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Wurren Kryze vs. Mandalore

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1Wurren Kryze vs. Mandalore Empty Wurren Kryze vs. Mandalore on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:11 am

“Wurren, Wurren, get back here.” Exclaimed Santine Kryze. Santine walked into her young sons room. They had just had a fight about his plans for a career.
“Mom! I want to join the republic Military; nothing you can say will change my mind.” Wurren started packing his bags. He was well built, just like any other Mandalore, with a lust for battle that his mother knows came from his father.
“Wurren Kryze, you will stop right now. Mandalore is a pacifist’s planet and you will honor our beliefs.” She saw him stop packing and she looked around his rooms. It was filled with clips from the ongoing war, Jedi fighting battles and clones shooting down B1 battle droids.
“You might be the Duchess Mother, but you can’t control what I want. Take away my citizens ship and throw me out of the planet, claim that I am no son of yours any longer. I will still get onto a ship and go to Coruscant. I would love to do it with your blessing mother, but you know that either way, I will do it.”
“Wurren, No!” Santine tried again to start a plea.
“Yes! I am sixteen now mother, you can’t stop me” Wurren zipped up his bags, took all of his saved up credits, his jacket and walked out of the room, avoiding his mother as he did.
Wurren later went to the Academy where he graduated early top in his class, as a 2nd Lieutenant he advanced his military knowledge, and when he met Senator Lexi Dio, they fell in love. Now, seven years later, they have a daughter that is three years old and named after his mother, Santine.

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