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Time Cannot Erase

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26 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:43 pm

Chapter 25: Moving On and Letting Go

Ahsoka decided to do as Anakin had asked her and made her way to find Gwen. She wouldn’t be satisfied unless she also received an apology however; she thought it best if she made the first move. Force knew Gwen wasn’t going to do it.

She knew that Gwen would be with Bravon so she used the force to find out where they were. Ahsoka found them in Gwen bedroom. She heard them talking and decided to listen in.

“You know what you did was wrong.” Bravon said

“I didn’t mean to kill her, I was aiming for Ahsoka” Gwen said.

“You shouldn’t have been aiming for anyone.”

“She killed my aunt and drove my uncle away do you not get that?”

“Of course I get it but you need to understand what she is going through. Do you honestly think you’re the only one still hurting? You lost your aunt and uncle; she lost her parents and then got shipped off against her will. Granted she is very happy now but don’t you think it’s safe to say that she is in pain to? Especially since she thinks she is to blame?”

“She is to blame.”

“For what? Getting knocked unconscious while she was trying to save her mother? She was only three years old. She could have run, but she stayed and tried to do the right thing. She had no idea that the guy was behind her. She didn’t know that her father was gonna up and leave just like that. If anything the only person that could possibly be blamed for any suffering is her father for abandoning everyone in their time of need. Ahsoka was courageous and stuck by us the whole time, she even went against the Jedi Code to visit your family. Don’t you think you’re being a little hard on her?”

“I don’t know how else to cope…”

“How about talking to her?”

Ahsoka decided to open the door. “I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard so far.”

Bravon smiled at Ahsoka, squeezed Gwen’s hand and left the room.

“Gwen, I don’t know what I did wrong but I-”

“You do too know what you did.” Gwen spat.

“But do you really think that I wanted that to happen. That I tried to ruin everyone’s life including my own? I miss them too and I feel guilty.”

“You don’t act like it.”

“Because I had never come to terms with it until now. I can’t change the past Gwen, and bullying me isn’t gonna change anything either.”

Gwen sighed, “I just want my family back.” she said with tears forming in her eyes.

“I know, I do too.” Ahsoka embraced her cousin who let a few of her sobs escape.

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”


Once Gwen got control of her emotions the two left the room and followed Bravon back to the med room. Bravon held Gwen’s hand.

“I’m proud of you.” he whispered.


Anakin was very pleased to see Gwen and Ahsoka talking as they made their way over to him and he shot her an approving smile.

Suddenly Gini came walking…or rather…trudging down the hall.

“Gini…I…I don’t know what to say…” Ahsoka hung her head sadly, fighting back tears of loss.

“I know Ahsoka, I miss her too.” Gini whispered.

Gwen remained silent and stared at the floor not daring to look Gini in the eye.

“Gwendolyn, are you alright?” Gini asked.

Ahsoka shot her a questioning look.

“I hate to interrupt but Gordon wants to discuss funeral matters with you.” Anakin chimed in.

They began to make their way into the living room but Anakin grabbed Ahsoka’s arm to stop her.

“She doesn’t know.”

“Not at all?”

“She’s been through enough Ahsoka we don’t need to cause her anymore emotional damage.”

“You’re right.”


Everyone was getting ready for Rasi’s funeral. Anakin, Plo Koon, and Rex had all changed into black. The generals wore Jedi cloaks and Rex wore a black dress shirt. The rest of the togrutans had changed into heavy black robes. Ahsoka had been in her room for hours and Anakin was getting worried.

“Ahsoka?” he called as he gently knocked on the door.

…No reply…

“Snips it’s me…”

“I need to be alone.” came a sad voice.

“Ahsoka I know you’re in pain but we need to get going, the funeral starts soon.”

“I’m not going” came her muffled reply.

“Ahsoka Tano, open this door.”

He heard a groan and then the door slid open. Ahsoka was wearing a form fitting, long sleeve, scoop neck, black dress that went down a little past her knees. Her shoes where lying next to her bead and make up lay open on the dresser. She was curled up into a ball on her bed with her head in her knees.

“Ahsoka, talk to me.”

“No.” she replied.

“Snips, I can’t help you unless you tell me what you’re feeling.”

“I don’t want help and I don’t want to go.”

“And I don’t want to wear Jedi robes everyday because they are itchy but you know what sometimes you just gotta suck it up and deal with it.”

“I don’t think your robes compare to this.” Ahsoka mumbled with her head still shielded by her arm that were wrapped around her.

“You’re right, but it’s the same general principle. Ahsoka, Gini lost her daughter and she can barely keep herself together, but she is still going to stand up in front of people and say words she doesn’t want to say because that’s what Rasi asked her to do should anything ever happen to her. Rasi also wanted you to say something too.”

“I know, but I didn’t write anything.”

“Why?” he asked

“Because I can’t. Okay?” she snapped shifting position so that she was lying on her side facing away from him.

“Don’t get mad at me. I’m trying to help you.”

“Well it isn’t working so just go.”

“You know what Ahsoka, fine. I’m not gonna waste my energy trying to help you. Clearly your pain matters more to you than Rasi’s final wish. You know what you’re being really selfish.”

“Stop.” she said, her voice cracking

“Why should I?” he pried.

“Because I’m upset enough as it is!” she shouted, sitting up so she could look him in the face.

Anakin then saw that there was mascara running down her cheeks. Truthfully it seemed like she had done a pretty good job putting it on but now it was traveling down her face and the wet cloth on the night stand indicated that she had tried to wash is off. Her face displayed pure angst and sorrow.

“Oh, Ahsoka. I know you’re hurting but don’t shut me out Snips.” Anakin said gently.

“I don’t want to say good-bye. I don’t her to leave.”

“She’s already gone little one.”

“But I don’t want to believe it and stop calling me that.”

Anakin stood up and sighed, “If you don’t do this you’ll never have closure, trust me. I won’t force you to go but I know it would mean a lot to Rasi if you did.” he walked out of the room.


Anakin and the rest of the gang sat in their seats and the music began to play. It was a recording the Rasi had made just recently.

When I am down and oh my soul so weary

When trouble comes and my heart burdened be.

The curtain opened and the coffin was brought down the aisle.

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

Anakin hoped that Ahsoka would show up.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

He knew what it felt like to lose someone close to you
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

He felt helpless, he wished he knew the words to say.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

He suddenly felt a termer or sadness in the force from a signature that was very familiar to him.
There is no life - no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;

He began to look around and eventually saw something moving in one of the doorways.

But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.

Then he saw Ahsoka…
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

She stayed hidden in the shadows as the elders blessed Rasi.
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;

Ahsoka dared to glance at Anakin who was already looking at her. He gestured for her to come over but she shook her head.
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

Ahsoka continued to watch Rasi’s body be blessed and listen to the prayers. Suddenly she felt two strong hands on her shoulders and bent her head back to look her master in the eye.
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

She gave him a small smile and thanked him silently. Anakin got the message and smiled back.
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

Ahsoka looked over at the platform and saw Gini getting up with tears running down her face.

“My d-daughter…was the m-most amazing person I ever m-met. She was my p-pride and joy but also m-my best friend. I love her more than w-words can describe and I c-can’t wait to see her again.” she paused to let a few tears fall and then turned to look at her daughter’s coffin. “Rasi, I miss you so much and I am so proud of you and…and I know your father would be too. I know he will take care of you wherever you two are. I love you both so much and I know we will see each other again.” with that Gini whipped her tears away and looked out to the audience.

“Now in Rasi’s will, which she made after her father died, she said that she would want her best friend Ahsoka to say some words. So, Ahsoka Tano?”

Anakin froze and began to think of an excuse for his padawan, Fever…no…emotionally unstable…true but no…hm…Anakin wasn’t about to let his padawan be humiliated in fron of her friends and family so he started to take his hands off Ahsoka’s shoulders so he could go up and say some words for her. But much to his surprise Ahsoka remained calm and as soon as he removed his hands she slowly walked to the platform.

“I’m going to perfectly honest. I haven’t even begun to think about what I’m going to say because I really didn’t think I was coming this evening. I had planned on sulking in my room all night but a good friend talked me out of it.”

Anakin smiled.

“I never expected that I would be standing here before you, under these circumstances at the age of sixteen. I always thought I would be getting my first speeder or sneaking out after curfew, but I’m not. Instead, I am here saying my final goodbye to someone I thought of as my sister. I had imagined being a seventy something year old, retired Jedi when I would be asked to do this. But if Rasi taught me one thing during her short time in this world it is that things don’t always go the way we plan and sometimes we just have to go with what life gives us. I never thought I would be so grateful to someone who, when we were three, broke my leg by pushing me off the slide because she had called dibs.”

Everyone laughed at that.

“I wish I could have been here more, spent more time with her. But I don’t think anyone had ever expected something like this to happen. Rasi was strong, brave, and just plain amazing. She always got out of trouble…even if it meant getting me in it.”

More laughter was heard.

“So when I look out at all of you that loved and cared for Rasi, it hurts. It hurts to know that everyone here has this weighing down on their hearts just as I do. But Rasi wouldn’t want everyone to cry for her, she hated when people were sad. She would want people to share storied about her and all her crazy adventured like when we tried to follow a drain to see if they really did lead to the ocean. Wherever Rasi is now, I hope she is happy and I know that someday I will see her again because just like drain go to oceans, as Rasi and I discovered, all spirits go to heaven. I’ll see you there Rasi.” with that Ahsoka stepped down, hugged Gini and made her way back over to stand next to Anakin.

He leaded down and put an arm around her and whispered.

“I am so proud of you.”

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27 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:43 am

Chapter 26: Back to Business

It had been two days since the funeral and Ahsoka was actually starting to feel some closure. Gini was still heavily grieving and had been sent to rehab facility on Naboo.

Now the rest of the family needed to make yet another battle plan…one that didn’t involve the underwater catacombs.

“What if, late at night, we sent a distraction of soldiers to keep the Lotux busy while the Jedi stunk through the forest and attacked from behind?” Bravon suggested.

“Not a bad idea, you’ve been trained well solider.” Rex said with slight approval in his voice.


And so the plan was underway. Rex, Ugoy, and a few platoons of soldiers marched straight up to the Lotux gates, banging their weapons and battle crying all the way. Lights began to flash as the night watch spot lights tried to locate the approaching enemy. When the sopt light eventually found the army, Plo Koon had already started to cut through the new gate the Lotux has so poorly constructed.


Meanwhile Plo Koon, Anakin, and Ahsoka were making their way through the forest as silently as possible. Plo Koon pushed back a branch which instead or grabbing, Ahsoka, who was short enough to simply walk under, accidently left it to snap back to its original position, smacking Anakin in the face.

“Ah! Muurnernerm…kirfing…son of…” Anakin stumbled back clutching his nose.

“SHHH!” hissed Plo Koon and Ahsoka.


Rex, Ugoy, and the rest of the men were successfully overpowering the Lotux resistance. Rex was using his twin blasters to take out the large men from a distance. One came up from behind him and used a club to destroy one of the blasters and cruse his left hand. Rex grunted in pain before turning around to face his attacker. Just as he was about to receive a blow to the head Ugoy shot the attacker from behind, killing him instantly. He helped Rex up and, despite Rex’s broken hand, kept on fighting.


The three Jedi made their way to the back walls of the kingdom. Plo Koon took out night vision goggles and looked for night guards. There were ten battle droids positioned around the walls and two sniper droids on the ledge. Plo Koon turned to Anakin and Ahsoka so they could formulate a plan.

“Two of us need to take out the snipers while the other takes out the battle droids.” Plo Koon explained.

“Well, Ahsoka’s leg is still healing so I don’t think she will be able to jump up there.” Anakin said.

“I’ll take out the battle droids with the boomerang move you showed me.” Ahsoka said, excited to try a new move.

“No, you still haven’t gotten the hang of it yet and if you miss you’ll be defenseless.”

“No I won’t I will still have by longer blade.”

“We don’t have time for this you two.” Plo Koon interjected.

“I can do this master.” Ahsoka stated, her eyes never leaving his.

Anakin sighed, “Fine, you can try it. But if it doesn’t work don’t try it again. Remember, focus on calling the lightsaber back to you, not where it’s going. Okay?”

Ahsoka nodded and waited for the masters to attack the snipers before she prepared herself to attack.

Okay, just focus. Call the lightsaber back to you. You can do this. Ahsoka tried to give herself a pep talk. She planted her feet, closed her eyes and tapped into the force. She took out her small blade and used her lekku to her advantage, pinpointing exactly where the droids were. She focused all her energy and launched her blade, sending it spinning rapidly. She stayed in her position, her hand still out stretched. Her lightsaber cut through six of the battle droids without a problem and she carefully used the force to alter its course, angling the momentum in a way that began curved so it went back the way it came.

Anakin shot her a glace, mid battle and saw the progress she had made. That a girl Snips!

As it turned it cut through three more droids. Hey! Where did the last one go? Ahsoka thought to herself. That was all it took. She lost a small fraction of her concentration and the lightsaber dropped to the ground. Ahsoka opened her eyes and growled loudly in frustration.

Anakin and Plo Koon had just finished destroying the snipers when suddenly, Anakin felt waves of anger from his padawan. Anakin looked down to see her slicing the final droid with her long blade before stomping over to retrieve her short blade, scowling the whole time.

Plo Koon threw her down a rope and used the force to help Ahsoka climb up. She still had a pout on her face.

“It was much better than the last time Snips.” Anakin said trying to cheer up his padawan.

“Whatever.” she mumbled in reply.

They looked over the edge and saw everyone fighting. They decided that now would be the best time to attack. Plo Koon took the left flank while Anakin and Ahsoka went after the right, allowing Rex, Ugoy, Dar and the rest of the men to focus on the middle.

Plo Koon was doing well holding his own but Ahsoka’s leg was giving her a hard time and she was struggling to keep up. Anakin was getting further and further in front of her but she didn’t dare ask him for help. She could handle this on her own.

Suddenly a gigantic man came up behind her and grabbed both of her arms, preventing her from cutting them off. Another man came forward and helped the larger one wrench her lightsabers out of her hands. Ahsoka knew that she was in trouble now.

“Master!” she called.

Anakin turned and saw that his padawan needed his help. He completely forgot about the droids he was previously facing and ran to Ahsoka. The smaller man turned round in time to knock Anakin back ten feet with a powerful kick to the chest. The larger one then began to drag Ahsoka away to a ship. She kicked and screamed, trying to hit him any way she could.

Anakin quickly got back up on his feet and ran towards the large man.

The giant soldier stopped at the bottom of the ramp to the ship and pulled out a blaster. He put the barrel to Ahsoka’s head and turned to face Anakin.

Needless to say that was enough to stop Anakin in his tracks, his eyes growing wide in fear.

“Drop your weapon.” the man ordered.

Unlike on Cad Bane’s ship Anakin didn’t even hesitate this time and dropped his deactivated lightsaber to the ground.

“Let her go.” he warned in a low but powerful growl.

“Don’t think so Jedi. You see this little lady is my ticket out of here.” he smirked.

“Not in this life.” Ahsoka grunted as she tried to break free of his grasp.

“Of course I am open to negotiations. I would be willing to let her go if you promise to let me escape.”

“You just gonna desert your men.” Anakin accused.

“Count Dooku is expecting an update and after that little bomb our communication links have been down.” he explained.

“So the Lotux are working with the separatists.”

“You catch on fast pretty boy. So what will it be? The little girl?...or the village?”

Anakin met Ahsoka’s warning eyes with worried ones. Anakin didn’t need her to tell him that she didn’t want him to save her if it meant jeopardizing the mission. Flashbacks of the incident with Cad Bane, the weapons factory on Geonosis, Mortis….all the times he had come close to losing Ahsoka. He knew he was lucky she had survived for this long. He really didn’t want to take another chance with her life.

“Let her go and leave.” Anakin said in a warning tone as if he was daring him to do anything else.

“Master, don’t-Ah!” Ahsoka tried to stop her master but the man twisted her arm to keep her quiet.

The man chuckled, threw Ahsoka at Anakin and ran into the ship before preparing to take off.

Anakin caught Ahsoka before she fell on her face. But instead of regaining her balance, Ahsoka ran towards the ship. It took off just before she could reach it.

“How could you let him go?!?!” she shouted at Anakin.

“Ahsoka, he would have killed you.”

Ahsoka sighed in frustration, there was no use trying to reason with her master’s attachment problem and over protectiveness.

Before they could argue more Master Plo ran up to them.

“I hate to interrupt but there is still a battle going on and I just found a thief trying to make off with these.” he held out Ahsoka’s lightsabers and the three continued to fight.


An hour later it became clear the Dooku had gotten the message because he ordered all of his droids to leave. The Lotux where outnumbered and the Titans had won at last.

Suddenly Rex got a holo message from a very frantic Lavay

“Tell Dar to hurry, we’re losing Vina!” she cried before hanging up abruptly.

Dar and the Jedi were rallying up their men when Rex ran over to bear the news.

Ahsoka and Dar’s eyes grew wide with fear and everyone ran as fast as they could back to the palace

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28 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:28 pm

Chapter 27: You already have

Ahsoka felt like her legs couldn’t go fast enough as she raced up the stairs of the palace. When she finally reached the med room she noticed that all the machines had been turned off, the windows blinds closed, and all the doctors had left. There were also hundreds of gift from the locals including food, money, and different patriotic items such as flags with the Tita symbol on it.

As much as she didn’t want to accept it, Ahsoka knew her grandmother’s time here was running short. She slowly made her way into the room. Word must had come that she was coming because the family had already cleared out, giving Ahsoka and her grandmother time alone.

Ahsoka made her way over to the bed, sat down, and gently grabbed her grandmother’s frail hand. Vina’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled when her eyes met Ahsoka’s. Ahsoka fought to hold back tears.

“My dear, do you remember when I told you that there would be a time for tears later?”

Ahsoka nodded, afraid that if she opened her mouth, only sobs would escape.

“…its later.” he grandmother said gently.

Ahsoka let a tear fall down her cheek and Vina’s eyes began to water as well.

“I know you want to rule the kingdom and be a Jedi, but I also know the responsibility you are accepting. Do not be surprised if it is too much for you to take on.”

“I have put a lot of thought into it and I still think that it is the right thing to do. I will not let the Tita’s down.” again… she added silently to herself.

“I have no doubt that you will. I want you to know that I never blamed you for what happened with your parents. You were so brave to even try to save your mother and the end result wasn’t you fault. Your mother would have never given up the locket and probably would have been killed anyway.”

“But I drove my father, your son, away.” Ahsoka hung her head in shame.

“No Ahsoka. He chose to leave. Tyran was many things…including a coward at times. He made a poor decision and you are not to blame.”

“I just wish he would come back.”

“As do I. I have something for you.”

Vina reached under her back lekku and Ahsoka heard a click. Next thing she knew Vina was holding the Blue Pearl locket.


“I want you to take good care of this and know that, wherever you are, your mother and I will
always be with you.”

“I will guard it with my life.”

“I know you will.”

“I will make you proud grandma.”

“You already have.”

And with that Vina’s eyes closed slowly and she let out a long breath. She had a small smile on her peaceful face as she left.

Ahsoka squeezed her hand tight before letting it drop limply to the bed. She stood up quickly and suddenly felt the need to get out, escape. Just run somewhere and be totally alone.

She came into the waiting room and looked up, alarmed and scared to see all eyes on her. Ahsoka’s hands trembled and she bit her lit to stop the tears as she shook her head sadly. Lavay swayed a little before sitting down, Dar remained still, Apollo began to cry and Gwen hugged him. Plo Koon hung his head in respect but Anakin’s eyes never left Ahsoka, who was struggling to keep her emotions together.


She briefly met his eyes before running out of the room.

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29 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:32 pm

Chapter 28: I can only take so much

Ahsoka didn’t stop running. She didn’t stop when Anakin called her and began to run after her. she didn’t stop when she slammed into Porta and she didn’t stop when the guard stood to attention as she sped by. She ran to the Twilight and into the cargo bay. She hid behind some crate and let the tears run down her cheeks. She didn’t make a sound because she didn’t want anyone to see her cry…again.

To be honest, Ahsoka was humiliated. Jedi never cried, she never cried. Of course, given the circumstances, it was probably expected for a child her age to cry. But Ahsoka had been raised to be strong. She didn’t cry when she was five and she missed Master Plo because he was away on long missions. She didn’t cry when she was bullied at the Temple, and she defiantly didn’t cry when her master hurt her feelings…well expect for that one time, but that was a big deal. Ahsoka didn’t even want to look at anyone, especially Anakin. She had disgraced the Jedi and more importantly she had disgraced him. Some Jedi she was…


Anakin ran after his padawan. He knew she was on the verge of breaking down and she needed him to be with her when she did. He knew she was embarrassed and he felt bad for her. Anakin used the force to track down his emotional apprentice. He predicted that she had run off somewhere that would be hard to find. Anakin let his bond with his padawan lead him to the Twilight. He cautiously made his way to the cargo bay…


Ahsoka heard the door open, shielded her force signature, and held her breath in a desperate attempt to stay hidden from her master. She heard footsteps coming closer and closer.

“I know you want to be alone Ahsoka but let me help you.”

Ahsoka didn’t reply. How could he help her?

“You don’t have to hide from me Snips.”

Ahsoka finally let out a small sigh to signal to her master of her location amongst the crates.

“Oh, Snips…”

Anakin squatted down next to her and tried to get her to look at him. But Ahsoka’s gaze remained on the floor in front of her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Ahsoka gave a small snort to indicate that she was as from okay as possible.

“Yeah, that was kinda a dumb question.”


Anakin smirked; at least part of her sense of humor was still intact.

“You wanna talk about it?”



“There’s nothing to say.”

“Well you seem pretty upset.”

“In less than a week I’ve witnessed the death one of my closest friends and my grandmother in addition to getting into a fight with my cousin and coming to terms with my less than pleasant past so yeah I’m pretty upset.”

“And I don’t blame you for that.”

“Yeah, but I’m acting like a youngling.”

“Why? Because you’ve cried.”

Ahsoka nodded sadly.

“Everyone cries sometimes…I cried when my mom died.”

“You also weren’t raised in the Temple. Ever since I was little I’ve been told Jedi don’t cry.”

“Don’t be ashamed for crying.”

“It’s just…I can only take so much.”

“I know, I know.”

Both master and apprentice sat in silence for a while, taking comfort in the empty silence.

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30 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Mon May 16, 2011 7:54 am

Chapter 29: Fork in the road

The funeral for the queen had to be short because Ahsoka needed to take the crown as soon as possible. It was just a quick burial, no one spoke everyone just threw a bilarta flower into the grave. Ahsoka, Anakin, and Plo Koon stood by wearing their Jedi cloaks. Ahsoka didn’t cry, she was past that point. All she did was stare at the ground sadly refusing to look at the corpse of her grandmother being carried away. Apollo came up and grabbed Ahsoka’s hand, she smiled down at him.


Ahsoka had no incredibly close family other than her aunt and uncle. She need someone to walk her down the “Aisle of Transformation” she asked Anakin. She stood behind the curtain with Dar, Lavay, Gwen and Apollo. They were to walk her to Anakin and then he would stand next to her as she was coordinated.

Ahsoka wore a long white dress. It had a v-neck cut and long sleeves that were larger towards her wrists. She had golden bracelets onto of the larger part of her sleeves causing a bubble effect on her lower arm. She had on a blue and gold sash that had rainbow ribbons and beads hanging down to the ground that blew in the warm breeze. Her head tails had been draped with gold chains that wrapped around the front lekkus. The back one was left bare but a royal blue, clip on, lekku ring hung from the tip of it (a lekku ring is like an earing but it hangs from the tip of the lekku or the top horns). It felt weird to have a clip on lekku ring but her lekku wasn’t pierces…yet. A single sapphire tear drop hung from two gold chain attached to her lekku and hung on her forehead.

Lavay and Gwen wore royal blue dresses with gold sashes. The dresses were long and strapless. Dar and Apollo wore blue shirts and pants with golden vests. Dar held Apollo’s hand so he knew where he was going.

The music began and Ahsoka’s heart began to race.

(link to the song)

(link to what it would have sounded like in togrutan)

Come with me, I'll take you now
To a place that you fear

Ahsoka peeked out the curtain and saw Anakin along with many other Jedi. Master Windu, Master Kenobi, Master Mundi and even Master Yoda had flown in to witness the crowning and help with the Lotux conflict. Master Ti came too and she was wearing a robe with colors from her tribe.
For no reason why
Your heart has turned away from me
And I will make you understand
Ahsoka reached up and grabbed the locket that hung around her neck. She could have sworn she could feel her mother and grandmother’s presence.

She heard the chorus and began to walk out…
Everything will become clear to you
When you see things through
another's eyes

People smile and bowing in respect as Ahsoka walked down the blue carpet sprinkled with golden petals. Her Master smiled, she looked beautiful.

Everything will become clear to you
Whatever's meant for you, you will find

Ahsoka came up to the Jedi and they all bowed to each other. Ahsoka then looked to Anakin who smiled and gestured for her to walk with him.
Come with me, I'll take you there
To a place where you'll see

Ahsoka got more nervous as they got closer to the altar and began took in a shaky breath. Anakin noticed and nudged her with his elbow.
Everything you need to be the one
you need to be

She nudged him back and Anakin chuckled. Master Plo and Obi-wan smirked at the pair’s child-like behavior even at such an important event.
And all of those things that you feared
Will disappear from you in time

Ahsoka walked to the center of the altar and knelt facing her people. Anakin stood next to her. The shaman said a prayer and began to place the tiara on Ahsoka’s lekku. She closed her eyes….
Everything will become clear to you
When you see things through
another's eyes

Ahsoka eyes opened and she sighed in relief as she felt it placed on her head. People cheered and even Master Windu smiled. Anakin smiled and clapped loudly as Apollo jumped for joy.

Everything will become clear to you
Whatever's meant for you, you will find

Ahsoka gently reached up to touch the crown. It felt strange on her head but right…It felt strangely right. Ahsoka looked up at the clear sky and smiled.

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31 Re: Time Cannot Erase on Mon May 30, 2011 8:46 pm

Goodbye but not forever

It was time to leave and everyone was busy preparing. Rex was trying to learn as many battle strategies and combat moves as he could from Bravon. Apollo was playing with R2, Plo Koon was talking with Dar and Ahsoka was talking with Gwen. Ahsoka looked around and noticed that her master wasn’t around.

“I’ll be right back.” she said to Gwen before heading towards the Twilight


Ahsoka didn’t need to look to know her master was on the ship. Aside from her extremely strong bond with her master she could hear the clanking of metal and her master cursing under his breath.

She made her way into the ship silently to see Anakin lying on a creeper
(platform on which a mechanic lies while working on the underside of a motor vehicle) Suddenly he shocked himself by grabbing the wrong wire.

“Ktah!” he grumbled.

“Nice.” Ahsoka smirked causing Anakin to jump up and hit his head.



“Sorry…” The two sat in silence. Anakin rubbing his head, Ahsoka staring off into space as if she was thinking about something very important.

“You look like you’re deep in thought.”

“I’m just…concerned. Everything is starting to weigh in….and…” Ahsoka sighed in frustration.

“I hate to say I told you so but I-”

Ahsoka glared at him as if to say “You’d better not finish that sentence.”Anakin took the warning and clearing his throat instead of continuing.

Ahsoka resumed staring out the window. Anakin knew she needed to get something off her chest. But of course, he had to use humor to get it out of her.

“You’ve got that I’m conflicted look.”

“There’s a look?”

“You can’t miss it.” he smirked.

Ahsoka caught on. That was what she had said to him on their first mission together.

“Hey! That’s my line.”

“Not anymore.”


They kept their goodbyes short as if they were only going to be gone for a week. Ahsoka would contact them often because Dar was appointed to General of the Army. Gordon was also appointed to First Sergeant. Lavay was given the position of Senator. The Titas had never been represented by a Senator before. Bravon was captain and was given the task of training all recruits. Gwen was to take the Chief position of the Department of Justice when she turned eighteen.

As they boarded the ship Ahsoka looked back at her kingdom, all the citizens had come to see them off. Some were cheering some were teary-eyed (mostly Lavay and Apollo).

“Hey Snips, the ship only has so much gas.” Anakin smirked.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes and began to walk up the plank when suddenly she heard a faint cry.

“Marco!” cried a small child.

Ahsoka turned around to see Apollo racing towards the Twilight. She walked down and met him half way. She knelt down and he jumped into her arms.

“Don’t go Ahsoka! I don’t want you to leave.” he cried.

“I know Polo but I have to. I have another family who needs me.”

“Are you ever gonna come back?”

“Of course. I mean, how else am I suppose to get this back from you.” she reached up, took her crown off and handed to Apollo.

He looked at his hands with wide eyes and smiled. Ahsoka stood and walking into the ship.


phtot of crown

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Chapter 31: The Struggle Begins

Ahsoka had only been back at the Temple for two days and already she had been asked to attend six holo conferences. She also had twelve documents in her mail that needed her signature. Needless to say her training with Anakin was becoming harder and harder to attend.

She was racing down the halls of the temple praying that her master wouldn’t be too mad. Usually he was the one that was late…


Anakin was sitting on top of a crate in the training room waiting for his padawan. He had just programmed R2 to shoot a laser into several reflectors that would cast them all over the room, a new training exercise.

Ahsoka burst through the doors and opened her mouth to explain herself but Anakin put his hand up to stop her.

“Just get your saber so we can get started.” Anakin knew that Ahsoka was starting to feel the pressure of training and ruling a kingdom.


Anakin woke up the a few days later and went to make coffee. When he walked into the kitchen he heard his padawan talking I her room.

“After the evacuation we will need a tally of the losses before we make our next move.” she said.

“Uh Snips?” Anakin called as he knocked on the door.

“Can you excuse me for a second?” she asked before opening the door.

Anakin was about to make a sarcastic comment but when he saw his padawan’s face he decided against it.

Ahsoka had dark circles under her eyes which were glassy and bloodshot from lack of sleep. She was also thinner than he remembered but she gave him a small smile.

“Do you feel as bad as you look?”

“I’m fine.”

“Well you look like you haven’t eaten in days”

“I had a protein bar yesterday morning.”

“Snips! This has gotten out of control, you can’t keep doing this.”

“I can handle it.” she argued

“Ahsoka, I don’t want to have to do this but I’m not gonna watch you do this to yourself anymore. You can’t keep ruling the kingdom this way.” he said sadly.

“But it-…you said-…”

“Snips, I know you want to do this but there are alternatives. Someone else should rule who can give all of their time to the Titians. Don’t they deserve that?”


“Good. So who can rule in your place?”

“Well Apollo is too young…oh boy…” Ahsoka sighed.



“It’s your decision.”


The next day Ahsoka came out to the hanger where Anakin was working on his speeder.

“Got a sec?” she asked

“Yeah, what’s up Snips?”

“I gotta run an errand…wanna come?” she smirked hoping he would catch her drift.

Anakin sat up and gave her an approving smile.

“You bet.”


Chapter 32: Peace and Harmony

Ahsoka got off the ship and was greeted by several patrol officers and Gordon.

“You Highness,” Gordon began, “…we weren’t expecting you so soon.”

“There has been a change of plans G.”


When they got to the palace Ahsoka told Gwen about the plan.

“Ahsoka…I…I don’t know if I can.” Gwen stuttered.

“I know you can do it Gwen. Grandma would have wanted it.” Ahsoka assured.

Gwen looked at Bravon before giving a confident nod.


The ceremony was quick because there was a lot to be done. Because Ahsoka had given Apollo the crown she let him hold it at the altar.

Gwen was dress in beautiful robes similar to the one Ahsoka had worn. She had Bravon walk her down. When she got to the altar, Apollo gave the crown to Ahsoka who then placed in on Gwen’s head.

Lavay and Dar were so proud of their daughter and the whole kingdom cheered.

Ahsoka and Anakin said their goodbyes and promised to visit when they could.


They were on the Twilight heading back to Corusaunt. Anakin could sense confusion and slight guilt coming from Ahsoka.

“You did the right thing you know. One of the hardest things to do is make a decision when you are the only one who doesn’t benefit from it.”

“I still feel like I let them down for even taking it on in the first place.”

“You were doing it with good intentions. No one can say you didn’t try.”

“I guess…”

Ahsoka pulled her necklace from under her top, which hung just low enough so that no one could see it under her outfit. Anakin knew it was there but if the council found out she would be in trouble for having possessions.

She held it in her hand and she could have sworn she heard her grandmother mother’s voice

Well done Ahsoka. Your mother and I are so proud.


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