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Time Cannot Erase

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1 Time Cannot Erase on Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:10 am

This is my first FanFic story! Feedback, compliments, and suggestions are welcome but please don't bash my stories. All my fanfics will be canons of eachother (unless I say otherwise) starting with this story.

Time Cannot Erase
During a mission to Shili, Ahsoka is forced to deal with her dark past full of famliy tragedy and secrets. When her master becomes concerned Ahsoka must find a way to keep her secret or come to terms with her miserable past. Will she chose to accept the help of her master and friends or to take on her problems alone? With the Tita kingdom in danger of being over run by the Lotux tibe, Ahsoka must regain her family's trust and lead her people into battle. Can Ahsoka learn to accept her past and take the throne or will she remain loyal to the jedi and return to Corusant?

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2 Chapter 1: Urgent News on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:22 am

Chapter 1: Urgent News

Ahsoka Tano stood on the roof of the temple where she usually went when she was confused. She was admiring the rising sun, how the lights of Corusaunt were just beginning to turn on and the entire planet seemed to slowly awaken. It was times like these that Ahsoka realized just how much of her life has been revolving around this war. She had had practically no childhood and the little that she did have she was still trying to forget.

Suddenly her com-link began to blink and a groggy voice spoke.

“Snips, wake up. I just got a message from the council, we are to report to them in ten minutes,” said her master.

“On my way master,” replied Ahsoka.

She stood up and slowly began to walk towards the window she had entered from. Before climbing back into the Temple she took one last look at the beautiful horizon, unsure of when she would have another moment to herself.


“There you are! I was beginning to think you had gone back to sleep.” Anakin smirked.

“I wasn’t asleep in the first place.” Ahsoka replied with her hands on her hips.

Immediately she knew she had made a mistake and regretted saying anything. Ahsoka had already seen that one eyebrow up one eyebrow down look coming. She knew that her master was about to ask her twenty questions.

“What do you mean you weren’t awake? What were you doing at four o’clock in the morning?” her master asked

Well that’s two down only eighteen more to go… Ahsoka thought to herself.

“I was watching the sunrise.” Ahsoka decided to answer honestly. In her two years of being Anakin’s Padawan she knew there was no use lying to him.

“So you got yourself up at four in the morning to-…Hey! The window in your room doesn’t even facing east. How did you watch the sunrise?” he questioned.

Uh oh! Ahsoka was trapped. No one knew that she went to sit on the roof every once and a while. She knew her master would flip out if he knew.

“Well…I….uh…” Ahsoka struggled to make up some sort of lie to get her out of telling Anakin.

“Anakin, Ahsoka, the council will see you now” Obi-wan informed

Ahsoka let out a small sigh that caused both Jedi to give her a puzzled look before continuing into the council room.

“Greeting Skywalker, a mission we have for you.” greeted Master Yoda.

“You and your padawan will travel to Shili with Master Plo Koon. Two rival kingdoms are about to engage in a civil war and we believe that one of them is involved with the seperatisits” Master Windu informed.

“As you wish masters” Anakin replied as he and his padawan bowed in respect before leaving the council room.


As soon as they had left, Anakin noticed that Ahsoka looked a little shaky.

“You okay Snips? Your looking a little worried.”

“Me? Oh, ya I’m fine master just a little… anxious about going back to Shili. I haven’t been there since I was three years old.” Ahsoka explained.

“Well don’t get too worried, we probably won’t be anywhere near where you were born.” Anakin reassured.

“Ok…” was all Ahsoka said.


As Anakin and Ahsoka approached the briefing room, they saw Master Plo making their way towards them.

“Ko to ya Master Plo!” Ahsoka smiled. She always loved seeing Master Plo and was very excited to finally have another mission with him.

“Ko to ya Little Soka. It is good to see you again. You have grown since the last time I saw you.” said Plo Koon.

Anakin simply smiled at the two. Although Ahsoka was much closer to him than Plo Koon, he knew that she looked up to him and he was happy that Plo Koon was coming with them. Anakin tended to like people that made Ahsoka smile…except when it was Obi-wan or Padme siding with Ahsoka and against him.

“My squadron is ready for briefing whenever you are Skywalker” Plo Koon announced.

“Actually, I was thinking that I would let Ahsoka brief the troops this time.”

Ahsoka’s jaw dropped and her eyes seemed to pop out of her head.

“..Wha…what? You want me to brief the troops…now?” asked a baffled Ahsoka.

“If it’s not too big of a challenge for you?” smirked Anakin.

“Ha ha, very funny. I think I can handle it.” said a annoyed Ahsoka.

“Well in that case you had better get started.” Plo Koon advised.


As Ahsoka made her way into the briefing room she began to get a little nervous. Not about how she was going to brief the soldiers, she knew what the mission was and she knew what to say. It was her master that she was worried about. The last time Ahsoka had given a briefing was on Geonosis… and that did NOT go well at all. Anakin interrupted her twice before taking over the briefing altogether, then, when she tried to tell him that she was upset he completely shut her up. Sometimes she felt like he was a little too protective. Ahsoka knew that Anakin cared about her and that he just wanted to help her as much as he could, but she couldn’t help feeling a little smothered.

“Hey master?” Ahsoka said in a hushed tone.


“Can you promise me something?” she asked.

“Uh…sure? What’s up?”

“Well you remember what happened the last time I ran a briefing…on Geonosis?”

“…On Geonosis?...oh…ya I remember.” he responded quietly.

“Well I was wondering if you could maybe let me do this one on my own… really on my own.” she said.

Anakin let out a loud sigh. “Ok, ok, I promise that I won’t interrupt you. But if you forget something I’m going to have to remind you.” he said sternly.

Nice! He just assumes that I am going to need his help. Ahsoka was a little hurt.

“Fine, but discreetly ok?”

“Deal.” They both smiled. It was these rare occasions that they came to an agreement on something that reminded them how they had lasted these past couple of years.

“Ok troop.” Ahsoka began. “We have an important mission to complete so let’s get done to business.”

Ahsoka explained the problem, the plan and the importance of the solving the problem.

“…and we need to remember that our evidence right now is not enough to make any arrests.”

Then Anakin interjected. “Your forgetting something.” he said in a sing songy tone.

“I’m not finished yet.” Ahsoka replied in the same sing songy tone. “We also need to remember that we are here to observe the conflict not encourage it. We will not provide help in battle unless we are positive that enemy is involved with the separatists. Am I forgetting anything Master?” she asked with a smirk.

“I don’t think so Snips, nice job.” he smiled.

Wow...that is a first. Ahsoka rarely got any praise from her master and when she did it was a big deal…to her at least. She doubted that Anakin had the slightest idea how much his approval meant to her.

Just then Rex came up behind Ahsoka.

“Sorry to interrupt Commander but there is an urgent message for you.” Rex informed Ahsoka

“Really? Who from?” Ahsoka asked.

“Not sure sir, all I know is that the message arrived from Shili just a few minutes ago.”

Shili. Why would anyone on Shili want to contact me…unless…no…no way! Ahsoka prayed that it was not what she feared it was.

“Go ahead Snips, I’ll start prepping the Twilight.” Anakin assured.

Ahsoka nodded before taking the message into the hallway. It was video message titled “Urgent!” Well that reassuring Ahsoka thought to herself. She hesitantly pressed play and immediately regretted her decision.

“Hello Ahsoka, it has been such a long time and you probably don’t recognize me. I am Vina Tano your grandmother and ruler of the Tita Kingdom. It has been thirteen years since I have seen you in person but I know you must be a beautiful sixteen year old girl. A year ago I instructed your Uncle Dar to send you a message I assume you received although to be honest I never really expected you to send a reply. If you didn’t receive it or just chose not to read it I will sum it up for you. A year ago tomorrow I was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a type of cancer in which malignant cells are found in the kidney, and may spread to the lungs, liver, or nearby lymph nodes. There is sadly no known cure nor is there a way to figure out how much time I have left. But I know my time is coming Sweetheart and I am so sorry to thrust all of this upon you at once. As you know, when your father left the kingdom, you became the only heir to the throne. But when we discovered you were force sensitive we knew that your destiny was to become a Jedi. So, when your Aunt Lavay found the Kel Dor Jedi that had landed on Shili, we knew that it was time to let you go. Letting you leave was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I knew that you deserved better than to be the ruler of a kingdom especially in war time. When you left I promised myself that I would never interfere with your life because you were where you needed to be. Which brings me to today where I have broken the promise. Please know that I love you and would never jeopardize your future as a Jedi unless it was my only choice. Our culture states that as long as an heir to the thrown is still alive, no one but he or she can take the thrown. With my end drawing near I must selfishly ask you to put our needs before your own. I ask that you please return to Shili and take the throne when I pass on. I know you are hesitant to return given our family’s…unfortunate past, but I beg you to please consider. Our family needs you Ahsoka, the entire Tita Kingdom needs you…I need you.

Then the message ended and the screen went black.

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3 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:32 am

Chapter 2: Suspicions

Ahsoka stood frozen in the small hallway. She had hoped that the message wasn’t from her family, but when have things ever worked in her favor? Ahsoka had gotten the message a year ago when her grandma was diagnosed with the cancer but she thought it would be best if she just stayed out of it. She had caused her family enough pain already. When Ahsoka found out about the cancer she was crushed and cried in her room for almost five hours. But she knew that she couldn’t tell her master. He wouldn’t understand, he had never lost anyone close to him like a family member, at least not that she knew of. Anakin rarely talked about his past and that bothered Ahsoka sometimes. She felt like maybe he didn’t feel comfortable sharing secrets with her and that made her wonder what else he didn’t tell her..

A thousand thoughts raced through Ahsoka’s head and she felt her legs begin to tremble. She slowly leaned against the wall and let out a few shaky breaths. Ahsoka knew that she couldn’t let her master know about her family. She had a mission to complete and the mission always came first.

She got her composure together and walked back into the briefing room.

“Hey Snips, Twilights all ready to go. What was your urgent message about?” Anakin asked after noticing his padawan’s troubled face.

“Uh…it wasn’t for me it got sent to the wrong person. It was suppose to go to a youngling at the temple informing her that her father had died.” Ahsoka was surprised that she came up with that on the spot, but not as surprised as she was when her master actually bought it.

“Oh, ok. Well let’s get going we have to let the Tita Kingdom know we are on our way.” said Anakin.

“Wait, what!?!?” Ahsoka asked a little too loud to be normal.”

“Geez Ahsoka calm down! What’s the big deal?” asked Anakin who was a little taken aback by his padawan’s sudden outburst.

“Um…what was the name of that kingdom again?”

“Tita and the enemy kingdom is called Lotux. Why?” asked Anakin.

“That’s what I thought you said.” mumbled a disappointed Ahsoka.

Great now I have to deal with my problem now. Why do these things happen to me? Ahsoka asked herself.

“Something wrong with the name of a kingdom?”

“No, I was just thought you said something else” Ahsoka tried to cover-up.

Anakin though about pressing the matter further but decided that it was best to just drop it.
Ahsoka would tell him if something was wrong…right? Anakin pondered this as he and Ahsoka began to board the Twilight.

Plo Koon was already seated in one of the passenger seats that came out of the wall when Anakin and Ahsoka took their places as pilot and co-pilot.

“I haven’t seen passenger seats that come out of the wall since I was a padawan.” Plo Koon noted.

“Well this ship was really run down when Ahsoka and I found it. There’s no telling how old it is” Anakin explained.

“Don’t you mean when Stinky found it?” Ahsoka smirked. She knew how annoyed Anakin got at the mention of the little Huttlet from their first mission.

Anakin simply glared at her before powering up the engines.

“Lucky for us, I have made major upgrades to the Twilight. Now it’s just as fast as a star fighter with twice the fire power.” Anakin boasted.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes before activating the hyper drive. The stars became a blur of blue and white as they speed through space.

“So, we should reach Shili by tomorrow morning” asked Ahsoka

“Correct Little Soka.” Plo Koon answered.


Plo Koon went to his quarters to meditate while Anakin tried to take a nap. Ahsoka on the other hand took out the video recording and began to play certain parts over again. “…you became the heir to the thrown…my time is coming…unfortunate past…I love you…our family needs you.” Those last few lines started to make Ahsoka eyes get watery but nowhere close to tears. Jedi didn’t cry, it was a sign of weakness, emotions were for the weak, she had to be strong, she didn’t have a choice.

“Ahsoka, what are you doing? Why do you still have that recording?” her master asked as he slowly began to awaken.

“I…just…was thinking. About how much pain the youngling will be in when she finds out her father is dead.” Ahsoka tried to make herself sound calm but there was hesitation in her voice.

“I imagine she will be hurt. But it is none of our business, and you shouldn’t be watching that if it doesn’t belong to you.” Anakin said as his “stern master-like” voice became obvious.

“Yes Master.”Ahsoka responded in a dull, mocking tone.

“Tell you what, I’m board too. Let’s go to the hanger bay and have a spar match.” Anakin suggested. He knew how much Ahsoka liked training with especially when it was a competition and, even though he would never admit it, he liked training her. Anakin was very proud of her progress and couldn’t imagine a better Padawan, but he could never tell Ahsoka that. He had a certain image to up hold.


They ignited their spare training sabers that they store on the Twilight.

“Ok Snips, ready when you are. Just try to hold it together when I crush you ok?” Anakin smirked.

“In your dreams Master. I have been practiced while you were on your mission to Aldren” Ahsoka shot back.

Anakin was always happy to hear that Ahsoka practiced on her own terms. He knew that she wanted to impress him and was glad to see her taking the initiative.

Ahsoka made the first move by charging at her master. Anakin met her blade and tried to knock her off her feet but Ahsoka was ready and jumped over his head, striking his blade in midair. Anakin force pushed her towards the wall and she ran up the wall into a neat back flip. After landing on her feet Ahsoka prepared herself for Anakin who was currently charging at her full force. Anakin meet her blade with such force she was forced back into the wall where their blades met once again. Both pushed hard to gain the upper hand but neither could get the advantage they needed. Finally Ahsoka put both her feet against the wall to get the strength she needed to launch Anakin’s lightsaber to the other side of the room. Anakin was stunned; he had never seen his padawan use such strength and determination in sparring before. He shot a smile of approval but Ahsoka seemed to be distracted in her own little world.

“Ahsoka, you ok?” asked Anakin with concern hinting in his tone.

Ahsoka picked up on his tone and tried her best to reassume him. “Ya Master, I’m fine why?”

“You just seem a little…out of it” Anakin tried to find the right word to describe his padawan. Worried, anxious, distracted?

“I guess I’m just a little tired.” she lied.

Anakin sensed the hesitation in her voice and became suspicious. “Ahsoka if something is wrong, you know you can tell me right?”

“I know.” Ahsoka said quickly.

They held each other’s gaze for a while, waiting for the other to say something, but nothing was said.

“Well I guess we had better get back to Master Plo. We will be coming out of hyperspace soon.” Anakin suggested. And with that the pair exited the hanger bay, still unsure of what the other was thinking.

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Chapter 3: Some Things Are Better Off Forgotten

As Shili came into view Ahsoka could feel her hands begin to shake. How was she going to tell her master? What was her family going to say? Had her grandmother already dies? All of these questions raced through Ahsoka’s head until finally Master Plo put a hand on her shoulder and whispered “We need to talk.” Ahsoka nodded and glanced over at Anakin who appeared to be asleep.

They silently made their way to Plo Koon’s quarters. He made sure to shut the door and waiting a few seconds before finally speaking.

“I know Ahsoka.” He said in a hushed tone.

“What do you mean?” asked a puzzled Ahsoka.

“I know what the message said…and much more” he hinted

Ahsoka just stood there frozen in place. She couldn’t lie to Master Plo, he was so good at picking through other people’s minds that there was no point in trying.

“How did you find out?” she asked quietly.

“When I crash landed on Shili I immediately sensed your presence. So I found you village and asked if anyone knew of a force sensitive child. I heard from many people that there had been suspicions about the Titan princess having force abilities. The more people I met the more pieces of your story came together. When I finally reached your home your grandmother greeted me, saying that she was hoping a Jedi would one day come to get you. When I asked her about what I had heard she confirmed it all and told me about your family’s misfortune.”

“So you know about my…my mo…” Ahsoka began to stutter as her horrific past began replay in her head.

“Your mother, yes.” He finished for her.

Ahsoka was suddenly experiencing many flash backs.

~flash back

It was a warm spring day on Shili. The flower buds were beginning to bloom. Ahsoka saw her father walking out to the stable and ran to catch up with him.

“Daddy, can I please come this time?” the three year old asked sweetly.

“Sorry baby girl, not today. We have a meeting with the Lotux kingdom about a peace treaty. But next time ok?” Her father explained.

Ahsoka sighed. “I never get to go anywhere” she thought to herself.

Her father got on top of his horse and rode off with his other soldiers. “I love you!” he shouted over his shoulder.

“Love you too.” yelled Ahsoka. She stood there until her father and his men became specs on the horizon.

“Ahsoka! Time for lunch.” Her mother called



“How long will Dad be gone” asked Ahsoka as she began to clear her plate.

“Probably until tomorrow.” Her mother replied. “Not go wash up.”

When she was finished, Ahsoka made her way back into the dining room.

She was about to open the door but she heard mumbling that stoppd her in her tracks.

“Now listen here you highness, we don’t want to have to hurt you. So just give us the necklace and we will be leaving.”

“Get your hands off of me.” She heard her mother shout.

Ahsoka peeked through the key hole in the door to find her mother being held by two pirates. One was holding her still and the other had a blast pointed at her temple.

“We already know what’s inside the locket and we know guys who would pay a fortune just to see it. So hand it over unless you want a nice hole in your head” the pirate threatened.

Ahsoka gasped. When she had turned three her grandmother shared the secret of the locket with her. When opened correctly the locket would open a secret hatch with a gem in it known at the “Blue Pearl” it was the last of its kind. Ahsoka knew she had to save her mother, but she didn’t have a weapon. That’s when she remembered the small pistol that was hidden in the vase near the door for emergencies. Ahsoka grabbed it and ran into the room “Mom! Let her go!” shouted Ahsoka pointing the blaster at the pirates.

“Hey look Eerbi we got ourselves a pest.” Snickered the pirate holding her mother.

“Ahsoka run!” cried her mother.

Just as Ahsoka was about out to fire, another pirate came out from behind her and hit her over the head with a club. The gun went off and Ahsoka lost conciseness.

She woke up later in her bedroom surrounded by her family.

“Oh! Thank God you are alright” said her grandmother.

At first Ahsoka was confused, but then she remembered what had happened and began to look around for her mother.

“Where is my mom?” she asked.

The whole room seemed to go silent. Then finally her uncle Dar spoke.

“Um...Ahsoka… when the guard heard the blaster go off they ran in to see if you were ok…but when they got there the pirates had fled leaving the locked behind, you were unconscious, and your mother…well she… it appeared as though when the pirate hit your head, the blaster slipped and the shot fired hit you mother in the head…there was nothing the paramedics could do she died instantly. You are not to blame for her death. If that shoot hadn’t killed her the pirates most likely would have. We are so sorry Ahsoka. A message has already been sent to your father, he thinks he will be home by morning.” Said her uncle sadly.

Ahsoka was in shock as different emotions began to set in pain, loss…guilt. It was her fault her mother dies and no matter how hard they tied no one could convince her otherwise. She began to shake as a sob escaped her lips. Her grandmother wrapped her arms around her as several tears fell from everyone’s eyes. Ahsoka sobbed into her grandmother’s shoulder. She couldn’t believe that her mother was gone, and that she was to blame. What would her father say?

~end flashback

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5 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:53 am

Chapter 4: Not mine to tell

Ahsoka gasped as she came back to reality. She was breathing fairly quickly due to the fact that she had been working on keeping those memories out of her minds for that past thirteen years.

“Ahsoka, I know it is hard for you. But you have to tell your master. If he finds out and you’re not the one to tell him, he will be very upset.” Plo Koon advised sternly.

“I know Master Plo but…I…can’t…yet. I want to tell him but I don’t know how to. Please don’t tell him Master.” she begged.

“Your secret is not mine to tell.” Plo Koon sighed.

“Thank you Master Plo.” said a relieved Ahsoka.


Anakin woke up to the sound of the door opening. He turned around to see Ahsoka and Master Plo coming back into the bridge.

“Where did you two go?” he asked.

“Just talking and didn’t want to wake you.” said Ahsoka.

“Well we will be landing soon so buckle up.” Anakin commanded

Ahsoka and Plo Koon took their seats shooting each other a look that made Anakin feel like he was out of the loop Am I missing something? he asked himself.


Anakin and Plo Koon strode out of the ship with no concern. Ahsoka on the other hand stayed hidden in the shadows as if to wait and see if it was safe to come out. You can’t turn away now. If you start acting weird Anakin will start to catch on she scolded herself.

“Uh…Snips? You coming or what?” asked Anakin.

“Ya” she answered in a small voice.

Anakin shot her a confused look. He didn’t want to embarrass her in front of Master Plo, but he knew something was wrong and he wished that she would just tell him.

Just as he was turning back around an arrow shot past his face just missing his skin.

“Master!” cried Ahsoka.

“Get down Snips!” he shouted as he and Plo Koon ignited their lightsabers.

But, as usual, Ahsoka didn’t listen and jumped up beside him drawing both of her lightsabers.

“What did I just say?” he asked stunned. She wasn’t even trying to cover up when she disobeyed him, it was just a regular thing.

“Quiet.” hushed Master Plo.

Another arrow was shot this time at Plo Koon who caught it with his bare hand.

Ahsoka saw movement in one of the trees. She quickly used the force to shake the tree causing the person perched in it to fall to the ground with a thud.

“Ow! What was that for?!?” asked the shooter.

“I don’t know maybe for firing arr-“Ahsoka stopped dead in her tracks. Even after all these years she would have recognized that voice anywhere.

“Rasi?” she asked cautiously.

“Ahsoka” she exclaimed.

Before Anakin of Plo Koon could ask what was going on a togruta who looked to be about Ahsoka’s age, charged out of the trees and tackled Ahsoka to the ground.

“AHSOKA!”she screamed. “What are you doing here?!?!?” she asked still squeezing the life out of Ahsoka.

“We are on a mission. Ironically we are here to see is the Lotux are involved with the separatists.” explained Ahsoka.


“Oh ya! Rasi, this is my master Anakin Skywalker and this is Master Plo Koon, he’s the one that found me.”

“Wait a minute MASTER!?!?!?! you never told me you got promoted to padawan!” Rasi said.

“I hate to interrupt, but we really need to find the Tita Kingdom” Plo Koon butt in.

“Oh I can take you there….and sorry for trying to kill you” Rasi said shyly.

“Happens all the time” Ahsoka reassured.

“No it doesn’t” Anakin whispered when Rasi was out of ear shot. Ahsoka glared at him.

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6 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:24 pm

Chapter 5: That was too close

As they approached the Kingdom memories of Ahsoka’s early childhood began to flood back to her. The village surrounding the tower was a collection of houses, parks and shops. As you progressed farther into the Kingdom you became surrounded by villas and almost like a city but the buildings never exceed three stories. It almost looked like a poor version of Naboo. Rasi explained that the Kingdom was not doing well financially due to all of the Lotux terrorist attacks.

“We have been in debt since two years after you left.” she said to Ahsoka. As they began to walk further into the village people began to take notice. They glanced at Ahsoka and began to whisper to one another. Anakin took notice of this and shot Ahsoka a questioning look but she seemed to be avoiding his gaze. He wasn’t comfortable with the way his padawan was acting. “Master Jedi, I’m sure you must be tired, her majesty the queen has reserved guest rooms for you in the palace. Boono will take you there.” she gestured to a young boy with a lekku half the size of Ahsoka’s. He nodded and began to lead Anakin and Plo Koon to the palace. Ahsoka started to follow but was pulled back by Rasi.

“Did you get your grandmother’s message” she asked.

“Yeah. Where is she?” Ahsoka asked quietly.”

Rasi sighed, “I can take you to her… you master doesn’t know does he?”

“No, and I would like to keep it that way.”


Anakin and Plo Koon were following Boono through the village, receiving glances from togrutas as they went. Anakin turned around to ask Ahsoka why people were staring when suddenly he realized that Ahsoka wasn’t beside him. His masterly instincts began to kick in.

“Master Plo did you see where Ahsoka went?” he asked with a hint of worry.

“I thought she was right next to you Skywalker” replied Plo Koon who was perfectly aware that Rasi had taken Ahsoka to discuss her grandmother.

“I thought so too. I’m gonna go back and get her, you two go ahead.”

“Skywalker I think your padawan is with her friend, they will probably meet us at the palace.” Plo Koon tried to cover for Ahsoka.

“Its just that whenever I turn my back she always manages to get in trouble” Anakin replied

“You’re one to talk Master.” came a voice from behind him.

Anakin jumped a little at the sound of his padawan’s voice. “Where were you?” he asked.

“Rasi wanted me to say hi to her family. I was only gone for a couple of minutes master, you really shouldn’t worry so much” she smirked.

“You could at least tell me before you take off, and I was not worried.” he lied.

“If you two are finished I’m sure Boono has better places to be.” said Plo Koon.

“Oh no Master Jedi, we have not had guests in so long especially from the princess.” said Boono.

“What?” Anakin and Plo Koon asked in unison.

“Haha….kids, they say the strangest things” Rasi laughed awkwardly. “You can go home now Boono, I’ll take them the rest of the way.” she said as she shot him a “you are so dead” look.

Just then a togrutan women with facial marks similar to Rasi’s walked around the corner.

“Rasi there you are, I have been looking for you, have you seen-…Ahsoka?!?! Is that you?” she asked. “Oh my gosh, Ahsoka! I haven’t seen you in years.” she exclaimed.

“And you are?” asked Anakin, curious in the women’s interest in his padawan.

“Oh where are my manors, I am Gini, Rasi’s mother. Who are you?” the women asked.

“I’m Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka’s master, and this is Master Plo Koon….Wait a minute. Ahsoka you said Rasi already took you to see her family.” asked a very suspicious Anakin.

“What? Every member of my family is at work in the fields. Rasi what’s going on?” asked Gini

“Yes Ahsoka, please explain.” Anakin shot her a stern look.

“Well…” Ahsoka and Rasi stuttered.

“She did take me to see her family, but she forgot that they were in the fields” shot Ahsoka.

“Uh…yeah! I thought they were already on their lunch break, sorry mom.” Rasi finished.

“Oh well no worries, I will call you when they are back and then you can all come to our house for dinner. Bye” said Gini as she continued walking down the dirt road.

The two girls sighed, but Anakin was not so easily convinced. He gave Ahsoka we will talk about this later look and continued on to the palace.

“That was too close” whispered Rasi “I can’t believe we got away with that.”

“Neither can I, but I’m not off the hook yet. My master gonna want to talk about this later. What am I gonna do?” asked Ahsoka

“I don’t know Tano…I don’t know

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7 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:35 am


Authors note: Please look at these pictures! I worked on them for four hours
Chapter 6: Introductions

Soon the gang came upon an extremely large building almost as large as the Jedi temple. It was silver and blue with a wooden door it looked to be about eight stories tall. Anakin and Plo Koon starred in awe while Ahsoka looked at the ground trying to prevent further memories from taking over her thoughts. Rasi shot her a sympathetic look and Ahsoka forced a small smile before they continued into the palace. Through the door there was a room five times the size of the council room. There were twin stair cases that wrapped around to large gold pillars with banisters large enough to slide down. Straight ahead there was a large golden door that led on to the rest of the first floor and on either side of the door were royal blue elevators. Covering the floor was a beautiful pattern that incorporated the Tita colors of gold and blue, the center of the picture on the floor was a blue and gold locket that had some diamonds on it as well. It was made to look exactly like the locket that Ahsoka’s mother had worn with the Blue Pearl inside of it. (See picture )

Above them was a glass ceiling that was three stories up, the second and third floor had an open balcony that opened up to the ceiling. The glass was incorporated to look like the Tita Symbol which could be found it many places around the kingdom. (See picture

A man uniform walked over to the group and introduced himself, “Welcome, I am Sergeant Gordon Tay. Her majesty the queen has been expecting you, sadly she is too ill to greet you herself.” he said sadly.

“Ill? We were not informed that the queen was of bad health.” Plo Koon mumbled.

“Yes sir, Queen Vina has been suffering from Wilms tumor for about three years now.” Plo Koon and Anakin glanced at each other. This was not good.

Gordon starred at Ahsoka in awe. When she was born he was assigned as her “personal guard” However he turned out to be one of her closest friends and even a second father since hers was often away on business. He was about to say something but a look from Rasi stopped him in his tracks.

“Um, yes, well you must be tired from your travels. Porta!”

A young women who looked to be about Anakin’s age appeared on the top balcony.


“The guests are here, please shoe them to their quarters and tell the chef to start preparing dinner” Gordon commanded

“Actually, they will be eating at my house tonight” Rasi explained.

“Oh, very well.”

Porta ran down the stairs but when she saw Anakin she stopped suddenly.

“I…um…hi..I’m…por..Porta” she stuttered. Gordon gave her a warning glare.

Ahsoka and Rasi gave each other an Oh no! look. As long as they could remember Porta got nervous every time there was a male guest her age. However, she was married now and her husband, Tole, did not like when attractive men stayed at the palace for too long.

“Please follow me to your rooms.” she said as she got back her composure.

Anakin and Plo Koon followed her up the right hand stair case.

Ahsoka felt something pull on her padawan braid

“Ow!” she hissed.

“Do you want to see her or not?” Rasi whispered.

Ahsoka nodded as the two quietly made their way over to a small door that lead to hidden stairs.

“I remember these stairs, whenever there was a lot of people over we would sneak into the kitchen, grab food and use these stairs to get to my room.” Ahsoka said.

“Yeah….it’s been a long time”

“Too long.” she agreed.


The pair made their way down a long hall on the eighth floor. They came upon a large white door. Rasi pushed a button and talked into the speaker.

“This is Rasi Loena, I have brought Ahsoka Tano to see her grandmother”

A large laser scanned them both then the door opened only to reveal another door, this happened three times before finally they saw what looked like a medical bay. The only difference was that it was decorated and there was only one bed in it. Through a window doctors and researchers could be seen working on computers and analyzing data. On the bed there was what looked to be a very it togruta. She was very wrinkly and thin and the normal bright orange skin was now a gloomy gray with only a hint of orange. She was hooked up to several machines that monitored her heart, blood pressure and a larger one seemed to be allowing her to breathe. Her lekku looked limp and her facial marks were a much duller white then they should be. The woman was asleep and the only thing that made her look alive was the slight rise and fall of her chest.

“Grandma…” Ahsoka gasped. The women who had served as her mother after her real one died was now dying herself.

“Vina…Ahsoka is here.” Rasi whispered.

The woman’s eyes began to open. She starred at Ahsoka for several minutes before a tear rolled down her cheek. Ahsoka sat on the bed and held her hand gently.

“I missed you Grandma” she said.

Her grandmother’s response was a series of hand motions. Ahsoka figured that since the machine for her breathing limited her ability to talk, she had learned sigh language.

“She says that she is so happy that you are here. She is sorry for taking you away from your better life but that she had no other choice. She wants you to know how proud she is of you and that no matter what she will always love you.” Rasi translated.

For the next half an hour Ahsoka and her grandmother talked about everything, her mother, her father, the kingdom, Gordon, Porta, her Aunt Lavey and uncle Dar.

Suddenly Gordon appeared in the door way.

“I hate to interrupt but Ahsoka, your master is getting really worried. I stalled for as long as I could.” he explained.

“Oh no! I have to go.” Ahsoka looked at her grandma “I’ll be back later, I promise.” and with that she and Rasi followed Gordon to the elevator. Before they walked off Gordon pulled Ahsoka into a hug.

“Good to see you again Princess” he whispered.

“You too G.” Ahsoka smiled, glad that even after all this time they still used their old nicknames

Ahsoka felt her eyes began to get watery again but she COULD NOT cry. She caught on very early that crying was considered a sign of weakness especially in war-time. Kid or not, Ahsoka couldn’t let her master see her as weak. She had worked too hard to earn respect, to earn his trust. Her want for her to be proud of her towered over her want to become a Jedi Knight. Although he had never said it, Ahsoka hoped that he was proud of her. Obi wan and Padme assured her all the time “He tells us all the time, he just has issues with his pride”. But Ahsoka wouldn’t believe it until he said it himself.

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AN: please try to get the word out about this story! currently i only have two people the consistantly read and reply to this story!!!!

Chapter 7: Perspective

“Skywalker, don’t worry. Ahsoka is a big girl, she and Rasi probably just went to look around.” Plo Koon had spent that past half an hour trying to calm the young Jedi Knight who was beginning to worry about his padawan.

“Did I not just tell her to tell me before she takes off! She never listens. What if something bad happens I won’t have a clue where to look for her. I swear sometimes she is so careless, so reckless, so….” Anakin babbled unable to think of a proper way to explain his padawan’s behavior

“so…much like yourself” Plo Koon finished for him.

As much as Anakin hated to admit it, Plo Koon was right. Ahsoka had become so much like him over that past couple of years. Sometimes he considered how much she was like him to be a bad thing. He wanted to have her around for a long time and the more she acted like him, the more she put herself as risk.

“This may be hard to believe Skywalker, Ahsoka wants to be just like you.” Plo Koon smiled.


“I remember when she had just turned fourteen, she raced down the halls of the Jedi temple, crashing into several masters in the process. She screamed when she finally opened the door to my quarters…you know what I have the holo recording saved onto my data pad. Take a look.”

He activated his data pad and suddenly a holo image of a slightly younger Plo Koon appeared along with a young togruta who Anakin recognized right away…

“What’s wrong Little Soka?”asked a very concern Plo Koon.

“Wrong?!? Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s perfect! I’m going to be a padawan.” she exclaimed

Anakin smiled, that was classic Ahsoka, so full of life, so enthusiastic about everything, so…happy.

“Congratulations young one! Who is to be your master?”

“Anakin Skywalker, I’m leaving in a few hours to meet him and Master Kenobi on Christophsis. Master Plo I am so excited! I can’t wait to meet him. I’ve already heard all about him and read articles about him in the holo news. He’s a brave, strong, heroic, and everyone respects him. I can’t believe I get to be his padawan.”

Anakin was beaming. She hadn’t even met him yet and already she looked up to him.

Plo Koon rubbed his chin and appeared to be in deep thought.

“Skywalker hmmm... I was unaware that he was looking for a padawan.”

“Well Master Yoda said that he never asked him directly…but I’m sure he will be happy, why else would I be assigned to him” she reassured.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” he explained.

“I won’t Master Plo, he’ll be happy…he will…you’ll see…he’ll want me…I know it” she repeated as if to assure herself more than him.

“Well than you’d best be on your way. Until we meet again Little Soka.” he smiled.

“Goodbye Master Plo” and with that she bowed in respect making her way towards that door. As she was about to leave she paused. Then, she turned around and ran to hug Master Plo before finally darting out of the room.

“Oh No!” thought Anakin. If he had had the slightest idea about how excited Ahsoka was, he would have never treated her that way he did. Images of Christophsis flashed through his mind. All of the things he had said to her.

“And who are you suppose to be”

“Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed...”

“No, no, no, no there must be some mistake.”

“There’s been a mix up the youngling isn’t with me.”

“I don’t even think you’re old enough to be a padawan.”

“…if you ready you’d better start proving it”

He was a jerk to her, and he felt awful. There he was watching his padawan two years ago. Just an innocent fourteen year old who wanted nothing more than to be a padawan and learn from a Jedi Master and what did she get? A dysfunctional master who struggled to keep track of her half of the time. Why would the council assign a padawan to him, and Ahsoka or all people. Of course he loved having her around (whether he admitted it or not) he saw her as a daughter/little sister. But above all she was his best friends and the second most important person in his life (with Padme 1st and Obi-wan third). But he didn’t know how to tell her that. For a Jedi accused of having too many emotions he sure had a hard time expressing them. He did little thing such as putting a hand on her shoulder to protect her or make her feel better. He tried, and he hoped she noticed.

“Master Plo do you think Ahsoka learning from me is really the best thing for her?”

“Well Skywalker, I don’t think you necessarily lead by the most supreme example, but I think Ahsoka is very happy to have you as her master” Plo Koon replied.

“I know, and I’m happy to have her as my padawan, but do you think she would be better off with someone like you or Obi-wan? I mean I’m not suggesting she be transferred cause I would miss her like crazy, but, I can’t help but feel like I can’t keep her safe from everything no matter how hard I try she always seems to get into trouble…” Plo Koon simply smiled as the young Jedi Knight babbled on worrying about his performance has a teacher.

“Well, would you be willing to give young Ahsoka up to another master?” Plo Koon asked already knowing the answer.

“OF COURSE NOT!!!...forgive me master…but I can’t let go of Ahsoka…I just can’t not after all of the time we have spent together...but…” he took a deep breath, “…if Ahsoka wanted to be taught by a different Master I wouldn’t stand in her way. Sure I would be heartbroken, and try to talk her out of it, but in the end I would stand by her decision.” Anakin sighed. Just the thought of losing his padawan made him depressed.

“Well the council doesn’t reassign padawans for no reason. Even if you and Ahsoka came to the conclusion you just described, how would you per sway the council?” Plo Koon asked, smirking behind his mask. He knew Anakin would never give up Ahsoka, nor would she ever opt for another master. However, the spaz-like activity of Anakin was amusing him quite a bit.

“Well…I would probably have to lie. I would make up a bunch of Poodoo like…”


Ahsoka and Rasi hurried back to the guest room will Gordon close behind. As they approached the door all three stopped to catch their breaths.

Suddenly Ahsoka heard her master talking in his serious voice and put her lekku against the door to listen.

“…Ahsoka doesn’t listen to authority and I no longer have a patience to tolerate her behavior. When she was assigned to me I was told that she was a top student. However, from the moment I began to train her she demonstrated sloppy, and carless techniques as if she was a newly appointed level 3 youngling. Her skills have not improved since she has been my student so I felt the need to risk letting her yield a second saber just to ensure she doesn’t get herself killed against three or more droids. She behaves like a child and frankly I have reached my breaking point. I don’t think that anyone can train that hopelessly inferior child but I would find great amusement in seeing Master Yoda try. Perhaps even a couple of more years as a youngling would do her some good. With respect I just cannot carry the burden of her any longer.”

Ahsoka felt a flood or tears and fought to keep them from trickling down her face. Rasi and Gordon (who had also heard what was said) cowered in fear as Ahsoka slammed her fist into the door panel causing it to open will an alarming woosh.

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Chapter 8: The Search

Anakin and Plo Koon heard the door open and turned to see Ahsoka standing and Rasi and Gordon behind her with looks of terror on their faces.

“Oh there you are Snips. We were beginning to worry. Where’d you go?” Anakin asked, completely unaware that she had heard his little act.

Ahsoka did not respond. She simply just stared/glared at her master. Her blood was beginning to boil and she felt an unstoppable amount of tears on their way. Part of Ahsoka wanted to break down sobbing and the other part of her wanted to punch Anakin in the face.

Plo Koon sensed the heavy emotions radiating off of the young teen and immediately realized what had happened. He thought about what he should say to alert Anakin, but he didn’t feel it was his place, nor could he find the right words to say. Instead he looked down shaking his head slightly, waiting for the epic battle between master and padawan to erupt.

“Snips?...You okay?” Anakin asked as he too began to feel only a fraction of Ahsoka’s heartbroken emotions.

“Me? Oh yeah I’m just fine. And don’t worry, I’m sure once you tell that to the council they won’t even hesitate to assign me to a new master. Not that I would stick around after hearing that anyway. Rest assured, you won’t have to bear the burden of me any longer. Mission accomplished General” she spat.

It took Anakin a few seconds to understand what she meant. Suddenly his eyes grew wide with guilt and regret.

“Ahsoka…no…you don’t understand I was just-” but he was cut off my Ahsoka.

“You don’t have to explain anything to me. I probably wouldn’t understand anyway. After all, I’m no more skilled than a level 3 Youngling.” she fought to keep her many tears at bay.

“No…Snips I-”Anakin was at a loss of words and was cut off once again by Ahsoka.

“I can’t believe you! What else do you say about me behind my back? What did I even do to make you hate me?” she practically yelled.

“Nothing Ahsoka! I don’t hate you I was just-” he took a step but stopped dead in his tracks when a single tear trickled down Ahsoka’s cheek from one eye while another simply fell to the floor from the other. She took a shaky breath in through her nose. Ahsoka never, ever, cried. He had known her for almost two years and he had never even seen her come close to crying. She was usually so good at keeping control of her emotions. Now here was his young padawan on the verge of breaking down. Had his fake words really hit her that hard? He felt awful, twice as bad as when he had watched the recording. Anakin had spent so much time and energy protecting Ahsoka, trying to keep her unhurt both emotionally and physically, and here he was causing her the worst pain he had ever seen her in.

“Ahsoka…please…” he took a step towards her wanting nothing more than to wipe her tear away, hold her close to him and explain everything.

Ahsoka took two large steps backwards, “Leave me alone.” she looked down, then added quietly “I hate you.” before she took off. Ahsoka ran down the hall towards the staircase.

“AHSOKA WAIT!” Anakin yelled. He took off after his padawan knowing that he would never be able to catch her but feeling obligated to try.

Ahsoka began to cry harder and harder as she sprinted down the stair and out the door. She ran through the streets practically blind due to the many tears in her eyes. Luckily, she was small enough that maneuvering through the crowds was easy.

Anakin on the other hand was having trouble. He was being blocked by the flood of

Togrutans and had to shove his way through just to keep Ahsoka in sight.

“Ahsoka!” he yelled “Wait!” he pushed through more people trying to get his padawan to stop. “Snips!” he cried at the top of his lungs. He called her several more times before he lost her in the sea of people.

“Ahsoka?...Ahsoka where are you?!? Snips!” he yelled over and over. He began to ask anyone if they had seem which way she went.

“Please, have you seen a young girl with two light sabers and a padawan braid” none knew who he was talking about and some didn’t even speak English. “She is short and she is wearing a burgundy red dress with gray leggings that have diamond cut-outs on the side?” still no one could help him.

Then he broke out into an all out sprint looking in windows, checking behind plants and shacks, knocking on random doors.

“Please!” he yelled before falling to his knees. “Snips…” he whispered. He was exhausted from sprinting and yelling for nearly an hour. Anakin managed to pick himself up and drag himself back to the palace wanting nothing more than to find Ahsoka.

He opened the door to the guest room to find Plo Koon meditating and Rasi and Gordon talking quietly most likely about Ahsoka.

Rasi looked up, “Did you find her?”

Anakin shook his head sadly.

“I looked everywhere, it’s like she disappeared. No one in the kingdom saw which way she went. What am I gonna do?”

Plo Koon finally came out of his deep meditation.

“I cannot find her location through the force either, she must be somewhere very well hidden and covering up her force signature.” he sighed.

“I can’t believe that she thought I meant a word of what I said.” Anakin baffled.

“Well you sounded-…Wait, what do you mean?” asked Rasi as she and Gordon gave Anakin a confused glance.

“Master Plo and I were just talking about the pros and cons of Ahsoka having a different master. I was just joking around about what I would say to the council. I wasn’t serious…I would never give up Ahsoka.” he added quietly

“That may be but young Ahsoka seems to think otherwise and I think it best that for tonight we let her be and then continue our search in the morning. If she wanted anyone to find her we would know” Plo Koon said.

Anakin let out a loud sigh.

“….fine” he mumbled. He didn’t want Ahsoka out there, or anywhere, alone. He wanted to go out and look for her more. Even though Shili is a warm planet, it could get very cold at night and the thought of his padawan outside all night worried him past the point of words. But, as much as he had trouble accepting it, Ahsoka was a big girl who could take care of herself.

“I will go inform the guards to keep watch” said Gordon before exiting the room.

“I think it would be best if we all tried to get some rest.” Plo Koon suggested.

Rasi called her mother telling her that they wouldn’t be attending dinner. Then all four made their way into their separate rooms before turning out the lights, their minds all on Ahsoka.


At around 12:00 pm Anakin was still tossing and turning. His concern for Ahsoka was growing each minute. Was she okay? Was getting cold outside or had she found somewhere to spend the night?...Was she thinking about him too? Anakin decided that he needed to check on the guards to see if they had seen anything.

As he made his way down to the first floor he heard some noises coming from the kitchen. He peeked through the key hole to see Rasi. She had a basket and was packing chips, water, salsa, cups, bowls, and finally she put a very large blanket on top before making her way to the door.

Anakin watched as she took a final look around to make sure she wasn’t being followed before closing the door quietly behind her.

Quick as lightning, Anakin sprang out, grabbed his cloak and followed her, certain that where ever she was going, was where he would find Ahsoka.

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Chapter 9: Hiding Place

Rasi ran through the town trying to be as quit as a mouse. She knew exactly where Ahsoka was. It was where she would always go after her mother died. Rasi reached the river and began her journey to Ahsoka’s hiding place.
Anakin followed Rasi for almost an hour, trying to stay unnoticed. He had to talk to Ahsoka. His guilt was eating him alive and he needed to make amends with his padawan.

He followed Rasi to the river and saw her suddenly stop. Anakin ducked behind a tree as she looked behind her one more time. Then, she leaned down and grabbed a large root. A trap door lifted and Rasi disappeared into the hole.

Anakin waited a few minutes before he too made his way to the door. He slowly opened the door. About five feet down was pitch black but the reflection of the moon shined down onto the water. Anakin decided to leave his lightsaber under a bush. As he made reached down he notices that there were two other lightsabers under the bush as well, a short one and a regular one. ...Ahsoka! Sure enough those were his padawan’s double blade. Anakin knew he was heading in the right direction. He covered the bush well and took a deep breath before diving down into the dark water.

Anakin had to use the force, as well as his hands to feel around underwater. He felt himself running short on breath and tried to find an air pocket. He found one just in time and gasped for breath. Anakin was unsure of what lay ahead but he could still feel Rasi’s presence and was even starting the vaguely feel Ahsoka’s force signature. So, he put his faith in his bond with his padawan and dove back down under the water. Suddenly he saw a dim light glowing about ten feet away and he made his way towards it.

Anakin broke the surface silently with the help of the force. He made his way out of the water and came upon six cave openings. He could vaguely hear the sound of whispers and slowly followed the voices. The closer he got the more familiar one of the voices became. It took everything inside of Anakin not to sprint to the sound of his padawan’s voice, finally knowing that she was okay.

Anakin slowly peaked around a corner and saw his padawan wrapped in a blanket and Rasi pouring salsa into one of the bowls.

“I thought you might be hungry” said Rasi.

“When am I ever not?” Ahsoka said

Anakin smirked. After all this drama, his padawan’s sense of humor was still intact…as for the rest of her…

“What are you going to do?” Rasi asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t have a way to get back to Corusaunt and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to.” she sighed.

“What do you mean?”

“Well what’s the point? My master is obviously getting rid of me and Master Obi-wan has already put in a request for another padawan. Plus Master Plo hasn’t had a padawan in over twenty years, he says that he is thinking about retiring from battle soon and couldn’t even imagine taking on a padawan.” Ahsoka explained.

“Old Giezer” Rasi whispered

The two laughed lightly but Ahsoka was still clearly distracted.

“Ahsoka…I’m sure your mast-”

“Rasi, I don’t want to talk about it” Ahsoka snapped.

Rasi sighed, she knew that once Ahsoka shut down there was no way to get her to talk or even begin to explain what really happened.

“Well, I’d better get back before one of the guards notices I’ve been gone too long to be taking a stroll” she said sarcastically. “… are you coming?” she asked hopefully.

“No, I-” Ahsoka stopped midsentence and looked up abruptly; her eyes scanning the room as if to look for something. Then she got a very knowing look and smirked to herself.

“I have something to do.” she said lightly as if it was nothing but still obviously important.

Rasi nodded and made her way back through the tunnel. Anakin pressed himself up against the wall to blend in with the shadows. Rasi walked right by him not even noticing the Jedi. She dove under water and Anakin began to contemplate what to do next. But his thoughts were interrupted by a very serious remark.

“I know your there.”

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Chapter 10: Mends

Anakin froze. Was she talking to him? No it couldn’t be, he was good at being subtle…wasn’t he? He heard chuckling

“Think again. You’ve never once made a subtle entrance.”

Oh great! She was talking to him. What was he going to say? He hadn’t exactly planned this far ahead… Anakin slowly made his way out from behind the wall.

“Snips, I-” but once again was cut off.

“I didn’t come out here so that you would follow me. I don’t want to talk to you.” she spat, her previous humor disappearing.

“Then I’ll talk.”

“I won’t listen.”

“Watch your tone.” he warned

Ahsoka snorted and then stood up to face him with a mocking smile on her face.

“Or what? You’ll send me back? Your already going to do that. What else could you possibly do. Hit me? Cause honestly that’s what it felt like when I heard you say those things” she wasn’t smirking anymore.

“Ahsoka, you and I both know I would never hurt you.” he said sternly.

“I don’t know that anymore…I don’t even know you.”

“Yes you do, and you know I would never give you up.”

Ahsoka’s face of pain turned to one of pure confusion.

“Wait, then why did you-” but this time it was her that was cut off.

“I was asking Master Plo if I was doing a good job teaching you or if you would be better off with another master. We both knew I would never send you back but Master Plo seemed to be humored by my efforts and well it kinda turned into a…game….I didn’t mean anything I said Ahsoka I was just goofing around.” he felt as if a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.

But Ahsoka just stood there, glaring at him. Finally she spoke.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” she asked in a way to indicate she didn’t want an answer.

“What? No! Snips, I’m telling you the truth. I swear. Ask Master Plo if you don’t believe me.” How could she not believe him?

“You all probably conferred on your story.” she snipped.

“How can you even say that?!?! Who do you trust to tell you the truth.” he began to raise his voice in desperation.

“No one. You’ve proved to me that I cannot trust anyone. I never thought you would abandon me but I was wrong. You know, you’re just like him” she yelled. Her harsh words echoed through the cave.

“Him?” Anakin asked

Ahsoka froze… she hadn’t meant to say that part out loud. She could never let Anakin know about her father ever.

“ one. Just go away” she spat.

“Not without you” he said stubbornly crossing his arms to emphasize his point.

“Well then I hope you enjoy it here because I’m not going anywhere with you.” she shouted.

Anakin sighed and shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I don’t know what you want me to do. I’ve told you the truth. I don’t know what else to do.” he sighed.

Ahsoka’s face softened slightly. Has her master really come all this way just to tell her the truth? She didn’t know what to believe.

“I just can’t believe you would even consider sending me back.” she looked down, a hurt look on her face.

“The only reason I would ever even begin to consider giving you up, was if I thought it was in your best interest.”

“Why would it ever be in my best interest?” both master and padawan where practically shouting now.

“I’m not a good Jedi okay!”

Ahsoka fell silent, her master never admitted when he wasn’t good at something.

“I don’t follow the rules, I don’t follow orders, and I form attachment. So why the (h-e-double hocky stick) did the council assign me you? So I could learn something? I’ve done nothing but make you like me, which is the opposite of what you should be. You constantly being out into dangerous situations, pair that with you will to do anything for the greater good, and every mission is like a suicide attempt and it scares the crap out of me.”

Ahsoka couldn’t believe it. Her master…scared! Did such a thing exist? Apparently so.

Anakin gave an exasperated sigh.

“Please believe me Ahsoka. I’m so sorry I hurt you. I was only considering what was best for you, not what I wanted. How could you even think I would be that selfish?”

“Well, you didn’t want me in the first place, so I have always assumed that you would send me back someday.” Ahsoka confessed.

Anakin walked over and put his hands on Ahsoka’s shoulders giving them a gentle squeeze.

“It’s true, I wasn’t planning on having a padawan and I know I was a jerk on Christophsis. But things have changed since then, we’ve gotten to know each other…and I’d like to think we are really close.” Ahsoka smiled. “I think over the past year or so we’ve both grown on each other. Sure I wasn’t open to the idea at first, but I don’t regret having you as my padawan at all.”

Ahsoka knew Anakin wasn’t lying and she looked him in the eye, and gave a nod in agreement.

“So you don’t really hate me?” Anakin asked with a smirk, already knowing the answer.


The pair smiled at each other, not needing to say anything else.

Anakin took his hands off her shoulders and started to turn around.

“Now let’s get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.”

Ahsoka chuckled and started to follow her master but then she stopped and looked as though she was contemplating a serious matter and it didn’t take long for Anakin to notice.


Ahsoka seemed to snap out of her thoughts and opened her mouth to say something but seemed to hesitate on what to say.

“...I…I want to show you something” she said quietly before turning around and walking the other way.

“Uh, I’d rather not head deeper into the spooky cave.” Anakin said.

But Ahsoka kept on walking, sure that he would eventually follow her, and sure enough he did.

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Chapter 11: Courage
“Where are you taking me?” Anakin asked his padawan.

They had been walking for hours and she had given him no clue as to where they were headed.

“You’ll see.” she assured, never taking her eyes off the path in front of her.

“Are we almost there?”

Ahsoka laughed. It seemed like their roles were reversed and he was the padawan with twenty question while she was the patient master they knew exactly where they were going.

“Snips, I’m serious. Can you at least give me a clue?”



Ahsoka sighed, “You ask too many questions.”

“Welcome to my world.” came Anakin’s smug answer.

Ahsoka shot him a look before coming to a sudden stop.


Ahsoka didn’t respond. Instead, she made her way over to part of the rock wall and began to feel around.

“What are you doing?”

Again no reply. Finally Ahsoka stopped and backed up a few steps before closing her eyes. She stretched out her hands and gave a gentle force push. A prefect square about the size of a data pad moved out of the wall. Ahsoka shifted slightly and six circles no bigger than credits protruded from the square. She then got a look of pure concentration and several buttons moved back into the square in a random order that Anakin assumed to be a code of some sort. Suddenly, a loud rumble made Anakin flinch slightly. A large square, probably the size of three wookies, moved to the side, engulfing itself into the rest of the wall and leaving a large hole. Ahsoka opened her eyes and walked in; paying Anakin’s shocked face no mind.

“What was that?!?!” Anakin said loudly. They both flinched as his voice echoed off the cave wall.

“Keep your voice down!” she scolded.

“Sorry…” he whispered before following her into the darkness.

Ahsoka stopped about ten feet past the whole.

“Let your eyes get adjusted. You will see a ladder in front of you. There is a light at the top. It’s a long way up so watch your step.” she instructed before climbing up the ladder herself.

Anakin did as he was told and followed his padawan about five stories up towards the mysterious blue light.

Anakin dragged himself up, breathing heavily from the climb. He looked up and saw his apprentice standing a few feet away. He got on his feet and looked around. They were in what appeared to be another round cave. But when Anakin looked up he saw that there was no ceiling. The top of the cave…room…thing opened up to a sky full of stars and one blue colored moon. Anakin looked around more and saw pale blue streaks of light dancing across the room. The light was coming from the moon and reflecting off of many large, blue crystals that seemed to levitate in the air all the way up to the opening.

“Their no really floating in mid air, they have exotridons in them which act like a magnet to the moon. They are just the right distance away that they will always stay wherever they are placed here.” said Ahsoka, sensing her master curiosity.

“They’re amazing” said Anakin, still in shock by how beautiful the…room…was. He still wasn’t quite sure what to call. Then he saw a small body of water that showed the reflection of the moon and stars. It appeared to be pretty deep and there was another light glowing from deep beneath the surface. So that would make this place a lagoon.
The pair stood in silence for several minutes until Ahsoka finally spoke and it took a long time for her to finally get the courage to say it.
“I came here after my mom died”

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Chapter 12: Part of the Story

“What?” Anakin had guessed that Ahsoka was raised here when they met Rasi, but he wanted her to talk about her past when she was ready. After all, she was pretty good about not pestering him about his past…which he hadn’t shared with her yet.

“Well, I assume you guessed I was born here when Rasi tackled me…” Ahsoka said as she sat down.

“Yeah, but I just figured you would talk to me when you were ready.” Anakin said as he sat down beside her.

Ahsoka smiled, enjoying the fact that her master trusted her.

“What happened?” Anakin asked.

“Ummmm….” Ahsoka still hadn’t accepted that she killed her own mother and telling Anakin would mean she would have to admit that it was true….she wasn’t ready for that….maybe she could get out of this without lying.

“She was murdered….when pirates invaded our village while my dad was away on business.” that worked. She never said her mother was killed by the pirates…just while they were there, which was true. She was a genius.

“Yikes... did they ever catch the murderer.”

“Uuuuuh….yes but she was let go.” it was getting harder to tell the truth that Ahsoka had expected. She hoped her master didn’t catch onto the fact that she had said the murderer was a girl.

“I’m sorry.” Whew!

Ahsoka smiled at him. It was nice to have sympathy…even if she hadn’t told him the whole story.

Anakin felt bad that Ahsoka was opening up about her past but that he had never told her anything…but was he ready to tell someone other than Padme? Maybe he could just tell her part of the story.

“My mom died too….she…was taken by Tusken Riders…the worked her to death” he tried his best to leave out the part about how he wasn’t strong enough to save her and how he killed the entire village…she didn’t need to know that part.

“Did the find your mother’s killer too?” his padawan asked.

“Uh…the murders got justice for their crimes”…that wasn’t lying…was it?

“Good…. After my mom died, I felt alone, like I had no one…kind of like when I thought you were sending me back. I was only three. I ran off and eventually found that trap door. I guess smugglers would camp out down there way back when. I was so angry that I just started pushing everything with the force…that’s how I found out I was force sensitive. I finally pushed hard enough that I made that whole in the wall that opens to the ladder…you know the one where after I opened the lock you looked like this” Ahsoka opened her eyes as wide as they would go and let her jaw drop as far as possibly.

“Very funny Snips.” said Anakin, unamused by his padawan’s attempt to be funny.

“I thought so too.” that had been a line she had heard recently and since then had been using it whenever possible.

Anakin shot her a stern look and gestured with his hand for her to continue.

“Oh, right. So I found out how to make a locked door out of the whole I made…its very complicated. When I came to this lagoon, I found all the crystals and arranged them to do this…”

Ahsoka walked over to one particularly small crystal and moved it only an inch or so to the left. Immediately the lights all over the room moved and pointed to a large statue of a beautiful, slender, togrutan woman holding an infant wrapped in a blanket. There was also a large, handsome, muscular, torgutan man who had one hand around the women’s waist and the other helped support the child in her arms. Both where looking at the child as if it was the most amazing thing in the world. Engraved into the plaque on the bottom was “King Tyran and Queen Tiday welcome their daughter Princess, Ahsoka Tano, into the world on November 29th.”

Anakin stared at the statue in awe. This infant had facial marks identical to that of Ahsoka’s. He was snapped out of his trance when Ahsoka spoke again.

“and no one, not even Rasi, knows about it…well expect you.” she added with a smirk.

Anakin was touched that his padawan had chosen him to be the first to know about her hiding spot and felt guilty he hadn’t told her more about his past, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Then he began to put two and two together.

“So if you’re the princess of the village…then the queen is your grandmother, and when she dies your father will take the thrown?” he asked.

“Uh…well…my father…” Ahsoka had no idea how to tell him about her father without out giving away her secret.

Both suddenly froze when yelling was heard.

“AHSOKA….AHSOOOOOKA!!!! COME QUICK!....WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?” Rasi’s voice could be heard loud and clear.

“Quickly” Ahsoka whispered and grabbed her master’s arm leading him back towards the ladder.

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Chapter 13: Visitors and Reunions

Master and apprentice didn’t even both using the ladder. The pair just jumped down and used the force to land on the ground of the cave. Anakin stood guard for a minute or so while Ahsoka closed the door. Then they ran towards Rasi.

“Ahsoka! Ahs-….oh there you-…Master Anakin?” Rasi was very confused now.

“No time to explain. What’s wrong?” asked Ahsoka.

“A small ship, like one from a squadron, just landed. There is a clone and a droid looking for you.” Rasi informed.
The gang of three made their way back towards the exit. Rasi went first, then Ahsoka, the Anakin. Anakin found the air pocket again and started to make his way towards it. He then noticed that Ahsoka seemed to have no intention of stopping for air.

Anakin grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the air pocket.

“Are you crazy?!?” he shouted at her.

“What?” Ahsoka asked with a stunned look on her face.

“You were honestly just going to keep swimming? How can you hold your breath for that long?”

“I swim at the temple all the time when you’re on missions. After signing up to teach every class possible I had to think of something else to do with my time.” Ahsoka smirked.

Suddenly Rasi broke the surface.

“I hate to interrupt, but last I saw, the clone and droid where about to pick a fight with some of the locals.” said Rasi.

All three dove back down without hesitation.
After coming out of the secret door, Ahsoka ran to get her lightsabers. When she realized he master had left his in the same place she started to laugh. Anakin gave a light chuckle, more at the fact that his padawan found it so funny. Ahsoka didn’t laugh too often and he enjoyed it when she did.
Rasi, Anakin, and Ahsoka hear yelling as they got closer and closer to the mob of people in front of the palace.

“You have no business being here!” a togrutan shouted

I know that voice Ahsoka thought to herself.

“Watch yourself solider” and I know that voice too

Anakin shot Ahsoka a look as if to say are you thinking what I’m thinking. Both knew that the voice was none other than Clone Captain Rex.

“Rex!” Ahsoka and Anakin shouted pushing their way through the crowd of people.

“General Skywalker, Commander Ahsoka!” the beeping of a droid could be heard.

“R2!” Anakin shouted.

When they reached the center of the mob they saw Rex and R2 ready to battle four togrutans.

The large male togrutan turned towards the voices and froze.


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Chapter 14: Not Wanted

“Uncle Dar?” asked Ahsoka incredulously.

Anakin, Rex, and R2 shot Ahsoka a questioning look (well not R2 of course but you get the idea).

Then all the other togrutans turned around. There was an older female who appeared to be Dar’s wife, a girl who looked to be a year or so older than Ahsoka and Rasi, and finally, a boy who looks to be about four and although he was turned around…he appeared to be staring at something else.

The large male ran towards Ahsoka and lifted her off her feet squeezing the air out of her. When he was done suffocating her, his wife also hugged her….much more gently. But the older girl simply glared while the little boy wandered around.

“Marco?” he asked quietly.

Ahsoka smiled and walked over to the young boy, kneeling so she could be eye level with him.


“MARCO!!!” the boy screamed before jumping into Ahsoka’s arms.

“Oh my god….Um, Master, Rex, R2, this is my family. My Uncle Dar…”

The large male shook Anakin’s hand hard. “So, you are the lucky chap who took Little Ahsoka under your wing. May Allah bless you.” he winked at Ahsoka who rolled her eyes.
“Allah?” Anakin whispered to Ahsoka.

“It’s the main God my tribe worships, it’s like the god of life.” she explained.

Anakin was impressed that his padawan had kept her knowledge of her culture up to date.

“This is my Aunt Lavay…”

“Pleasure to meet you.” she said sweetly.

“My cousin Appolo…” Ahsoka gestured to the little boy.

Anakin knelt down as Ahsoka had done.

“Hey.” Anakin said gently and stuck his hand out. But the boy didn’t move.

Anakin stood back up and looked at Ahsoka who had a sad look on her face.

“Did I do something wrong?” he whispered.

“No...he…he’s just.”

“I’m blind.” Appolo stated proudly.

“That’s why we say Marco Polo all the time.” Ahsoka explained. “Polo is actually his nickname and he calls me Marco.”

R2 came up to Apollo beeping loudly making Apollo giggle.

Just then the older girl cleared her throat loudly to remind the Jedi that she was still standing there.

“Oh…and this is my other cousin…Gwen” Ahsoka said as if she was nervous to introduce her to Anakin.

“Nice to meet-” Anakin started but was cut off.

“What are Jedi doing here?” she spat.

“Gwen” her family warned.

“What?!? Ahsoka leaves and visits us on her jedi retreats, and then she brings her clan and you all are happy about it.”

Retreats? Ahsoka visited her family on retreats? Interaction with family is against the Jedi Code. Anakin knew that it was hypocritical to be anger with his padawan. After all he had visited his mother during a mission and visited Padme ever chance he got. But still…he wanted to know these things…

Then Dar spoke up. “That’s enough Gwendolyn! Ahsoka is our family and the Jedi, clone, and droid are her family. Therefore, they are our family too.” he scolded.

“Family?!?! Am I the only one that remembers what she did?” Gwen shouted.

Everyone went silent and glared at Gwen.

Anakin was confused. What did Gwen mean by “what she did”? He and Ahsoka had a lot to talk about.

Out of nowhere Rasi’s mother spoke up. “Well I had originally planned to have everyone for dinner…but seeing as it is seven in the morning, why don’t you all come to our house for breakfast.” Gini laughed.

“Sure Mom, come on everyone.” Rasi called still glaring at Gwen.

Ahsoka picked up Apollo and put him on her shoulders.

Anakin noticed that Ahsoka’s face had changed from happy to extreme guilt and worry. He couldn’t help but be worried as well. Anakin knew he needed to talk to Ahsoka before things got out of hand.

“Ahsoka, may I have a word.” Gwen hissed.

Ahsoka hesitated, nodded and handed Appolo to Anakin before following slowing down so she and Gwen where a few feet behind the group.

“He doesn’t know does he?” she smirked.


“Your precious master, he doesn’t know about your father or mother does he?”

“He knows that my mother is dead…that’s it. I swear to Allah Gwen if he finds out and you’re the one that told him I will make your life miserable. My master means more to me than you can ever imagine and if I lose him because you ran your mouth, you will pay. I will tell him when the time is right.” she said sternly.

“Hey whatever, but if I get the chance to drop a few hints I’m gonna take them. It’s the least I could do seeing as you killed my aunt.” she hissed before hurrying to catch up to the other.

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Chapter 15: Fun while it lasted…

The gang arrived at Rasi’s house and sat down to breakfast. Anakin looked at Ahsoka who was seated next to him. She only had a piece of nigano fruit and a small roll. That wasn’t like Ahsoka, she normally had a very big appetite.

Ahsoka noticed he was staring at her and met his gaze. He looked at her them tilted his head towards her plate with a puzzled look on his face. She shrugged in reply. Ahsoka was much too nervous about Gwen to eat, but she couldn’t let her master know that.
When breakfast was finished Lavay suggested that Ahsoka and Rasi show Anakin, Rex, R2, and Plo Koon (who had arrived at the house after breakfast) around the kingdom.

“You have chores to do anyway so you might as well show them around while you do them.” Rasi’s mother said.

“Moooooom, they aren’t even dressed for working in the fields.” Rasi pointed out, willing to do anything to get out of chores.

“I’m sure you and Ahsoka could find them some clothes in the storage room.” Dar suggested.
Plo Koon wore a dark red robe similar to his Jedi robe. For shoes he wore large black boots. Rex wore simple jeans and a baggy white tee-shirt. Anakin wore navy, baggy cargo shorts and no shirt.

“Skywalker, the girls couldn’t find a shirt that fit you?” asked Plo Koon.

“It’s 97 degrees outside Master. I don’t know how you will last with that heave robe on.” Anakin exclaimed.

Rasi wore black jean capris and a purple tee-shirt with black rain boots.

Then Ahsoka walked out wearing short jean shorts, dark red (tight) tank top, and white converse.

“Leave it to Ahsoka to find something form-fitting to wear to do chores in.” Rasi smirked.
Rasi and Ahsoka led everyone to the fields and showed them how to pick gwaven berries. Master Plo was a natural and R2 held the basket for the cotton. Anakin on the other hand was having difficulties. He was having trouble being gentle with the berries so they kept exploding juice and leaving a shriveled up sack in his hand. Anakin was getting impatient and decided to try one more time really gently. He picked up the berry and carefully started to peel back the hard shell the covered it. He was doing pretty well, but suddenly the shell broke puncturing the berry which then squirted acidic juice into Anakin’s eye.

“Ahhhh!” he grunted.

Ahsoka saw the whole thing and fell to the ground laughing. Anakin didn’t find it funny at all. Then he remembered that the berries grew about ten feet away from a beach on a lake.

Anakin walked over, picked up Ahsoka, flung her over his shoulder, and made his way towards the peer.

It took a while for Ahsoka to realize what Anakin’s intentions were but when she did she began to pound on his back and flail her legs around.

“Ahhhhhh! No! No! NO!” she half screamed half laughed. “Let me go!” as much as she struggled she was happy that she was having fun with her master.

Instead of stopping Anakin broke into a sprint and jumped off the end of the peer. Ahsoka gave one final scream before both made a huge splash.

When they came to the surface Anakin was laughing so hard that he was having trouble keeping his head above water. Ahsoka on the other hand screamed in fake annoyance and splashed him. Anakin splashed her back and soon Ahsoka swam at him ready to battle. Anakin grabbed one of her wrists and Ahsoka grabbed one of his. They were locked into a pushing match. Ahsoka attempted to push his head underwater. But Anakin was prepared and pushed down on her shoulders shoving her under water. Ahsoka came up coughing up water and glared at her master who had gone into another fit of laughter. Ahsoka splashed him so much that he could no longer be seen. When she finally stopped she noticed that he was nowhere to be seen. She put her face in the water and looked around to see where he went. Ahsoka was getting worried and picked her head up to look for him.

“Master!” she called.

Suddenly she saw bubbled come up from underneath her and felt hands grip her waist. Before she knew it Anakin had flown out of the water (with the help of the force) and launched Ahsoka five feet into the air. Ahsoka landed on the water with a horribly painful belly flop that knocked that wind out of her. This time she really came up gasping and tried to keep her head above water as she caught her breath but was failing miserably. In a second Anakin had drooped her arm across his shoulder and was holding her up to keep her afloat.

“You okay?” he asked, fairly concerned by his gasping padawan.

“Idiot.” Ahsoka managed to choke out.

They swam into shore and walked up onto the beach where Plo Koon was waiting with two towels. Rasi and Rex were still in the fields.

“As soon as I realized that the berries where near a body of water, I knew you two would somehow manage to get into it.” Plo Koon smirked. “By the way, that was quite the water acrobat Little Soka” he chuckled. Anakin laughed while Ahsoka stomped past both of them.

“You seem to be getting along quite well.” Master Plo complimented.

“Well things where a little bumpy for a while but after she told me about her mother things got better.” Anakin explained, still smiling at his padawan storming away.

“She told you?!?” Plo Koon asked in shock.

“Yeah.” said Anakin proudly, “It wasn’t as bad as I has expected”

“Are you crazy? How is it not bad? She killed her mother!” Plo Koon was baffled.

“What?!? Ahsoka told me that her mom was killed by pirates!” Anakin prayed that Plo Koon was wrong.

Master Plo sighed. “It is not my place to tell you and I promised Ahsoka I would let her do it.”

He walked away leaving R2 and Anakin alone.

“She lied to me! I deserve to know the truth.” Anakin was furious.

R2 made a series of beeping noises that communicated “Well maybe she didn’t tell you the whole story because you never talk about your past.”

“I did tell her my past…well some of it…” Anakin realized that he and Ahsoka had both lied to each other in a sense…No, he was the master and she was the apprentice. If he lies it was for her wellbeing, she had no right to lie to him.

Anakin and R2 made their way back to the fields and the gang packed up to go back to Rasi’s house for dinner.

Ahsoka stuck up behind Anakin and shoved him to the side, a mischievous smile on her face. Anakin knew that she wanted him to shove her back, they did this often. But he was too hurt and confused to have fun with his padawan.

“Not now Ahsoka.”

Ahsoka was confused. Her master never passed up and opportunity to push her around. Something was bothering him.

“Are you okay?”

Anakin sighed, “I’ll talk to you about it later.”

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[size=18]Chapter 16: Campfire Story

Ahsoka was a little taken aback by her master’s sudden shut down. He usually talked to her when he was upset….most of the time. Did she do something wrong? Ahsoka continued debating the entire walk back to Rasi’s house where they found Gordon waiting for them.

“Hey G!” Ahsoka smiled.

“Good evening Princess. I hate to be bother but the royal chef has come down with a cold and has been banned from the kitchen and well….Porta is driving me crazy… Would you mind if I ate with you all here.” he asked.

“No problaymo Gordon.” Rasi said.
Everyone sat around the huge bonfire, telling stories and enjoying gaston lizard burgers. However Anakin was still hurt and confused and Ahsoka was still worried and anxious. Gwen on the other hand couldn’t have been happier. She had the perfect plan.

“Sing us a song Rasi!” shouted Dar.

“No no no I haven’t practiced in a while.”

Then Ahsoka and Apollo began to chant “Rasi! Rasi! Rasi!”

Soon everyone joined in…

“Rasi! Rasi! Rasi!”

“OKAY! Fine!” she ran inside to get her guitar.

“She sings?” Anakin asked Dar.

“Oh yeah! Rasi has had an amazing voice since the day she was born.”

Rasi came back out with a black and purple guitar and began to strum away. Just like Dar said, Rasi had an amazing voice

Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself
Makes me wanna lose myself, in your arms

Ahsoka smiled and looked around at her family and friends. Part of her wanted to freeze time and stay like this forever. No war, no fighting, just peace and happiness.

There's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life

Dar put his arm around his wife and Apollo smiled at his parents.

If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
And if you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

As soon as Anakin heard that line he looked across the fire at Ahsoka. He realized that he was lonely before she was assigned to him and she had changed his life in a way words couldn’t describe.

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

Anakin looked around at the family surrounding him. He wished he had a family like this. He wished he was allowed to have a family. Sure Padme, Ahsoka, and Obi-wan were his family, but he wasn’t supposed to love them….even though he did

I never thought that I, would find someone like you.
Find someone like you.
So glad I did.

All I wanted was a friend she thought but I ended up with a father/brother. How did I get so lucky to have a master like him? Ahsoka thought to herself.

I wasn’t prepared, for you to come along
For you to come along.
But I’m so glad you did

Anakin couldn’t believe that this was the same girl that stepped off that ship on Chirstophsis nearly two years ago. He was so glad that she had been assigned to him. How did I end up with a little sister and a daughter in one person? I lucky to have the best padawan in the galaxy. Anakin thought to himself.

Well, if you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for you to see
And if you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought that I'd love anyone so much

Ahsoka always tries her best to make Anakin see how much she looked up to him. How much she wanted his approval.
Anakin never thought he would come to care about Ahsoka as much as he did. She had defiantly grown on him.

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way the back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

Ahsoka’s eyes met Anakin’s but neither looked away. They just sat and thought about how much they meant to each other.

Rasi finished and blushed as everyone cheered.

Everyone drew quite as Gwen stood up still clapping in a sarcastic way.

“Braaaavo. You know what how about a good story to go along with that song.” Gwen smirked.

Ahsoka’s head shot up and gave a look up suspicion to Gwen.

“YAY A STORY!!!” Apollo cried.

“Okay I’ll start. One upon a time there was a little girl names Akosha. She lived in a huge castle and was spoiled rotten by her rich parents.”

Rasi glared at Gwen, knowing exactly where she was going. But Ahsoka still had faith in her cousin.

“One day Akosha was feasting in the large dining room with the queen who also happened to be an angel. Suddenly shadow monsters flew into the room and threatened to kill the angel if she didn’t give then her medallion which held a secret in it so valuable, that only the angel and few others knew about it.”

Plo Koon crossed his arms, spectacle of how long it would take for ciaos to erupt. While the rest of the family sat baffled by Gwen’s hostility.

“The spoiled princess ran in fear leaving the angel to fend for herself. The angel begged and pleaded with the shadow monsters to spare Akosha. Suddenly Akosha saw a magic catapult that killed whatever is struck and got a rare burst of courage. She aimed the catapult at the monster but being the klutz that she was, tripped on her own dress and killed the angel. When her family realized what she had done they sent her away and she was trained to be a killing machine.”

Anakin started to catch on and looked over at Ahsoka who was glaring at Gwen trying to control her anger.

“And as for the king…”

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Chapter 17: Broken Promise and Even More Secrets

Gwen paused and looked at Ahsoka with an evil smile on her face. Her cousin’s relationship with her beloved master in the palm of her hands. It felt powerful she was so close to telling Anakin about Ahsoka’s father

Suddenly Gwen seemed to remember the promise and subtly avoided breaking it.

“…Well that a story for another night.”

Anakin was shocked. Ahsoka had killed her own mother, and worse, she had lied to him, and worse, she didn’t have the guts to tell him the truth herself.

Gordon, Rex, R2 , Rasi and the rest of the Tano family sat in silence glaring at Gwen and sending sympathetic looks to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka and Gwen finally broke their stare at the sound of applause.

“Good story Gwen!” Apollo smiled, completely oblivious to the true meaning behind the story. “It reminds me of what happened to Ahso-” Rasi covered his mouth with her hand and signaled for him to be quiet.

“Hmmm, he brings up a good point. Does my story remind you of your past Ahsoka?” Gwen asked innocently.

Ahsoka ignored her and look pleadingly at Anakin who glared at her in reply.

“Is it true?” he asked in a harsh tone.

“Master, I-” Ahsoka really didn’t know what to say without hurting him more.

“Ahsoka Tano, answer my question.” he said raising his voice.

“I…it…yes its true.” she hung her head in shame.

“I can’t believe you lied to me!” he shouted, standing up so he towered over his padawan.

“Master, I didn’t lie I just…didn’t tell the whole truth.” she stuttered, utterly ashamed.

“Don’t give me that bull Banth Poodo Ahsoka, I trusted you. You’ve shown me how little trust you have for me. You know what, maybe sending you back isn’t such a bad idea after all.”

The pair fell silent, both reflecting each other’s face of pain and guilt. Both wanting to take but what they said but neither knew what to other than simply walk away. Anakin turned and stomped off to the twilight and Ahsoka walked slowly and sadly into the dark forest.
Ahsoka was perched on the top branch of a mognoly tree curled up into a ball. She felt awful. She had lied to her best friend and now she wasn’t sure he would ever forgive her. Ahsoka let out a long sigh.

Suddenly, Ahsoka heard soft beeping.

“R2?” she whispered, not wanting to alert anyone of where she was.

R2 came up to the tree and Ahsoka jumped down.

“What’s up buddy?”

R2 didn’t say anything, instead he gave Ahsoka a holo recording and rolled away. R2 had considered giving Ahsoka the holo recording a while ago but he figured he owed it to Anakin to keep it a secret but now that Anakin knew of Ahsoka’s past it was only fair that Ahsoka knew his too. He really just wanted to help them and believed that the more they knew, the sooner thay would solve their problems.

Ahsoka pressed play and saw her (much younger looking) master and a fairly young Senator Amidala.

“Why did she have to die? Why couldn’t I have saved her? I know I could have.” her master said.

“Sometimes there are thing no one can fix. You’re not all powerful” Padme said gently

“Well I should be. Someday I will be. I will be the most powerful Jedi ever.”Anakin turned to face Padme before continuing.

“I promise you. I will even learn to stop people from dying”

“Anakin…” Padme looked worried.

“It’s all Obi-wan’s fault…He’s jealous. He’s holding me back.” Anakin threw a tool across the room.

“What’s wrong with you?” Padme asked.

“I…I killed them. I killed them all. They’re dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women, and the children too.”

Padme looked shocked.

“They’re like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals. I hate them!”he exclaimed.

Anakin crouched down…

Suddenly the holo recording blew sparks and died completely. Ahsoka realized that it had begun to rain and that it had damaged the holo recording.

However she made no effort to move out of the rain. She simply stood there…frozen in time, a thousand thoughts raced through her head. Her master? Murder? Children? Hate? She couldn’t believe it. Ahsoka knew he must have been talking about the tuskan raiders he mentioned to her earlier. But he forgot to mention that he KILLED them all. How dare he be mad at her? He lied to her too. He was equally to blame.

Ahsoka’s confusion was shortly replaced by anger. She stormed off to confront her master.
Meanwhile, Anakin stood leaning against the Twilight. He tried to release his anger into the force but failed miserably.

Suddenly, he heard voices. He peeked around the corner to find Gwen telling Apollo the rest of her “story”.

“…the king was off on business and was sent a telegram about the incident. The kingdom waited for years but the king never returned nor sent a reply. Three days after the telegram was sent, the kings most trusted guards arrived back from the village. They said that the king took his shuttle and left early. Everyone assumed he had left to return home, but it was reported that his ship went into hyperspace. Everyone looked for the king for a year and eventually found his shuttle empty with a note that said “I can’t do it anymore. Goodbye” the kingdom hoped that one day the king would return and everyday on the anniversary of the queen’s death the kingdom lights golden lanterns and they rise into the sky. It is said that they can be seen from space. The spoiled princess Akosha was supposed to light the only blue lantern as a way to indicate that she was still waiting from him…”

Anakin listened harder as his anger slowly built up.

“…but Akosha was too selfish and self centered and didn’t light a single lantern. On breaks from her training to be a killer, she would visit the village and mooch from its people but she was never accepted into the village again and never will be. The End” she said proudly, perfectly aware that Anakin was listening. Why else would she tell Apollo the story in front of the Twilight?

That was it! Now Anakin was really mad…and hurt. He knew he had to talk to Ahsoka right away and stomped off to go find her just as it began to rain.

As the pair was thinking about how mad they were they both came into a clearing and saw each other. They both stopped and glared at one another. The thunder cracked loudly.

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Chapter 18: Forgiveness?

Anakin and Ahsoka just glared at each other in silence, neither caring that it was raining harder and harder. Then, Anakin began to notice that Ahsoka seemed to be angry at him...

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked.

“Cause you’re a hypocrite.” she spat.


“How dare you get mad at me for lying to you about my past when you did the same thing.”

“Ah Ha! So you admit you lied…wait what do you mean I did the same thing?” Anakin asked.

The next thing he knew his padawan threw a holo chip at his head. He caught it before it put a hole through his head and put it into his holo player (which happened to be water proof). Anakin only needed to watch the first few seconds before he knew what Ahsoka was talking about.

“My past is none of your business.” he said desperately trying to come up with a way to justify his own actions.

“Oh, but mine is yours?”

“I am the master, you are the padawan. Get that through your head!” he reprimanded.

“So that’s makes it ok for you to lie to me?”

“If it is for your well being, yes.”

Both master and padawan were past the point of talking and were currently screaming at each other.

“Well, maybe I lied to you for your well being.” Ahsoka snipped.

“Don’t get smart with me young lady. Your lie could have potentially jeopardized the mission.”

“No it couldn’t have! We are here to investigate the Lotux but you brought it upon yourself to find out everything there is to know about my past like you were entitled to know it.”

“I AM!”

“NO YOU’RE NOT! And at least my actions don’t go against the code. You killed innocent people!”

“They weren’t innocent, they killed my mother.”

“Really? All of them? Even the women and the children you slaughtered.” she asked sarcastically.

“You don’t know what it’s like to have someone you care about taken away from you.”

“Yes I do and I know what it’s like to be the person that took them away. Do you have any idea what that feels like?” she said.

“I have the guilt of killing an entire village of people including children. Of course I know what it feels like.”

“Then why didn’t you just tell me? Why did you keep it from me?”

“I’m your master it’s my job to protect you.”

“You can’t protect me from my past and neither can I.” said Ahsoka

“Oh so now you want to come to terms with your past? You didn’t seem to keen on the idea before.”

Ahsoka sighed, it was time to get to the heart of the problem.

“I have never been able to accept the past. It is so much easier to act like it never happened than to come to terms with the fact that I killed my mother, drove away my father, and abandoned my people. By telling you, I would have had to acknowledge that it happened and I wasn’t ready. I’m still not ready, but I can’t let anyone know that, especially you. I’ve worked too hard to prove myself and earn respect and I’ve never been so close to-… I can’t let my guard down and be weak even for a second or I could lose all my progress.” she hung her head in sadness.

“Progress for what?”

Ahsoka paused, “Ever since I realized you didn’t want a padawan. My dream of becoming a Jedi Knight was put on hold and all I’ve wanted is for you to be proud of me.”

Anakin felt a sharp sting of guilt. He walked over and put his hands on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”

Ahsoka’s eyes grew wide and she looked at her master with a confused look before he continued.

“This is my fault. With the war and everything I forget that you are young. You’ve had to grow up so much so fast and I think everyone loses sight of the fact that you are a “child” and that you aren’t all powerful. I’m sorry if you ever felt like you couldn’t talk to me. You can tell me anything and I will never think any less of you Snips.” Anakin assured.


Anakin gave her a reassuring smile and pulled her into a gentle hug. They had never hugged before. Ahsoka thought it was because they both had their pride and image to up hold. However, Anakin and Ahsoka both felt it was necessary…it felt…right. Like they both needed it to assure the other that they weren’t going anywhere.

Suddenly Anakin picked his head up and looked around. He felt a great disturbance in the force. Apparently Ahsoka sensed it too because the pair broke their embrace and drew their lightsabers.

Anakin saw three people dressed in black, seemingly in a hurry, running for the kingdom’s boarder.

Before he could alert Ahsoka, they bother heard a enormous explosion and saw a mixture of dust and debris heading straight for them.

There was no time to even begin to run for cover. So instead, Anakin pushed Ahsoka to the ground, covering her with his body it a desperate attempt to protect his padawan.

Ahsoka felt debris falling around them and hoped that none would hit Anakin. They both used the force as much as they could to keep the large rocks and junk from crushing them.

When the ciaos seemed to die down, Anakin slowly rose to his feet, pulling Ahsoka up with him.

“You okay?” he asked giving her a quick look over to make sure she hadn’t been hurt.

“I’m good, you?”

“Fine. Let’s get back to the palace and make sure everyone else is okay.”
As they made their way back they discovered that the explosion had been a terrorist attack by the Lotux and that the men dressed in black were the bombers sent to plant the explosive. Luckily it appeared as though they had targeted the fields as a warning.

When they reached the palace they saw Rasi run out to greet them.

“Rasi! Are you-” but Ahsoka was cut off

“I’m fine everyone’s fine….well not everyone. Um, Ahsoka, your grandma’s respirator and other equipment was damaged and it looks like she’s only gonna last a day or two.” Rasi sighed.

Ahsoka just started at Rasi with terror covering her face. Anakin reached out to touch her shoulder but Ahsoka jerked away running into the palace faster than she ever had before.

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Chapter 19: Two Lives, One Choice

Ahsoka ran lightning fast to the medical room. The doors had been left open and many people where lined up to pay their respects to the dying queen. Ahsoka shoved past all of them and burst into the room. She found her family standing around the bed. There were doctors and scientists trying to fix the broken equipment. There were wires and pipes sticking out everywhere. Aunt Lavay gave Ahsoka a sad look and signaled for her to come over.
Anakin and Rasi had just reached the medical room and saw Master, Rex and R2 standing by the door. Plo Koon was holding Apollo as tons of togrutans flooded out.

“How does it look?” Anakin asked.

Plo Koon simply shook his head and R2 let out a series of sad beeps. Apollo seemed to be unaffected by the current situation which led Anakin to believe that he didn’t know yet.

“Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?” Apollo asked.

“We talked about this Apollo, Ahsoka is going to tell you after she talked to your grandma.” Rasi explained.

Apollo sighed, then yawned. Plo Koon took him to the next room which was also open and connected to the med room. It had many couches and seats with one of two air mattresses. There was a large Holo TV on the wall and plenty of video games and movies signaling that it was going to be a long couple of days.

Plo Koon set Apollo down of the smallest couch and he soon fell asleep.

Rasi explained to Anakin that the family had agreed that Ahsoka should be the one to explain the situation to Apollo since they she is the closest to him.

“I hope Ahsoka doesn’t take this too hard.” Anakin sighed. His padawan had been through enough lately.
Ahsoka came up slowly to the bed. The tube had been removed from her grandmothers mouth so she could talk now.

“Hello sweetheart.” she whispered.

Uncle Dar led the rest of the family into the living room where Apollo was and closed the door.

“Grandma, I…I don’t know what to say” Ahsoka sighed.

“I know Soka, but we have time for tears and such later. Right now I have a very important matter to discuss with you. I never thought it would end this soon and had always planned on you having plenty of time to think about this. Sadly, the matter cannot wait any longer. I need you to take the thrown when I’m gone.”

Ahsoka hung her, she knew this was coming. Vina put her hand on her granddaughter’s cheek and made her look at her.

“I know this will not be easy for you, but the only other air of age is Gwen and I do not believe she is ready yet. She hasn’t accepted your mother’s death and until she does she cannot rule the kingdom. Which is sad because I believe that is the only thing holding her back.”

Ahsoka removed her grandmother’s from her cheek and held it with her own.

“But I have a life as a Jedi. I’ve worked my entire life for it…I…I can’t just let it go. What about my master? I can’t leave him.” she said sadly.

Anakin, being the clever and sneaky person that he was, was listening with the help of the force and smiled at his padawan’s comment. He couldn’t imagine life without her either….how boring would that be?

“I know, and I expected you to act this way. Believe me I feel awful doing this to you, but I can’t think of another option.” Vina said miserably.

“Can I think about it?” Ahsoka asked hopefully.

“Of course, I am open to suggestions Ahsoka. If you or the rest of the family have an idea please tell me.” she said before drifting off to sleep.
Ahsoka made her way into the living room and saw everyone trying to entertain themselves. Her Uncle and Aunt were looking over medical papers, research, and her grandmother’s will. Plo Koon was meditating, Apollo was sleeping, and Rasi was playing Zombie Invasion with Gordon. Anakin however, was leaning up against the wall appearing to be in deep thought. She walked over to him.

“So what’s the verdict.” he asked.

“She’s dying.” Ahsoka said sarcastically.

Anakin gave her a stern look, “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“I have a decision to make. Stay here and rule or return to Corusaunt. I don't exactly have much time to think considering she is dying and to Lotux will mostly likey launch another attack soon. Someone has to lead the Titas into war...I just have to decide if I'm the one thats going to do it.” she explained.

“So if you rule the kingdom you’ll have to leave the Jedi?” Anakin asked, worried he might lose his padawan.

Ahsoka looked down, nodding sadly. Anakin sighed. He didn’t know what to do. If he told his padawan to stay it would seem like he didn’t want her and he would be miserable if she left. If he told her to come back to Corusaunt that would be selfish and make her feel guilty.

Ahsoka knew he was just as confused and unsure as she was and wanted to talk to him alone.

“I’m gonna take a walk….wanna come?” she asked.


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Chapter 20: Loop-hole
The pair made their way through the streets in silence, neither quite sure what to say. The awkwardness grew more and more as they sat down to eat at a small café. Ahsoka didn’t speak until her food was placed I front of her.

“What do you think I should do?” she asked finally.

Anakin thought for a moment, he didn’t want to seem selfish but he didn’t want to push his padawan away.

“I think…you should do whatever makes you happy.”

“But they both make me happy…I think…”

“What do you mean you think?” asked Anakin

“Well I’ve never ruled a kingdom before…so I don’t really know how to feel about it”

“Ah…well to be honest, I really don’t know what to tell you. This sort of thing isn’t exactly taught at the temple.”

“I feel really torn. No matter what I do someone gets hurt.” said Ahsoka

“I think I know what your problem is.”

“You do?” Ahsoka asked.

“Yup, you care too much about other people.”

Ahsoka shot him a puzzled look and opened her mouth to question his judgment but he held up his hand to stop her.

“Let me finish. You care too much about other people that you end up forgetting yourself.” he explained.

“Some would call that selflessness.” Ahsoka said sarcastically.

“True, and it’s not a bad thing, but it does make decisions like this harder. You have to understand that you can’t please everyone and sometimes you have to make the decision based on what you want.”

“But what about duty and obligation?”

“Well in this situation you have responsibility involving both choices. They sort of cancel out each other so now the focus is on what you want to do.”

“That very simple logic…but I guess it makes sense.”

“I always make sense.” Anakin smirked.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes. Then an idea popped into her head.

“What if I found a way to do both?” she asked.


“What if I returned to Corusaunt and continued my training and service to the Jedi and ran the kingdom. They could send information and I could attend conferences through holo communications.” she said proudly.

“Uh, Snips? You only 16 years old and that’s a lot of responsibility…for anyone.” he said worried.

“I know I’m young but I also fight in a full scale war every other day. I think I can handle this.”

“Don’t you think this is a little…I don’t know reckless?” he asked.

Ahsoka gave him a dumbfounded look.

“What?” Anakin asked.

“You are telling me that I’m being reckless?” she asked, baffled by her master hypocrisy.

“Don’t even start. Just because I’m reckless at times doesn’t entitle you to do the same.”

“Well everyone always says I’m just like you” she smirked.

“Don’t remind me.” he mumbled.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Ahsoka asked

“It means that there are certain qualities of mine that I would rather you not acquire.” he explained.

“So…does that mean I can’t do it?”

“What kind of master would I be if I kept you from trying to do the right thing?” he smirked trying to indicate that he wasn’t going to stop her.

“A pretty lousy one.” she said, not catching on to her master’s hint.

Anakin just gave her a glance as if he was waiting for her to process what he said.

“Wait! So you’re saying I can do it?” she asked hopefully.

“You catch on fast Snips.” he smiled.

“Yes! Thank you!” she shrieked before racing towards the door.

“Ahsoka wait you still haven’t…” Anakin began but she was already out the door.

“…eaten.” he sighed will a small smile on his face. His padawan, so eager, so reckless, so…much like him.
When Ahsoka told her grandmother the plan she was spectacle.

“That’s an awful lot of responsibility are you sure you can handle it?” she had asked.

But Ahsoka had reassured her and made her way into the living room to tell the rest of the family
Shortly after confirming everything with her family, Ahsoka realized that it was time to talk war strategy. They needed to find out is the Lotux where involved with the separatists and still defend the Titans.

Suddenly Anakin walked through the door with a container in his hand.

“What’s that?” Ahsoka asked.

“Your lunch that you left at the café.” he smirked.


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Chapter 21: Preparations

Ahsoka knew that soon they would need to prepare for battle. Anakin and Master Plo had agreed to temporarily set aside their orders and defend the Titans against the Lotux. All three Jedi changed into their regular outfits and were currently briefing the family, Rex, and three lieutenant generals. Their names where Fren, Ugoy, and Barvon.

“There are several catacombs that run under both kingdoms. They were used for trade when there was a peace treaty over 200 years ago. Since then the water level has risen and not to mention a storm in on its way. This means that our attack needs to be quick so that everyone gets in and out safely.” Ahsoka explained.

“I have been training teenagers for the past few years and they are ready to help in any way they can. I have also been trained in the military for over four years.” Rasi offered.

“Good. We will need your help navigating through the catacombs.” Plo Koon said.

“Who are we going to send to occupy the Lotux while we travel through the tunnels?” Anakin asked.

Dar stood, “I have 100 men waiting for orders to march straight to the enemy gates. They are some of our most elite soldiers and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed” Dar explained.

“My uncle has been a general for ten years. Fren, Ugoy and Bravon have been serving him for six years. They know the family really well.” Ahsoka explained. “…and…Bravon also happens to be dating Gwen.” she added quietly to Anakin.

“Oh boy…” chuckled Anakin.

“I will be staying here with my mom and Gini to monitor your progress, alert you of danger, and activate traps and bombs that have already been placed. We have set up several scanners and each of your chronometers had a tracking device installed on it.” Gwen explained.

It was agreed that Plo Koon, Ugoy and Rex would help Dar, Gordon and R2 would stay behind to watch Apollo while Anakin, Ahsoka, Rasi, and Fren would be sent through that catacombs.
“Ready for this?” Ahsoka asked Anakin as they packed their backpacks.

“A little anxious I’ll admit, you?”

“Same. I would rather be depending on Ventress to be our guide then Gwen” Ahsoka huffed.

“Don’t worry. After this is all over you two will talk it out.” He assured her.
Ahsoka, Anakin, Rasi, and Fren where waiting at the entrance to the tunnel for the signal.

Dar, Rex, Ugoy And Plo Koon where ready to begin their assault with the 100 elite soldiers.

Bravon was in the tallest room of the castle with Gwen, Gini and Lavey.

It was time. Gwen grabbed a huge mirror and used it to reflect the light off the moon on to a large field.

“It’s go time.” Rasi whispered and the gang of four made their way into the entrance.

Meanwhile, Dar gave a battle cry signaling everyone to charge. Plo and Rex stayed behind everyone just to scare off those who broke through the men. They refused to kill even member of the Lotux tribe. Dar, Ugoy and the rest or the men sprinted to the walls or the Lotux kingdom and began breaking down the huge gate.
Rasi and Ahsoka had each memorized one half of the catacombs. Ahsoka was assigned the first and led everyone through. The farther they went, the higher the water level got. It was already up to their knees. Ahsoka and Anakin had luckily decided to apply a metal shield on their light saber so they wouldn’t short circuit if they got wet. Ahsoka had given Rasi her shorter blade, instructing her to use it only in case of an emergency.

Everything was going well so far….
Dar, Rex, Plo Koon and Ugoy had successfully penetrated the walls of the Lotux kingdom. However, they were greeted by twenty large warriors sent to protect that gate.

“This may take a while general.” Rex shouted.

“We cannot lose hope captain.”
Anakin was growing increasingly concerned by the raising water level. I was now up to his knees and Ahsoka’s and Rasi’s hips.

The four came upon two different tunnels. This was the half way point.

“Ugoy, you know what to do. Stay here and guard this entrance and alert us if you see anything suspicious.” Ahsoka instructed, “Okay Rasi, your turn.”

“What? You said after this junction I would lead.” said a very confused Rasi.

“No! I said when we got to this junction you would lead.”

“So you don’t know which was is the right way?”

“No, you?”

“Oh my Allah.”

Anakin decided to interject, “I hate to interrupt but we need to keep moving…So someone just make a guess”

Everyone was quiet for a while and finally Ahsoka made her way to the left tunnel.

“Why left?” Rasi asked.

“I’m left handed in everything except light saber dueling and left handed people are supposedly lucky.” Ahsoka shrugged.

“Good enough for me.” said Anakin.
The other gang had just reached the city square and began placing bombs that would make the city fall into the tunnels.

Everything was going well but suddenly a siren sounded and over 500 men poured out of doors and for behind trees.

“It’s a trap!” Dar yelled to his men, “We must plant the bombs. Keep fighting!” he ordered.

Plo Koon and Rex were having a harder time keeping stragglers from escaping without hurting them in the process.

“We must alert Skywalker and Tano. They are in grave danger.” Plo Koon ordered Rex.

“I’m on it general.” Rex activated his comm. link.
Ahsoka, Anakin and Rasi appeared to be heading in the right direction. Suddenly Anakin comm. link began to blink and a holo projection or Rex appeared.

“Rex, what’s going on?” Anakin asked.

“General Skywalker, the Lotux know of our plans. This is all a trap. You must get out of the catacombs immediately it is beginning to rain hard and I believe that have explosives planted near your location.” Rex responded

“Are Master Plo and Dar alright?” Ahsoka asked.

“I can’t…rain damaging…we have been forced…retreat…trap. You must…hurry!” then Rex’s image faded.

The three exchanged worried glances before Anakin spoke.

“Well, you heard him. Time to go.”

Rasi used her comm. to contact her mother and Gwen informing them of what was going on. They ran back to where they had come from when the ground began to shake and the sound of rushing water grew louder and louder.

“The tunnels are caving in! They are going to fill up with water.” Rasi yelled.

“Run!” shouted Ahsoka.

They grabbed Fren and continued their race against time.

“Ah!” Ahsoka tripped over a large rock that was submerged by the rushing water. Her leg began to bleed heavily and she couldn’t stand up.

“Ahsoka!” Anakin yelled. The large wave could now be seen about forty feet behind them.

Anakin slipped his arms under Ahsoka’s back and legs and picked her up as gently as possible.

They needed to keep going if they were to make it out alive.

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Chapter 22: Goodbye My Sister

Anakin continued to run down through the slowly filling tunnels. Ahsoka was cradled in his arm doing her best not to grunt or cry out in pain but every now and then one would slip out.

“It’s okay Snips. You’re gonna be okay.” Anakin did his best to comfort her.

Gwen watched the scanner as Anakin, Ahsoka, Rasi and Fren tried to escape the tunnel. She could tell that Anakin was caring either Ahsoka or Rasi (they are about the same size) but she assumed it was Rasi because she was so clumsy. She also saw that the other figure (who she assumed was Ahsoka) was falling behind.

This is my chance she thought to herself I can get rid of her once and for all!

Once she was far enough behind Gwen activated a bomb that was directly above who she thought was Ahsoka.


The bomb exploded and rocks began to fall and Rasi froze. She knew that she was going to die.

Anakin spun around and Ahsoka realized what was happening.

“RASI!” she screamed.

Rasi gave her a very sad smile “Love you.” she called right before the rocks all fell on top of her.

“NOOOO!” cried Ahsoka.

She jumped out of Anakin’s arm and limped over to the pile of rocks. She desperately tried to move the rocks but couldn’t. Anakin ran over and grabbed Ahsoka’s shoulders.

“Ahsoka, it’s no use.” Anakin knew how much she was hurting but he didn’t want her to die too.

“I can’t lose her. I can’t!” she began to sob, continuing her efforts to save her beloved friend.

“I know it hurts Snips, but we need to get out of here now! She would want you out of here safe” he said trying to reason with his heartbroken padawan.

“You don’t know what she want! She’s…she’s…” the more Ahsoka thought about it the more she cried.

Anakin picked her up again and continued to run towards the exit.

“NO! LET ME GO! SHE NEEDS ME!” Ahsoka sobbed, thrashing in her master’s grasp.

Anakin tried his best to ignore her but guilt and sympathy for his padawan overwhelmed him. The water level was now dangerously high and Anakin knew that they needed to swim the rest of the way.

“Ahsoka listen to me! I know it’s hard but I need you to be strong. We need to swim if we are going to get out of here.” he pleaded.

Ahsoka continued to sob but gave him a small nod and did her best to keep up with him as they swam towards the exit.

She was struggling due to the current and the horribly painful cut in her leg. Anakin grabbed her hand and pulled her along, refusing to leave her behind.

At last, they made it to the exit. Anakin grabbed her shoulders and used the force to throw his padawan up and out of the catacombs before climbing out himself.

They lay there panting for a while. Ahsoka crying both from the pain in her leg and the pain of her loss making breathing all the more difficult. Anakin was exhausted from running but he dragged himself over to his padawan and rested a hand on her head gently stroking her lekku.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here Snips everything’s going to be okay.” he whispered gently.

“My sister…she was like my sister.” she cried holding on to Anakin’s hand or dear life

“I know. I’m so sorry Ahsoka. It’s going to be okay. I promise.”

Anakin looked up and saw a bright light moving across the land.

“General Skywalker? Commander Ahsoka? Are you out there sir?” Rex called.

“Here!” Anakin yelled.

Plo Koon and Rex appeared from the darkness.

“Master Plo, her leg. Please bring her to the med bay.” Anakin pleaded.

Plo Koon scooped up Ahsoka while Rex supported Anakin.

“Where is Fren?” Plo Koon asked.

“I don’t know. After we got Rex’s massage he just disappeared” Anakin said.
There was a doctor and several nurses waiting for them when they reached the palace. They took Ahsoka and put her in the stretcher. Ahsoka was whimpering in pain, she was really beginning to feel the severity of her wound now and it was only getting worse.

“Master?” she yelled trying to find him.

Anakin moved away from Rex and tried to follow the stretcher but was too exhausted to keep up.

“Ahsoka!” he called.

“Master, don’t leave me.” she cried.

“I’m right here. I’m right here Snips.” he yelled louder before collapsing to the ground.
He remembered being taken to the med bay and was given a yidisu shot to revive his strength. As soon as they removed the syringe from his arm, Anakin was up and running towards the waiting room where Master Plo was waiting.

“Any news?” Anakin asked.

“The doctor promised to inform us before taking any action. Captain Rex went to tell the family…Skywalker…did Fren seem…suspicious to you?” Plo Koon asked.

“No why?”

“We have gathered some evidence and we believe that Fren was hired by the Lotux to distract the guards so spies could plant the bombs in the fields. We also think that he told them of our plans for attack. He went into the catacombs to trigger bombs when you were all deep enough in. He was a suicidal bomber in a sense.” Plo Koon explained.

“But the bomb that exploded was a pre-planted bomb that only the control tower could have set off.” Anakin was really confused.

“Yes we know all about that too.” Plo Koon hung his head sadly, “Young Rasi’s death was no accident. I felt death through the force and later discovered that Gwen had set off the bomb willingly. She was devastated and confessed that she though Ahsoka was the one that had fallen behind and had intended on killing her.”

Anakin’s blood was boiling. No one tried to kill his padawan and got away with it.

“I’ll kill her.” he growled, “How dare she even try to…Ahsoka…what if it had been Ahsoka?” he quickly shook the idea out o his mind. On Mortis when his padawan had temporarily “died” he remembered feeling her force signature fade and their bond come so close to snapping that it was actually painful. He vowed that he would never allow her to be in that kind of danger ever again. He was the master; he was supposed to die first.

Suddenly the doctor came out of the room with blood on his hands. Anakin jumped up and approached him.

“Talk to me Doc.”

“We will be able to save her leg but we must act now…right now. If we wait even a few minutes she will lose too much blood and run the risk of dying. We have no time to sedate her nor give her pain medication. The process is…very painful and she will have to be awake the whole time. However, you are her legal guardian and I cannot do anything without your consent.” he said handing Anakin a consent form.

Anakin couldn’t speak. Ahsoka could either lose her leg or go through more pain then she had ever experienced and who was the choice up to? Him. Of course. Nothing could ever come easy to him. He flashed back to the day after their first mission together.

“Now Master Skywalker, if you would just sign here you will officially be Ahsoka Tano’s guardian and she will be entirely your responsibility” said Master Yorko, the Jedi master in charge or all the legal procedures.

Anakin took the form and picked up the “holo pen”.

“You sure you’re up for this?” Ahsoka asked with a little bit of worry. Anakin didn’t blame her. If he found out that Obi-wan didn’t want a padawan in the first place he would have been worried about him being his guardian too.

“I’m sure.” he smiled reassuringly.

Ahsoka gave him a huge smile and Anakin signed his name.

If only he had realized the incredible responsibility he had agreed to. No one told him something like this was going to happen. He wished he could talk to Ahsoka to see what she wanted to do. Anakin looked at his prosthetic arm and decided that if he had had the same opportunity as Ahsoka, he would have wanted someone to save his arm no matter how much it hurt.

He stared at the consent form and finally, with a very shaky hand, signed the form.

“Do everything you can for her.” he said softy but firmly to the doctor.

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Chapter 23: Thank You

Anakin was waiting for probably the hardest thing he had ever had to do; listen to his beloved padawan scream in pain for twenty minutes. He had no idea what to do to prepare himself. Anakin didn’t like it when she got a simple scratch so this was going to be just as painful for him as it would be for her. He knew he was doing the right thing but he felt guilty. No one asked Ahsoka what she wanted, not that they could, and no one told her what was going to happen. They were simply just going to disinfect the muscle and cut out the dead parts all without a droid of pain medication.

Anakin had asked if he could be in the room for the operation but the doctor said it was a health code violation. Not only had they locked him out but they closed all the windows so nothing could be seen. He wanted to be there, holding Ahsoka’s hand so that he might be able to take away a small fraction of her pain or at least bear it with her. She didn’t deserve this.

Suddenly he felt panic radiating off his padawan’s force signature. She must have seen the needles and tools.

“What are you doing? I never agreed to- AH!! UG! STOP!” she cried as they made the first cut.

Anakin cringed; this was so much harder than he thought it was going to be.


Anakin could tell she was confused and scared; something he rarely sensed in his padawan.

“AH! NO! PLEASE! PLEASE STOP!” she begged as she began to scream louder and sob harder.

“MASTER! HELP ME!” she pleaded desperately trying to contact him through the force. She began to try and reach out for him and look around the room but couldn’t find him.


Anakin wasn’t sure how much more he could take. He clenched his fist when he heard her call his name. That was almost too much for him. He closed his eyes tightly selfishly wishing she would stop screaming.

Then, as soon as they had started, Ahsoka’s cries grew soft and eventually stopped. The doctor came out and Anakin moved quickly to meet him.

“The operation was successful and her leg will be fine. You may go in now.” he smiled.

“Thank you.” Anakin shook his hand before slowly making his way into the room.

Ahsoka was breathing heavily and facing the window on the opposite side of the room. When she heard the door close she turned her head slowly to look at Anakin. Her eyes where puffy, red and blood shot and she seemed to be struggling to keep them open. She was tear streaks on her face and more where threatening to fall from her face but she would rather go through the operation five more times than cry in front of her master…again.

As Anakin made his way over to her one tear escaped her eye and Ahsoka moved quickly to brush it away, ashamed that she was displaying such weakness.

Anakin knew she was embarrassed and sat down beside her on the bed. Another tear began to fall from her eye and Anakin quickly whipped it away with his thumb and rested his hand on her lekku.

“It hurts…”

“I know. I’m sorry.” he whispered.

“For what? Saving my leg?” she smirked

“How’d you know?”

“You’re my guardian they would have had to ask you first.”

“I figured you would have wanted to go through a few minutes of awful pain that the rest of your life with something like this.” he gestured to his arm.

“You did the right thing.” she assured him, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” he smiled.

Just then, the doctor came back into the room with a very large needle that made Ahsoka’s eyes grow wide with fear.

“Sorry to interrupt but this should help with the pain.”

“Uh…I think I’ll pass.” Ahsoka said.

Anakin gave her a sympathetic look, “Ahsoka the pain will only get worse. It will be over before you know it.” he tried to calm her fears.

Ahsoka hesitated before giving him a small nod and turning her head to face the other way. Anakin came around to the other side of the bed and used the force to pull a chair over. As the doctor got ready to puncher the skin Ahsoka’s fear was magnified and Anakin felt bad for her.

He held out his hand and Ahsoka took it gratefully. The needle moved into her skin deeper and deeper as Ahsoka’s grip on her master’s hand grew stronger and stronger.

“You’re doing great Snips.” Anakin encouraged her.

Finally the doctor finished and removed the needle. Ahsoka released a huge breath she had been holding in and Anakin gave her an approving smile. She was exhausted and quickly fell sleep.


Five hours later it was 3:30 in the morning and Ahsoka had been given heavy drugs to heal her leg. She would need to be on crutches for the next two days but other than that she was healing exceptionally fast.

“You’re very luck Miss Tano.” said the doctor as he left the room.

“Must be because you’re left handed.” Anakin joked.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes and she suddenly became very quiet and still.

“What’s wrong?”

“She’s gone…” Anakin knew exactly what she was talking about and placed a hand on her shoulder gently.

“I’m sorry Ahsoka.”

“What happened…how did the bomb go off?”

Anakin took in a deep breath and decided that Ahsoka had a right to know about Gwen and Fren.

When he was finished telling her the whole story Ahsoka’s eyes were like daggers and her anger was radiating off of her.

“Gwen killed her…on purpose?!?!?” she was furious.

“Now Ahsoka, we don’t know the entire story. Let’s not jump to conclusions before we talk to Gwen” Anakin tried to calm his padawan.

“I hate her. I HATE HER!” Ahsoka raised her voice and tried to get out of the bed.

“Whoa, not so fast. Snips, you need to stay in bed until you are discharged.” Anakin said firmly.

“I swear when I get out of here…” Ahsoka’s blood was boiling.

“Ahsoka don’t act out of anger.”


“I know.”


Ahsoka was asleep again and Master Plo was talking with Anakin.

Ahsoka’s eyes fluttered open and she looked around. Her master was talking with Master Plo in the waiting room. Now was her chance. She quietly crept out of the bed, grabbed her crutches and used the back door to find Gwen.


Anakin and Plo Koon were discussing battle strategy when Anakin looked up to check on Ahsoka. His eyes widened as he noticed that both Ahsoka and her crutches were gone. He heard the large door or the palace open and saw his padawan making her way towards the search team that was looking for Rasi’s body. Anakin knew that Ahsoka was going after Gwen and he knew that he and Plo Koon had to act now.


There was a search team trying to find Rasi’s body and Gini was passed out from shock. She couldn’t cope with the fact that her only daughter was dead and she collapsed when she heard the news. They found Rasi’s body relatively unscratched. She had a small impact wound on her temple where a single rock killed her instantly. So she died quickly and painlessly. Gwen just watched in silence as the body was taken away, guilt over coming her.

“HOW COULD YOU?” she heard someone scream.

She turned around to see Ahsoka making her way towards her as fast as she could.

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Chapter 24: Sorry It Wasn’t You

Gwen couldn’t bring herself to even look at Gini much less her own family. However, looking Ahsoka in the eye was easy for her.

“How could you?” Ahsoka repeated as she paused a foot or two away from Gwen.

“How could I? I pressed a button that’s how.” Gwen kept a straight face.

“Why? Why would you do something like that?”

“You killed my aunt and drove my uncle away. You deserve to die.” Gwen spat.

By now a small group of younger togrutans and some adults had gather around the pair…but kept about a teen foot distance.

“But you didn’t kill me. You killed Rasi!” Ahsoka raised her voice

“I was aiming for you. Maybe if you hadn’t been such a klutz it would have you that died. Face it it’s almost like you killed her.” she smirked.




Gwen lowered her voice and gave a very sympathetic face to Ahsoka.

“Ahsoka, you’re right I’m sorry,” then she gave a wicked grin, “Sorry that it wasn't you.”

That was too much for Ahsoka. She completely forgot about her injury and used her good leg to launch herself at Gwen.

Anakin and Plo Koon got there just in time to hear what Gwen said and see Ahsoka’s attack her.

Ahsoka grabbed Gwen’s shoulders and shoved her to the ground. She threw a few swings at her face and managed to scratch her cheek fairy bad. Gwen bent her legs and launched Ahsoka over her head so now Ahsoka was on the bottom. Ahsoka landed on her bad leg and let out a cry of pain. They continued to throw punched and scratch each other. Meanwhile, Anakin and Plo Koon were trying to get through the crowd of togrutans.

When they got to the center Anakin grabbed Ahsoka around the waist and Plo Koon did the same to Gwen. By now the two had grabbed each other’s lekkus and were pulling viciously on then both grunting in pain and anger.

“Ahsoka stop! Let her go!” Anakin commanded.

“Release her young one.” Plo Koon ordered Gwen.

“NO!” they shouted in unison.

“Ahsoka, now!” Anakin’s tone was much harsher now and Ahsoka knew he meant business.

“So she can rip off my head? No chance.”

“Both of you let go on three. 1…” Anakin gave Ahsoka a look that if she didn’t obey there would be serious consequences.



Ahsoka let go but Gwen twisted her lekku instead of letting go. Ahsoka screamed in pain and threw several punches at Gwen’s head.

Before long the two had broke free of the Jedi’s grasps and were brawling once again. Anakin and Plo Koon were yanked back by large togrutans.

“Hey man you’re ruining the show. Let them work it out, only stop it if you see blood.”

Anakin gave Plo Koon a look and the two decided that they would let the two try to work it out for a minute or two. They couldn’t get out of the crowd even if they wanted to. Ahsoka is one of the best fighters I know. She’ll come out on top Anakin thought to himself.

Unfortunately, neither Ahsoka nor Anakin took into account the face that Gwen was almost a foot and a half taller than Ahsoka and Bravon had also taught her many different hand to hand combat moves.

Gwen elbowed Ahsoka in the stomach knocking the wind out of her and then hit her over the head so she fell to the ground. Ahsoka tried to roll over and pick herself up but Gwen was too fast and started dealing furious blows at Ahsoka’s head. Ahsoka tried to get Gwen off of her but Gwen was crushing her wounded leg and the pain distracted her too much.

“Ah! Gwen! Get off my leg you kirfing whore!” Ahsoka said trying to bit back cries of pain.

However the minute one escaped her mouth Anakin shoved past the crowd, worried for his padawan’s safety. He grabbed Ahsoka once again flinging her roughly to the side, ripping her out of Gwen’s grasp and sending Gwen on her back, knocking the wind out of her.

Ahsoka was still kicking and throwing punches at the air but she knew that she couldn’t break free from Anakin’s grasp. She sighed in defeat and grabbed her leg winching in pain. Gwen on the other hand was up on her feet but before she could do anything, Bravon burst through the crowd.

“Gwen, stop it!” he shouted wrapping his arming around her body, holding her back.

“Let me go Bravon.” she shouted.

“Haven’t you done enough?” he asked her.

Gwen sighed and stopped struggling, accepting defeat.

Ahsoka was still panting and glaring at Gwen but after Bravon got a hold on Gwen, Anakin walked back into the crowd and towards the palace.


“You can let me go now.” Ahsoka stated.

Anakin gave her a stern look before setting her down. As soon as he released his grasp Ahsoka shook away from him and limped to the elevator. Ahsoka pressed the button once, twice, three times before slamming her fist into the unopened door.

“Looks like we’re taking the stairs. Get on my back” Anakin said turning around and hunching slightly.

Ahsoka hesitated knowing that he was still frustrated with her, but soon used her good leg to jump up onto her master’s back. Anakin made his way easily up the first three flights of stairs but stopped to take a breather on the fourth.

“Oh come on! I’m not that heavy.” Ahsoka said.

“You’d be surprised.” Anakin smirked earning himself a flick on the head from his padawan


They finally reached the med room and Anakin sat Ahsoka on the bed before sitting on a chair.

“…are you mad at me?” Ahsoka finally asked.

“I’m not mad. I’m disappointed.” Anakin sighed.

“That’s worse than being mad at me…”

“Well getting into fights is not exactly a good thing.”

“She antagonized me! She was the one being immature.” Ahsoka defended herself.

“And then you stooped down to her level by throwing the first punch…and many after.”

“You would have done the same thing.”

“That doesn’t make it right.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“Ahsoka, we are talking about you now.”

“She deserved it.”

“That may be but Obi-wan always says: the sign of an intelligent person is their ability to control their actions by the application of reason.”

“That sound like a fortune cookie.” Ahsoka smirked.

Anakin couldn’t help but crack a smile at that. But soon he frowned.

“You are going to need to apologize to her.” he said in a way that indicated she shouldn’t argue back.

“But she was wrong!”

Apologizing doesn’t mean that you are wrong and the other is right,
It only means that you give value to relationships more than your personal ego.

“Another Obi-wan quote?”


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