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My Star Wars Christmas Story

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1 My Star Wars Christmas Story on Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:35 am

Leia's story inspired me!IM workin on my own SW Christmas story!Heres the main idea!:

Ok three years after the end of tcw, the galaxy is at last at peace. The chancellor was captured and tried for crimes against the republic, recieving the death sentance.And now life has returned to normal for all...
Belle and her husband Kayden and their three year old daughter Rosalina moved to Belle's lakehouse on Naboo.Anakin and Padme moved to a lakehouse near them.And now that war has long passed the galaxy, traditions can resume...
And we find Belle preparing for a Christmas party that she's having for all of them.She has it all but can she really pull it off???

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2 Re: My Star Wars Christmas Story on Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:48 am

My Star Wars Christmas Story!

I frantically searched through every artical of clothing my closet.It was Christmas eve and Anakin and Padme were going to be here any moment with their twins. I had everything perfect and ready, I couldnt seem to find the perfect dress. I sighed in frustration and fell back onto my bed. I was never going to be ready for this.
"You'll look beautiful no matter what you wear Belle."
I sat up and saw Kayden standing in the doorway smiling at me. I smiled back and got up.He walked towardss me and wrapped his arms around my waist.I looked up into his deep blue eyes.
"But your my husband. You have to tell me these things."
"Have to and want to are two entirely different things."
And I smiled again.He always could make me smile. Our faces drew nearer, as if he were about to kiss me.
"MAMA!!!" I heard
I put my finger to his lips and pulled away a few inches.
"Later" I told him
"Ill hold you to that"
I walked down the hall and into Rosalina's bedroom. And I couldnt help but smile.
"Mama help!"
"Honey,what were you trying to do?"
"I wanted to dress myself so you wouldn't spend all your time making me look pretty so you can be pretty. But I dont think I did it right."
She didnt do it right. She had her shirt on backwards, her skirt on inside out and sandals on the wrong feet. I sat down on her bed.
"Come here."I said softly. She wabbled towards me tripping every third step.
"Sit down for a second."I walked to her closet and pulled out the pale blue dress she was supposed to wear. When I sat back down beside her she groaned.
"I don't wanna wear the dress Mama."
"But dont you want to look pretty for your Uncle Ani and Aunt Padme?"
"Yeah but,"
"Then you'll wear the dress."
"But I want to play with Leia too!"
"I'll make a deal with you."I began to tell her as I braided her long brown curls into one.
"If you stay in this dress until supper is over, you can play with Leia and stay up for twenty minutes late. Good deal?"I asked her. She hopped out of my lap.
"Good deal!"
"Ok. Now go downstairs with your daddy and help him set everything up."
"Ok Mama. I love you"
"I love you too sweetie."
I got up with a strange feeling of nausea.But i shrugged it off and went to my room to get ready.I found the perfect dress ontop of my bed.It had a decent white cut and ebony embrodery on it.And ontop of the dress was a note.I unfolded it an read it

I thought you always looked best in white.I think you'll like it.One less gift for you but I figured you'd want it now.I'll be downstair with our sweet Rose until your ready.I love you.

- Kayden

I smiled and put on the dress.And I thought of my daughter.She was exactly like me, face, eyes. Everything but her dark auburn hair. She got that from her dad, like I got my hair from mine. Then I walked to my mirror. The dress was perfect. It looked amazing on me. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sight. It was snowing on Naboo. This Christmas was going to perfect in everyway.
"I told you you'd look beautiful."Kayden said from behind me."You should get downstairs. Their cruiser just landed."
I nodded and walked hand in hand with Kayden down the stairs to meet them. And just as we got to the bottom of them there was a knock on the door.
"Come on in!"
Luke an Leia ran to me.
"Aunt Belle!"they yelled in unison.
"Aunt Belle do you like my dress?"Leia asked me sweetly
"I do. You look so pretty"
"thank you!You do to."
"Thank you. What do got there Luke?"
"A battleship!I got it for my birthday so I could blow up Leia's stupid dollies"
"Luke what did I say about that word"Padme scolded
"Sorry Mommy"
I got up off of my knees and hugged Padme
"Glad your here.Where's Anakin?"
Anakin stepped in the doorway, his arms holding a tower of presents.
"Presents go by the tree"
"If I can make it"
I laughed to myself. Then Rosalina came running down the hall towards us.
"Aunt Padme!I missed you!"
Padme knelt down and hugged her
"I missed you to sweetie."
"Rosie!"She yelled back.They hugged eachother. Rosalina looked over to Leias side and rolled her eyes to Luke.And he did the same.
"Sweemo"she sneared back
Rosalina then ran to the living room when Anakin got done putting the presents by the tree.
"Uncle Ani!!!" She yelled. Anakin smiled and scooped up Rosalina in his arms
"How's my favorite Rose today?"
"Good now that you all are here."
He put Rosalina down an she went back over to Leia.
"Lets go play dolls in my room."
"Not if I go blow them up with my battleship first!"Luke yelled
They all ran up the stair screaming and Anakin and I laughed.
"Its never going to end"I told him
I pulled the turkey out of the oven and put it on the table.
"Ill help you with the rest"
"Thanks Padme."
"Whats this?"
"Oh thats sweet potato cassarole."
"It looks good.And so does the dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls, corn,"
"And dont forget the apple pie"Anakin added. His hand hovered over my pie and i slapped it with my wooden spoon.
"Ow!What was that for!"
"Dont touch my pie"
"Can I at least put it on the table?"
"No Anakin.Kayden will you put it on the table?"
Kayden walked by and Anakin rolled his eyes.
"Well now that the tables ready can I go get the kids?"
"Ill get them"I told Padme.
"You may need back up"Anakin insisted
I sighed and nodded my head.Since i wouldnt laet him take the pie it was the least that i could do.And turns out I needed him.I opened the door an Leia came out crying and screaming.Rosalina just came out screaming.
Anakin picked up Leia an I picked up Rosalina.
"Whats wrong sweetheart?"
"L-l-lukee b-b-bro-o-ke my d-doll!"
She buried her tiny face in his shoulder and continued squaling.
"Shh Leia Shh.Look at me"
She sniffed and brought her head up to his face.
"Ill get you a new prettier doll.I promise."
She smiled at him
"Thank you.I love you daddy."
"I love you to honey.Now go downstairs with Mommy.We'll be there in a minute."
Leia skipped away humming.And I looked at my own daughter.
"What are you so mad about?"
"Luke broke Ms.Lillain!"
"You too huh?Dont worry, Ill get you a new one."
"Sooner than you think"
"Thank you Mama."
"Now go downstairs with your daddy.I love you"
"I love you too Mama"
She ran down the hall laughing.And Anakin an I entered into the room to find Luke with his battleship, dive bombing the mutalated dolls.
"Luke Skywalker."
"Oh.Hi Daddy"
"Did you break the dolls?"
"Yes. Am I in trouble?"
"Very much.Your sisters doll, understandable.But Rosalina's?Why?"
"She was annoying me.So i broke her doll."
"Luke, you arent having desert tonight."
"No buts.Go downstairs now."
Luke sulked away.We walked downstairs behind him and took our places at the table.Rosalina told them what happened so we skipped right to the meal.But just as I swalloed my first bite of turkey a strange feeling overcame me.Nausea swept over me and bile rushed to my mouth.I ran from the table to the bathroom.I leaned over the sink and vomited.I washed out my mouth and washed my face.This wasnt just a virus or the flu.But something more.
Then it was all coming together.I was,I think,no it couldnt be.
"Belle?"Padme asked
I opened the door and she came in.
"Belle I know what youve told me so far and this?I know what wrong."
"And I do too"
"But why did you pull me in the bathroom to tell me?"
"I dont want them to know yet.Well Kayden and Rosalina anyway."
"Ok.Lets go back and eat."
"Your right.I dont worry anyone."
We went back to the table and finished eating.
"Time to go to bed"I told Leia Luke and Rosalina.They sighed but they agreed.And everyone else did too.I sat on my bed, thinking of it all.I layed down and Kayden laid down beside me.I snuggled into his arms and laid my head on his chest.
'Belle, about the thing at the table, are you ok?"
"Yeah Im fine"
"Are you sure?You werent feeling to good this morning.Are you sure?"
"Yes Kayden.Stop worrying"
"Im sorry.I cant help but worry. I love you and I hate seeing you like this."
"I know"
"I love you"He told me again
"I love you too"And I fell asleep in his arms.
"Daddy!"I awoke to Rosalina running in the room.She jumped on the bed and onto Kayden's chest.
"What is it Rose?"
"Its Christmas!And theres snow!Can We go play in it?"
"Sure" I told her "We'll be down there later."
Rosalina ran down the stairs and Leia and Luke trailed behind.I went to the bathroom to change. And as I was I noticed something.A bump. And I smiled. I dressed and went outside with the others. Anakin was building two forts.
"What are you doing Daddy?"Leia asked him.
"Snow forts. For a snowball fight."
"A what?Whats a snowball?"Luke asked
I picked up a hand full of snow and compacted it into a ball
"This is a snowball.This is a fight"
I threw the snow at Anakin
"Oh its on!"
Snow flew everywhere.Literally since Kayden Anakin Luke Rosalina and I were using the force. This wasnt just a battle, it was all out war. Leia and Rosalina teamed up on Luke, while the rest of us fought with anakin. But half way through, I went inside to escape the bitter cold and Padme went with me.She sat beside me on the sofa.
"You looked like you were enjoying yourself out there Belle. Why'd you come in?"
"Well for one its freezing."
"And two I didnt want to ovr do it you know."
"I understand. I should bring the rest of the kids in.Its time for presents."
She opened the door and Rosalina Luke and Leia Came running in.Kayden came in shortly after and sat down beside me .
"Where's Anakin?" Padme asked.
And just as she said that, in he walked. A white blanket of snow covered him from head to toe. The room erupted with laughter at him. He glared at me.
"Im sorry Ani, but what the heck happened?"
"Snow happened"
"Well I know that but what happened?"
"The wind knocked down a binch of snow from a tree branch."
"Ah. Rosie will you get your Uncle Ani a blanket while we get the presents ready?"
"Yes Mama"
She ran to the closet and got out a red quilt. Anakin sat down by the fireplace.Rosalina handed him the blanket and he wrapped it around him.
"Thank you sweetie"
"Your welcome Uncle Ani"
"Whose ready for present?"I asked loudly.
"We are!"Leia Luke and Rosalina yelled in reply.
I handed them their presents and watched their faces as they opened them.
Luke got a cloak and another battle ship. But he was in total awe at his next gift. Anakin had got him a lightsaber kit so he could have a lightsaber just like his father.
"Well do you like it?" Anakin asked him.
"I-I, can we build it now?"
"Sure" Anakin got on the floor beside him and they began to build the lightsaber.
Leia didnt tear open her gift like her brother did.She tore back each strip of wrapping paper with care. She gasped at both of her gifts. She got two new dolls.
The first was in a satin pale blue dress and had a pearl necklace with blonde ringleted hair.
"I will call you Jaina"
The second had a red dress with black pearls, a frilly black sun hat, and log flowing ebony braid of hair.
"And you will be Lydaia"
Then was Rosalina. She didnt care how she got her presents open she just wanted them open.She got a silver necklace, a dress, and like Leia, a beautiful doll.She hhad sunny blonde hair and wore a hoop skirted white laced yellow silkk corset dress. She looked at me and smiled.
"Mommy?" Leia asked Padme "Do you want to play with us?"
"Sure honey."She crawled over to Rosalina and Leia and picked up a doll.
I watched the scene.This was all I wanted, all I needed this year. But Kayden didnt think so. He placed a tiny red box in my hands. I opened it and my jaw dropped.It was a silver diamond heart necklace. I was shocked. It was so beuatiful. Kayden took the necklace out of the box and clasped it around my neck.
"Merry Christmas" He whispered in my ear.
I looked into his eyes. He tilted his head up for a brief moment and I looked well.A mistletoe. I looked back at him and smiled.
"I told you I'd hold you to that"
"That you did."
We smiled at eachother. Then we kissed eachother. And ten seconds later the room erupted with ooohs and awws.And I laughed.
Around ten thirty Padme and Anakin left. I had tucked in Rosalina and was in my room trying to think. Kayden came from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"And where's my present?"
"Im glad you asked me"I turned around and whispered the news in his ear. And his face lit up. He grabbed me up into his arms and spun me around.
"Belle thats great!"
"I love you"
"I love you more"
Then in walked Rosalina, her new doll in hand.
"Mama Daddy why are you so happy?"
I looked at her and smiled
"Sweetheart, your gonna be a big sister"
"Really?Mama your gonna have a baby!Im gonna be a sister!"
"Yes. Come on, Ill tuck you back in bed"
I tucked her in and went back in the bedroom.And as I crawled into my own bed I thought about the day. It was the most perfect Christmas ever. And I loved it.

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