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Torn Between Two Worlds

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1 Torn Between Two Worlds on Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:04 am

Ahsoka's head spun, her thoughts a jumbled mess. A grayish blob was telling her to stay calm in a machanical voice. Her vision was growing more and more clouded with every passing second. Her breathing became labored. She was slipping away and knew it. No, no! I can't die. She thought. Anakin touched her shoulder, she barely felt his comforting touch.

Everything around her began to fade away while the voices began to dissipare one by one. And then. . . a purpetual night without stars.

She dared not open her eyes. Had she come into a coma? Had the medical droid given her a sedating agent? The last possibility gave her real fear. Was she dead?

she stayed there, like a child hiding under the covers afraid to come out. Through her closed eyelids she saw a blinding white light appeare. Now she had feeling in her feet, she was standing upright, the jumbled thoughts had dissipated. She was calmer now. Whether telepathy or something else she heard a comforting voice in her head saying: Wake up child.

In the Realm of the Force

She opened her eyes, she was safe now. Presence saw the young Togruta girl standing there, wodering where she was. She loved the child, like she loved everyone in the Phiscal Realm.

Ahsoka turned and saw a figure approuching her. She didn't feel at all inclined to react with voilence, that was unnessisary. As the figure came closer years of strict training in the Jedi Temple melted off her like wax, she felt more free then in her young life, and she wanted to further embrace this feeling.

The figure was a tall slender woman, with a face that seemed to laugh and cry at the same time. With radiant skin, rodes, and hair that shone whiter then the whitest white dwarf star in the galaxy. And she could look straight at the figure without squinting. When the figure was right next to Ahsoka she felt a jolt of electricity pulse through her body. She meekly asked:
"Who are you?" The figure responed:
"I am Presence. And this is the Realm of the Force." Fear and joy flooded Ahsoka at the same time when heard where she was. She had so many questions to ask, questions that had baffled Jedi for centuries. Presence continued.
"You can't stay here, Child, you must return to the Realm of the Living untill I call you again." The same feelings of joy and fear ran through her again, already this figure felt as close as a mother, maybe closer. Ahsoka humbly answered:
"But how will I live, knowning this place exists?" Presence just smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Rest Child. That's all I ask, rest."

That face began to fade away. She could hear conversations and a steady humming. She closed her eyes. Feeling shot through her limbs as she was jolted awake.

Republic sick bay

She sat up and saw Anakin looking at her, concern written all over his face. Had it all been a dream? She wondered. She considered telling Anakin what she had seen, then decided not to.
"Ahsoka, we thought we had lost you there." Anakin said. She asked a little confused:
"W-what happen?" Anakin laid her back down and explained.
"You were shot in the chest. A Separatist battle droid got lucky and fired a shot just as you let your guard down." Now she was beginning to remember, how could she have let her gaurd down? Pulling the covers over her he said: "Get some rest. You will need it." She settled down and pondered her experience in the Realm of the Force.

Dooku sat meditating in his secret liar. Someone, a Jedi, knew more about then nature of the the Force then any Jedi would in centuries. He couldn't allow that. . .

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