we are to beat the droid army here.” Captain Tyto got on his mini holo-projector and told Delta and Omega squad to start up their defensive positions so that they may start to distract the droids while the main force goes around the side of the mountain and catch them off guard. “Okay sir the men are all ready to go.” “Good Job Tyto” Kenobi went and got a on Jedi speeder and headed off to where the rookie 443 was. He arrived and parked his speeder over at the speeder dock and then walked the dusty ground over to the bunker that 443 was at. Even though Bothawui was more a balanced climate than it was dry, it still had its dry spots and it just happened they had to fight there. “Okay men form up you will be going with me. I assume that Captain Tyto informed you on the mission?” “Sir, Yes Sir!” the clones shouted. “Okay then lets go around the side of this mountain and take Bothawui back and free these people, also check your fire so you don’t hit any civilians. One of his men said to the other clone standing beside him “Just like when we were on Ryloth, remember?” “Yeah, when we had to check out fire even thought all the locals were in sepi prison zones.” The clone loaded his gun and started to march with them as they fell out in to formation. 443 new if he was going to start searching for Dellson he had to do it fast, but there was no time for no sooner after he thought that laser fire opened on the coming from every which corner. Kenobi quickly turned on his light saber and start swing it back and for blocking incoming laser fire. “Alright men! The enemy has come upon us without us knowing, so take cover and return fire we can still win this!” 443 took some cover behind o rock and started firing his D-16 blaster at them “Take this you stupid droids!” He shouted as he shot at them. General Kenobi jumped on a ledge close by and started chopping droids as he went by. There was a commando droid coming towards him, so Kenobi jumped up and off the side of the ledge then came back around doing a spin in the air then landing on top the commando droid and slicing his head off then going straight down the middle of the droid slicing him in half with his light saber. As General Kenobi kept fighting the main droids off the other clones were behind rocks, trees, and anything else they cloud find. Back where Delta and Omega Squad were at, the droids were starting to come close. RC-1207or Sev raised his DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and changing it to the sniper mode. He took aim at one of the leading Battle droid commanders with his yellow stripe on him Sev knew it was the commander. He took aim right for his little metal head, lined it up with the scope and fired! As soon as he did that about 200 battle droids both regular and super Battle droids looked down at the commander for a second then started shooting at them. Both Omega and Delta Squad were launching grenades and shooting at them as fast as they could. RC-1138 or Boss, the leader of Delta Squad, went down the hill they were on and jumped over some rocks dodging his way in and out of ledges, trees, going through the clouds of dust that the battle was leaving them from all the laser fire. Once he got to a good position just outside where the droids were standing he got out a Rocket launcher and aimed straight for the middle of them. Took his aim carefully because he knew he only had one shot at this. He raised the Rocket launcher up and aimed one last time then fired right into the middle of the droids then duck behind the rock he was behind. The impact to the middle sent such a wave that it started knocking the droids over one by one and the it went into knocking them over in groups. It worked, by hitting just right he knew that he could knock them over as if they were bowling balls going down the middle of the hove lane that then played bowling on. Next he stood up and finished the rest of them off by throwing more grenades into them. He got onto his helmet intercom and told Omega Squad and the rest of his Squad to open fire on what was left of them, and then go group up with General Kenobi to help them out. 443 was still shooting at what started as 1,00 battle droids mixed with all different kinds of them , to now about 500 battle droids. He thought to himself that he had to go and he had to go now, but he couldn’t get way at that time, so he just plunged right into the battle field and started shooting droids down and throwing grenades like he was a mad man. With dust getting on his face and troopers shouting at him to stop he just kept going. Boss Yelled at him “Stop! Stop! You are going to hit some of are hidden troops up there. I order you to come back!” But 443 just kept going and before you knew it the droids were gone and destroyed. He came back to the bunker where all of Delta and Omega Squad were at. “What were you thinking?!! You could of killed some of our men!” Boss yelled. “Oh sorry sir, I just couldn’t take any more of these droids killing some of our troops.” Boss responded quickly “Oh yeah? Well you could have killed more of our men then they could have with you just throwing grenades like that!” “Leave him be Boss.” Kenobi said as he entered the room. “ I will talk to him now” Boss looked over at Kenobi. “Yes sir but may I say something?” “Well if you must Boss.” “Okay sir. He was just so reckless out there throwing grenades and shooting crazy like that. Did you see him sir?” “Yes I did, but I wasn’t any better when I was at that time in my life and got sent to the mining colony of Bandomeer for battling to fierce with one of my competitors, Bruck Chun.” Oh I see sir. I shall be leaving now.” “Okay Boss” General Kenobi turned over to 443 and asked him “So tell me what might be bothering you?”….

From One Battle Field to Another…

443had just began to talk when another bomb hit and another. The bombs where falling so much most of the posts and bunkers were destroyed. *5 hours later* 443 woke to the pushing on his shoulder of a private asking him if he were okay. “Sir? Sir are you okay?” “Yeah, Yeah I’m okay. You?” The private looked at his arm then back at 443 “Yes sir just a few scratches, but I’ll make it.” “Good now let’s find a way out of here.” 443 looked around at the gray and black singed panels around him that were trapping him from getting out. He moved a few but he stopped because it was starting to collapse on him so he was forced to stop, but He kept trying and looking around some more for anything that might help them. He noticed a air tank in the corner of the small trapped area they were in. He grabbed it and looked on it with it saying *High pressure, only handle if you are an experienced user* 443 got an idea and quickly put it to use. He would take the air tank and push it in one of the tight corners then take his D-16 Blaster out and shoot it so it will explode forcing a hole through the debris. “Now to get some cover from it.” He went over to where some of the pieces fell the first time he tried to get out of there, picked them up and brought them over the to the farthest corner from the air tank. Set them up so the air tank force couldn’t get to him and the private then they both got behind it. 443 stood up and shot the air tank quickly ducking back down behind the debris and the whole corner went right up in a big burst of air and force making a whole 15 feet by 10 feet wide. Let’s go private and find a bunker still intact. As he walked a long there were dead carcasses of clone troopers lying around the battle field and at that moment 443 just didn’t want to be in this war anymore, he couldn’t take the you fight even if you didn’t want, brothers to him and clones to others dying for no reason, and getting shot at by a robot and him winning somehow. “Now” he thought to himself, “to find Dellson, but that thought was interrupted by Captain Tyto yelling to the two clones “Hey you two get over here you men, there’s a troop transport leaving right now.” “But sir I have to look for a clone I know.” Tyto gave him a look then responded “There are lots of clones here and lots of dead ones too, so chances are he didn’t live so be quiet and get over here now!” “Sir I can’t I have to fi..” Tyto getting inpatient “NOW! Private or should I say 443/90-778x/45-6 just to get your real attention! 443 knew he couldn’t go against his orders or worse thing could happen to him than a battle field, such as being mocked for being a R2-unit polisher or just a helper who cleans the floors and have people dump things on purpose to make him mad and get to you. “Yes Sir I’m coming.” “Dellson will have to wait” he said to himself. “Alright let’s move it troopers double time” Tyto was giving orders for about 15 men to get on to a Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) to take them up to the Ventor Class Cruiser. 443 noticed that Tyto hadn’t gotten on yet. “Sir are you coming?” “No I will be staying here cleaning up the mess those tin heads made for us.” “Well could you keep an eye out for my friend, Dellson?” “Sure thing trooper I will try.” The LAAT took off and went right to the Ventor Class Cruiser once more to take them away somewhere another thing 443 noticed is he didn’t know where he was going? “Hey sergeant where are we going?” He asked? “No one knows but the captain so I guess we will find out.” “Okay….” They took off into hyper space and were soon at their destination over Saleucami. The Republic Fleet reported droid activity there so they were sent there to check it out. A small man yet of the rank Commander shouted over to them since they were short on time. “Alright men load up in your LAAT Gunships and get down to the planet surface. We will have to take off to go and get fuel and supplies, so make the best of it.” They loaded up as he told them and took off. The Ventor Class Cruiser they were in took off and 443’s LAAT was in the planet atmosphere in seconds. Suddenly two Droid Gunships came out from nowhere attacking them with everything they had, forcing them to make a crash landing. They went down hard and the droids landed about 2-3 clicks away from them. 443 stood up as soon as he could since he wasn’t badly hurt looking around him seeing blaster fire in the distance as he knew they were picking his friends, his brothers, the only thing he had, off one by one looking for survivors among the dead. It was then he realized there was no point in it all, that there was more out there and he just had to find it. He knew he didn’t have a chance so he ran, and ran and ran till he couldn’t run anymore. He spotted a small farm not more than 10 clicks away and knew he needed to get there….And so began the story of Cut Lawquane, A deserter a survivor, whatever you want to call him it still added up to one thing… there was no turning back now. The last thing he wondered was is Dellson okay? And would he ever see him again? And the fact was yes, yes he would see him again, soon in fact, and never know it….

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