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Return To Innocence

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1 Return To Innocence on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:57 pm


The sky was a great blue dome over head, and bird songs filled the air. Ahsoka, a fourteen year old Togruta Padawan, breathed the pure air of her homeworld Shili. She stood in a great rolling field and felt the turu-grass brush against her legs. Never before had she felt so alive at one time. She had missed this place, oh how she missed it. She missed the smells that purmeated and swirled through the air like a playful phantom. Her spirit soared as she laid in the field and gazed into the far heavens.
Ahsoka stirred in her hard bed in the center of her small cubical. She quietly awoke from a deep slumber and rubbed her sky blue eyes . . . it was just a dream. She wasn't back in the fields of Shili. She was in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, her adopted home. She laid back down again and tried to think about something else; she couldn't. Two tears ran down her cheeks as she cried softly for her home, her true home.
Her eyes lazely watched the sceen before her. All mugshots of Underworld criminals, she'd scrolled through this list five times already and learned nothing new. She closed her eyes a moment and saw once again the rolling fields of Shili. Her eyes shot open as her mind rushed. Not wasting a nanosecond she typed Shili into the Archive's main-frame. The mugshots were replaced with a blue green shpere with information on the planet. She began searching locations on the surface, anything that might resemble the image in her mind's eye. "Can I help you dear?" Came a kind elderly voice from behind. She turned, it ws the libraian Jocasta. Jocasta was like a grandmother to Ahsoka and was always glad to help the girl along. "Yes." Ahsoka replied honestly. And then continued: "I need some help," she then continued to tell of her visions of Shili. "I see." Jocasta replied. "Have you talked to your Master about this?" Ahsoka answered: "No." Opon hearing that Jocasta remarked, "I'm sorry,
I can't really help you. The place you've described could be anywhere." With that she turned to help a Youngling who had been waiting for the libraian. Ahsoka let her face fall into her palms. These, these dreams had become a bitter sweet aroma that now filled her mind; would she very find this neverland?
Ahsoka slowly walked through the great halls of the Jedi Temple, her head low. There where two things in particular that brought about this sense of abandonment: One, she missed Shili, and that field there; and two, her name-day was in a few days, and no one seemed to take any credit for it. The Kel Dor Jedi Plo Koon walked through his Temple home as if heading for no place certain. In fact he was searching for, Ahsoka Tano, his spirtul daughter, the one who he'd brought to the Temple, the only one he could truly say, "Well done child", to. There she was, walking with her head low at a slow pace. He approuched her. Eaither she didn't see him or was avoiding attention all together. He called out, "Ka too Ya Ahsoka." With that she turned and looked his way.
Many a Jedi found it hard to decern Master Plo's expression from under his breath mask and goggles, but not Ahsoka. She read his face better then anyone else who knew him. Right know it said: I have some news. She approuched him, the waight on her shoulders lifted a little. When she was next to him she gave the standard Padawan greeting, "Yes Master." Only she saw him smile at her. Plo said, "We are leaving for Shili in a few days Ahsoka. There you will learn to grow more attune to the ways of the Force." Such retreats where more frequent in peacful times, what with the Clone Wars tearing the galaxy to shreds Ahsoka wondered how he had arranged it with the Council. Yes, she would be going home, but not quite. Ahsoka looked away. Spending her name-day meditating in a hut wasn't exacely what she wanted to do on the day the Plo had found her, she tryed to hide her dissapointment. "Something wrong Little-Soka?" Plo asked in his fatherly voice. She hoped no one other then herself heard that, she didn't mind being called Little-Soka when the two where alone, but in the Temple. "Nothing Master Plo." she said. There was a moment of stillness among the two, then Master Plo continued. "I have also made arrangments with Master Teel, his Padawan will accompany us to Shili while he fights the Separatist bulk in the Outer Rim." Ahsoka knew he was only doing what he thought was best for his daughter but sometimes it felt a little awkward, she didn't even know this Master Teel.

Part 2

A week or so later . . .

Ashla, twelve years old and strong in the Force, was greeted by Master Plo who then showed her the way to the shuttle that would take them to Shili, her home planet. This would be the first time she'd been there. She knew that she was also traveling with Skywalker's own Padawan, she hoped that that the Padawan wasn't as arrogant as her Master. Her own Master, Lasa Teel, was out galently fighting the Separtists in the Outer Rim. Funny, how she hardly ever saw him with the war occupeing every second of his day.
Ahsoka stood on the boarding ramp for the shuttle. Two figures, a tall one and a small one, approuched her. When they came within range Ahsoka saw that it was Plo and a small Togruta like herself. She jumped down to greet the new arrivle. Master Plo began to speak. "Ahsoka, this is Padawan Tyue who will accompany us." Ahsoka gave a slight bow and then introduced herself as Padawan Tano. Master Plo left to check the final preparations before the ship was ready for lift off. Ashla looked Ahsoka over, her care free and open attire struck a slight note of uncomfort within her. Ashla reminded Ahsoka of a younger versoin of herself, her head-tails were small even compared to her own. Ashla's eyes fell on the older Padawan's akul-tooth headdress. It was a sign that at least once she'd been to Shili, she herself had no headdress. Both turned when they heard Master Plo call out, "Come on." Both boarded the shuttle as it lifted off the ground and shot towards deep space.

Several hours later . . .

The shuttle settled down in the rolling field on the planet Shili. The boarding ramp was lowered and three Jedi stepped onto the surface. The smells greeted Ahsoka like an old friend, Ashla, who'd lived most of her life in the Temple found the smells all new and wonderful. The shuttle lifted off the ground and headed back to Coruscant, it would return soon enough. "Come," Master Plo said leading the way, "there's a small camp set up a few klicks away. We'll reach it my nightfall." The two Padawan's fallowed the wise Jedi through the endless grass. Ahsoka looked to her right, then left. No, this wasn't the place, this wasn't innocence.

Hiding in the tall grass like a predator, the Separatist spy probe watched the three Jedi as they treked along unaware of its presence. It silently fallowed, close enough, but not to close.

Several hours later in the camp . . .

Ahsoka laid in her hide covered tent gazing at the roof. A small fire in the center slowly burned casting errie shadows on the walls. She couldn't sleep, tomarrow was her name-day and no one seemed to care whether she was a year older or not. A thought grew in her mind: If I wasn't a Jedi I might get a little more appreceation. She sat up when she heard someone enter. It was Master Plo. He came and sat next to her. "I know tomarrow is a very important day for you Ahsoka." He said smiling. "Yes." Ahsoka replied felling a little guilty. "I just . . . I don't know," she continued at a lose of words, "I know a Jedi shouldn't have possessions. I just . . . I don't know." Plo placed a hand on her shoulder. "I know what your going through Little-Soka." a pause then he contnued, "Tomarrow you will have gift, from me to you." She looked at him, a question in her eyes. How could he give her a present without breaking the Code? He saw the question there and said. "Relax Ahsoka, it'll all make sense tomarrow." She laid down again sure that it would. Plo left her alone to get some sleep.

The next day . . . Ahsoka's name-day

Ahsoka came out of her tent, she'd just fineshed her morning meditations and was glad to breath the fresh morning air. She saw Ashla was sitting with her back to the sun outside the camp. Ahsoka joined the girl. "Something wrong?" she asked as she seated herself next to Ashla. The spy probe concealed itself a few feet from the pair. "No," Ashla replied twirling some turu-grass in her fingers, "it's just . . . I don't know I hadley ever see my Master anymore these days. Sometimes I wonder if he even cares about me anymore." Ahsoka wanted to comfort her, but what could she say? She often felt the same way about Anakin. "I'm sorry Ashla. If your Master didn't fight on the battlefield there might never be peace in the galaxy again." "I know," was the reply Ashla gave without making eye contact. Plo koon stepped out through the opening in his tent and saw the two girls talking together in the field, it's a good thing their getting along. He thought. He called out.
Both girls heard Plo's voice as he called out. "Padawan Tano, Padawan Tyue! Come." Both ran up to him, Ahsoka asked when she was next to him, "Yes Master." "Your gift is waiting." Was his answer. Still a little confused she waited for something to be handed to her. Nothing came. "I don't understand?" she asked. "Fallow me." He said beginning to walk away from the camp. Finally she decided that if this was to make any sense she'd have to play along. With that in mind she set out with him. Plo faced Ashla, "If you don't mind Padawan. Might you stay behind and watch the camp." "It will be done Master." Was the reply.

Some time later . . .

The spy probe silently fallowed the two Jedi, they had left one behind to watch the camp. "Where are we going Master Plo?" Ahsoka asked the Jedi Master after sometime. Plo remained silent for awhile and then said, "Think back to your earlist years. What do you remember?" Ahsoka rolled the question in her mind for a while and then answered, "I remeber you. And the Temple, that's really all." "Think deeper Ahsoka, there's more." Plo said sounding deep in thought. With that Ahsoka jogged her memory as best she could, then she finally said, "I don't know. What is it?" The stopped, and Plo gazed at the field before them as if in a trace. He answered with another question, "Does this place look familiar to you Little-Soka?" Ahsoka turned her gaze towards the field, the breath was sucked from her lungs at the sight before her.

Part 3

She was here, she was really here. This was innocence, this was the field where Plo had found her, she was sure of it. She looked to Plo then the field, her face beaming like a star at its climax. Plo smiled and only she saw it, then he said, "Happy name-day Ahsoka." Once again Ahsoka felt like that little girl, so innocent. "Go on." Plo said nudging he a little. At first a little awkwardly she walked into the field, and then she ran and rolled in the grass, not a care in the universe. She breathed in deep the fresh Shili air. She sat up in the grass and asked a nawing question to Plo who had found a place next to her, "How did you find this place?" Plo explained, "I did some digging and found the coordinates from my mission to Shili. I remembered that I'd found you hear." The two sat there a while and enjoyed each other's company. Finally Plo said, "Come, Ashla is waiting for us." He rose, Ahsoka just sat there, stunned at his abounding love for her, it hadn't waned since the day he found her. She began to rise but then felt something touch her fingertips.

It was the skeletil remains of a hand, and it had been there the whole time. Chills ran down Ahsoka's spine as she pushed away the grass from around the hand. "What is it Ahsoka?" Plo said intrigued. Ahsoka called out, "It's a body, what's left of it." Plo joined her, on the ground before them, half bured in the sea of grass was the whitened bones of a humanoid. Plo made a stunning observation, "He was a Togruta." "You think." Ahsoka asked uncertain, then Plo pointed to the remains of black and white striped mortals near the skull. A flood of questions filled both their minds. "What do you think happened to him?" Ahsoka asked. Plo answered, "There's only one way to find out."

Ashla sat alone in the camp. Where exacely had the others gone? And what did Master Plo mean when he said to Ahsoka, "Your gift is waiting,"? These questions and others filled her mind, she had to know. Yet something felt out of place too. She sat there and pondered it over, and over. A series of three spy probes hovered in the grass surrounding the camp useen, unheard. One broke off and headed west.

A Separatist landing ship several klicks away . . .

A commanding B1 battle droid with its yellow rank marking saw the spy probe approuching. More then a dozen battle droids waited on the landing ship ready for battle. The spy probe was now close enough and hovered in the air at photoreceptor with the battle droid as it dispayed the holographic images it had captured over the last few hours. "What? Jedi?" the droid said shocked. The spy probe returned to fulfill its primary progamming. The battle droid, meanwhile pulled out a holoprojector and contacted its leader. The image of a well built woman appeared, She was almost as much a nightmare as Darth Maul, with a shaven head and pale skin that didn't show in the hologram. The droid still spoke with caution even though its commander was lightyears away. "Uh, sir," it began unsure of itself, "there seems to be a slight problem." Ventress answered, "What sort of problem?" her voice hissed violently as the words came out. "Well," the droid continued, "there seem to be three Jedi on Shili." "Do they know you are there?" Ventres asked hoping that the klutz of an officer hadn't done something stupid that revealed their location, she breathed easy when the droid answered, "No, and they brought no clones with them, must be on some kind of retreat."Now Ventress smiled a cruil smile, she had been waiting to catch the Jedi off gaurd like this. She spoke with confidents, "Amush the Jedi, kill as many as you can. But leave one for me." "Yes sir--uh, ma'am." the droid closed the channel.

The probe continued to fallow the two Jedi with unrelenting detirmination found in no organic. Plo saw through the lenses of a a pair of electrobinoculars what looked like a good sized adandon village made up of skin covered huts. He lowered them and then said, "Come on, whatever we're looking for is that way." and pointed striaght ahead. Ahsoka didn't dout Master Plo's tracking abilities one bit, but the more they carried on the more she didn't want to know about that dead Togruta. But yet she wanted to know at the same time.

At the abandon village . . .

Ahsoka looked apon the burnt huts and the bones that lay schattered about the village, what was was left of its residents. She stepped forward to further investgate, she heard a small clink under her toe. She bent down and picked up the remains of what was a clay pot. Ahsoka felt the dead village call out to her, the two where somehow bond by some invisible force. She navigated the village, the further she went the more she remebered it. She came to the central tent and went inside, Plo close behind. This was it this was innocence, this is where it all began. She remembered clearly, this was the tent where her life began. All Plo could say was, "I'm sorry Ahsoka. This was your home I can sense your pain." Ahsoka began to search high and low for something, a token something that might sum up her memories. She found it, a small delictley woven blanket made spiecially for a young child, an infant, and its edges where charred. Master Plo stepped outside for a moment, as he did he heard Ahsoka burst into tears. This place made him uncomfortible, for one he had the nawing felling they were being watched, and another; Ahsoka seemed emotionally attached to that piece of cloth. His goggled eyes scanned the decimated village for any spies.

Part 4

The more Ahsoka cried the more she wanted to cry. She rubbed the soft fibers against her ckeek as she must have done years ago. Its smell brought back forgotten memories. She saw in her mind's eye her mothers beaming face, and her father's strong features, never again would she see them, they where gone forever. She continued to weep and weep some more. She heard Plo reenter the hut behind her, she turned and faced him, her eyes red from weeping. Plo spoke, "Come on Ahsoka, we're leaving."

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2 Re: Return To Innocence on Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:04 pm

Ashla laid down in the center of the camp, she was asleep but still fully aware, a trick she was still learning to master, she stirred as she heard an annoying clank clank that came closer and closer. She'd never herself seen the heat of battle or felt the pain of loosing good soldiers to an ill thought out stratagy. Her world was made of strict dicpline and training. Wait, she remembered something her master had told her. She remembered him telling her that the Separatist B1 battle droids made a clanking sound when they march, hence the nickname clankers, and that was what she heard now. She shot up fully aware, her hand fell to her lightsaber. The odd clanking stopped just as it came right on top of the camp. She still stood there and waited for the droids to make a mistake.

A crimson bolt flew out of the thick of the grass. Ashla saw it coming and bounced it back with the tip of her blue lightsaber that sang as it was swung. An unfortunate droid hidden just in front of her fell on its narrow face in front of her. The other droids now came in endless ranks apon the helpless Jedi.

"I'm not leaving," Ahsoka said to Plo, her eyes still red as she held the small blanket close. Plo continued, "Come on Ahsoka, there's nothing left for you here, come." Ahsoka didn't want to move, she wanted to give the villagers a proper burnal, she wanted to start a new life in this hut, she didn't want to let go. "Ahsoka this is not the Jedi way." right know Ahsoka didn't care about the Jedi and their strict ways, she was home and she wanted to stay. Plo met her eyes with his own, for once the depth and wisdom somewhere beneath the goggles seeped out and she saw what he meant. At least let me keep this, Ahsoka thought, she already knew she couldn't keep the blanket, it would defy the Code. But how could she part with it? It was a part of her families legacy, how could she just let that go? Plo's com chirped and he went ouside the hut. He'd brought the backpack and set it down in a corner. Ahsoka knew what she was doing was wrong, but she did it any way. She quietly but quickly hid the blanket, a remnent of her past, in the satchel. Plo returned, a new level of sterness in his eyes. "Come. I now how attached you must be to all this but you must come with me! Ahsla has been ambushed by battle droids and needs our help!" The tears and pain waned and she was beginning to come to her senses. "Yes, Master." she said, they had to move fast. The pair stepped outside of the hut. The spy probe that had been watching them had just recieved its orders.

"Look!" Ahsoka cried pointing to the hovering form of a spy probe that just revealed itself from behind a half burnt hut. Plo said, "That must mean they know where we are. It must have been fallowing us this whole time!" Almost hap-hazarly the droid charged the Jedi pair hoping to slow them down. Its two halves fell in a spector of sparks as Plo brought his lightsaber down on it. "Come on!" Plo yelled to Ahsoka and the two began to run with all their might back to the camp.

Ashla swung her lightsaber in elegant strokes as she deflected the crimson bolts fired at her. The droids fell easlely to her blade, but as soon as one was destroyed three more took its place. And then she remembered something, battle droids kill by their shear numbers, great. Still she continued to fight. If I get out of this alive I'll thank Master Yoda for the training, that thought made her smile a bit.

Ahsoka galloped behind Plo, her feet barely touching the ground. She knew Ashla was in grave danger, the the decimated village remained planted in her mind. Who had killed her family, and whey? She was shot back into reality when she saw the crimson bolts bouce about their camp. Ashla was in the middle of the conflagation and desparatly needed help fighting the onslaught of droids.

A bolt barely missed Ashla's shoulder as she continued to fight with all her strength. She was trying to reserve some of her energy, but that was nearly impossible with droids coming at her from every angle possible. She heard three more lightsabers ignite behind her, she sacrificed a moment to look, it was Plo and Ahsoka, they'd gotten her message.

Ahsoka leaped in behind Ashla slashing several droids at once with her dual lightsabers. She found a place next to the girl and the two began to cut down the droid ranks back-to-back. Master Plo took up defending the camp from the invaders elsewhere. After a little while Ashla remarked, "Took you long enough." "We took a little detour." Ahsoka said keeping her full attention on the droids. "Where exacely did you two go anyway?" Ashla asked cutting down a droid that came in too close. Ahsoka remarked, "Can we talk about that some other time." as she said that she deflected a bolt from hitting her skull and shot it back at the unfortunate droid. "Keep fighting!" Plo called out. Ahsoka saw that their situation was hopless, they would eventually become exausted, the droids would then take them in to be captured or killed, the latter seemed more likely. A plan grew in her mind. "C'mon!" She yelled in the voice of a commanding officer, "Fall back!" To where? Plo and Ashla though together. They fallowed Ahsoka into the tall grass several feet from the camp. Suddenly she was no more in the tall grass, they did like wise and vanished.

The commanding droid saw the Jedi evacuate their camp. He was no tactical droid but he was sure that the tactic was born of cowardice. "Come on," he told his machanical fallowers. When the bulk of droids reached the aria outside the camp the Jedi had vanished into thin air. "Well, where could they have gone?" asked another droid just as dunfounded as its leader. "I don't know . . . ?" the commander answered no sure of himself.

Ahsoka was crouched low in the tall grass, she could hear the droids arguing in front of her. She didn't know where Plo and Ashla were and she couldn't go look for fear of detection.

Ashla lay crouched low in the tall grass with Plo, the Kel Dor Jedi kept a hand on her back as he raised his head ever so carefully to see if he could see his Little-Soka, he couldn't. He brought his head back down. Ashla asked in a hushed voice, "Do you see her?" "No." was his answer.

Ahsoka heard the metallic clank clank of a battle droid as it walked right in front her her. All she could see of it were its splindley metal legs and lower torso. The droid was saying, "Maybe its one of those Jedi mind tricks." to one of its parteners. "No, no." another droid argued, and then the other droid reminded the first, "We're droids, mind tricks don't work on us." The first was taken aback with the words, "Oh yah, right." She saw the legs walk back towards the others. Then there came the united clank clank as the whole droid body marched away.

She breathed easely for the first time since she'd hid from the metal soldiers. She found Plo and Ashla and three began to discuss their next move in hushed tones. Ashla spoke first, "We need to get offworld." She said, the other two where fully aware of that fact. As for how they might do that still remained a mystery. Now Plo spoke, "The droids probibly have a com system we could use." Now Ashla and Ahsoka looked at each other, neaither one had consitered calling for help on a Separatist frequency. Plo was right, and Ahsoka knew it. She also knew that they had to play their cards just right or risk capture, or worst. The Separatists were playing one hard game of sabacc. Ahsoka backed Plo up with, "C'mon. If we go now we can fallow those droids back to wherever they came from."

At the landing ship . . .

"Gone? What do you mean gone!" Ventress hissed at the commanding droid. The commander tried to explain the phamonom, "They, just well . . . vanishded when we chased them into the field." Ventress gave a pause and then said, "Are your transitors working? I'd given you oders to kill the Jedi on spot and you can't even do that." Worthless battle droids she thought. And then, "Never mind. My ship will be there shortly and I will deal with these Jedi slime myself." Her hologram vanished.

It was easy to fallow the droid mass. What with all the clanking they made concealed their movements nicely. The Jedi quietely fallowed the droids to a landing ship several klicks west of the camp. All knew they'd have to sneak inside if they wanted to call for help. Two or three droids remained posted outside the ship as rough sentries. Ashla asked Plo in a willow-the-wisp voice, "Can't we take control of a droid and use it to send for help?" Plo answered with, "I'm afraid we don't have that sort of equipment right now. But I enjoy your creatavity." Ashla blushed a little. Ahsoka said, "We can always just take it by force. The only thing on that ship is droids." Plo said, "Your right Ahsoka, we will use both steath and force." How? Both girls wondered.

Ventresse's squid like ship, the Trident, moved through the swirling realm of hyperspace. Shili was her destination. She gazed out of its large starboard curcular window at the abstract swirls that was hyperspace. She recalled her dark side training which the sinster Count had put her through. Once, during her dark training, she was given the task of slaying an entire village population to further immerse herself in the dark side of the Force. She had chosen Shili that day, not one villager survived her wrath, she was sure of it. She recalled a valent male Togruta who fed the masscure with a young child wrapped in his arms. She fallowed him and ended his life with a single stroke of her lightsaber. She had left the child alive; at the time she thought; If the elements don't get her the akuls will.

Part 5

Ahsoka moved through the tall grass like a nexu stalking its prey, lightsaber in hand. Ashla was across from her doing like wise. Both Padawans used their natural passive echolocation to keep each others location in check. The battle droid stood his post watching for any signs of intruters. His low quality photoreceptors failed to detect the unnatural rustling approuching him and his partener. "Well," the seacond battle droid began, "This is a whole lot better then getting cut up by some Jedi." "You said it -- Ahh!" The first yelled as Ahsoka pulled the metal man down into the grass and finished the job. The seacond droid met a simailiar fate at Ashla's blade. They thought they were out of the fire. Guess not. Ahsoka thought looking at the droid's scrapped remains.

She turned at rustling behind her. It was Plo, he gave her a look that said, Well done child. The Jedi trio now advanced at the landing ship like a formless breeze. When they were right on top of it Plo poked his head up like a game bird to see if there were anymore droids; there were none. He brought it back down and signaled to the others the all clear sign. They came in behind him. Plo raised his wrist and pointed to the Hush-98 com mounted there, he said, "We'll have to use the ships communication systems to boost our com signal for help."Ahsoka recalled using a simaliar trick when she and Barriss Offee were trapped beneath the remains of a hapless droid factory on Geoinosis. "Will do Master." She said in response. "Now listen," Plo cautioned, "There will be large numbers of droids onboard. Only use force if nessisary." "Yes Master." Both girls replied in near unison. With that the trio snuck onboard the craft.

Onboard the landing ship was a practical fold-up army waiting to be activated. It inclueded the mighty MTT troop transports and AATs just waiting to deploy, the Separatists had come prepared. A few droids partrolled the ship. Ahsoka became impaitent she wanted to scrap these droids, not sneak around them like naughty children.

The Trident emerged from hyperspace outside of Shili and headed for the surface. Its tentical-like limbs hung out behind it and seemed to push it through space as if it were water. The craft felt almost alive as it swam. "We'll split up," Plo was saying, "Whoever finds the communication systems first will contact the others and we'll regroup there." Ashla replied in a hushed voice, "But, wouldn't we be safer if we all stayed together?" Ahsoka shared the younger Togruta's concern. Plo just looked on at them with a face that now said, Trust me. Ahsoka wished Ashla knew Plo as well as she did, for she never saw how much he acually admired her. All she saw was a pair of goggles and a breath mask which gave little expression on a leathery alien face.

The closer Trident came to Shili's surface the more Ventress could fell the Jedi's presence. She knew they could all met a pleasent demise at her blade. They had come here to grow more attune to the life giving Force, they whould leave a part of it. She smiled an icy smile as cold as Hoth and her pale blue eyes burt like Mustafar. Ahsoka moved through the great landing ship. Plo and Ashla had chosen different paths as well. She hated this sneaking around. Two droids stood talking in the hall infront of her. She pressed her back against the wall and sucked in her breath. She raised a hand and called on the Force. There came a small clatter in the next hallway, that distracted the two droids while she snuck around them. She would have prefered to destroy them with her lightsaber in a more stylish manner. All this sneaking around seemed to defy everything Anakin had tought her. He'd tought her that force was better then stealth. A hand fell to her original lightsaber and she forced it away. Where's that communications room? She thought impaitianty. She reached out in the Force; she knew were to go.

The Trident rested down on the great rolling fields. Ventress stepped out and looked upoun the planet. Ahsoka felt an invisible force squeeze her temples and then it was gone; she knew what it was. She opened a com channel and spoke as softely as she could. Plo's com chirped and he answered with, "Have you found the communications room?" Ahsoka answered, "No. I felt a distrurbance in the Force Master. Someone else is here with us." she heard Plo say, "Yes, I felt it to. We should all proceed with caution." With that he closed the channel. Now the game had a new player, the tides could very well change against the Jedi. Ahsoka came to a sealed door. She knew that the ship's communications room lay beynod that door. Her two lightsabers began to forge a perfect cercle in the sealed door. The cercle complete she used the Force to let herself in. Inside she found a weak array of battle droid technicians whom she fineshed quite beatifully with a lightsaber. Remembering what Anakin tought her she found a few stray wires and attached them to her com and then pressed the button.

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3 Re: Return To Innocence on Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:09 pm

[size=18]Part 6

Mace sat waith the other members of the Jedi High Council. Great windows overlooked the bustled airlanes of Coruscant. His stern features may have been carved in stone.

A fuzzy hologram of a girl appreaed in the center of the room. Mace looked on. "Hello, this is Ahsoka Tano do you read me over." she said, her voice crakled as she leaned on an invisible tabel. She repeated herself once more before Mace answered, "We read you Padawan Tano, what's the problem?" Ahsoka explained her situation on Shili, when she was finished Mace replied, "We'll contact Chancellor." Ahsoka answered, "There isn't time. you must sent a ship here now!" That was the last thing she said before the connection went dead.

Ahsoka pounded her fist angerly on the control concul, she'd just been cut off. She turned her head at the sound of clanking battle droids. She hastely placed the com back on her wrist and pressed the button to talk.

Plo's com chirped again and he answered with, "Yes." Ahsoka began to speak, "Master Plo. I'm in the communiction room, droids are coming." Plo asked the all important question, "Did you call for help?" "Yes," Came her answer. He heard scuffling on the other end, did the droids get to Ahsoka?

Ahsoka stood over the scraped remains of her droid attackers lightsaber in hand. Even though the slaughtered droids at her feet were'nt organic beings she'd still let her blade descend upon them with a Sith like rage, what if they had being living breathing beings? Would she have used such vengence? The life giving Force drew her back into the here and now. She placed a hand on her forehead, she felt another ripple in the Force, the tides had turned.

Ventress aprouched the great landing ship, her twin lightsaber clung to her belt ready to slay the slightest naysayer. She walked up to the droid commander she'd commuted with in hyperspace. She said, more to herself, "Were are these Jedi scum?" The hiss her voice carried might have paralized an acklay. The droid answered a little hesitently, "Uh, we don't know mistress. A crew went to check an unathorized call that was sent out," the droid conclued, "they havn't returned." Ventress felt her way throught the water of the Force, she knew where these nosey Jedi were, right under this insolent droid's photoreceptors.

The feeling of dread creeped in on Plo more and more. He felt that they might not get out of this one with their lives. May the Force be with us, he thought quietly. He looked to Ashla who was next to him, he gave her a fatherly smile. Her face remained the same as if the expression wasn't there, in a sense it wasn't. Plo spoke in the lowest voice possible, "I'm sorry about your Master Ashla." Ashla replied, "Don't be, he dosn't care." Plo replied, "Yes, he does, Padawan."[size/]

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