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1 Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:20 pm

Part 1:

Ahsoka sat in the sparing room, alone, in the corner. Other masters were training their padawan’s for an upcoming “MP Tournament”….but not Ahsoka. This was the last chance to practice before the tournament and her master was nowhere to be found….again.

He had taken a day off a few days ago and after that he had been acting different. Ahsoka knew her master drank. Some Jedi did. They would go to bars occasionally and some came back a little drunk. Her master usually came back sober. She didn’t know whether he actually drank responsibly or if he had just built a high tolerance to alcohol. She didn’t ask.

But after that day her master had been staying out late and coming home a little drunk. Nothing too bad just slurring his words a little and waking up with a mild head ach.

She tried to comm. him but he hadn’t responded.

…Four hours later

It was 11:00 at night and Anakin had come back from the bar…again. He didn’t drink that night because he accidentally left his credits back at the temple. He opened the door to the living quarters he shared with Ahsoka. There was a living space with a dark blue couch, a maroon recliner which Anakin deemed as his chair, and a Holovision (HV) with a small game system…which resulted in many arguments. There was also a small kitchen but they rarely used that. Off of the living room there where two bed rooms one for each of them. They each had their own bathroom that came off of their room as well.

Anakin wanted to make sure that Ahsoka was in bed before he hit the sack.

He made his way into her room quietly in case she was asleep. He wasn’t surprised to find her bed empty. When he wasn’t around she tended to stay out later than he would like. What did surprise him was her two lightsaber that were on her bed. Ahsoka never left her lightsabers unless she was going to library or training. But the library is closed for repairs, and she wouldn’t be in the training room…Oh Crap! He had forgotten about their final training session for the MPT. Just as he was about to sprint out the door he heard him com. link beep from its place on the counter indicating that he had a message. He pressed the button…

“You have 4 new messages.”

Hey Master its Ahsoka. My navigation class let out early so I’ll just meet you in the training room. See ya!

It’s Ahsoka again. You are…18 minutes late after 20 you get to clean out the Twlight.

Okay seriously where are you? It’s been over an hour. Com. me back when you get this.

Did you forget about the tournament tomorrow? We have to practice our jumps and I’ve been working on my pairing. Where are you?

“End of messages”

He quickly made his way to the training room and turned on the lights. He scanned the crates and training obstacles for his padawan. Finally he saw her bright orange skin and gray leggings standing out against the walls in corner of the room. She was laying on a bench, asleep, her training saber in her right hand. How long had she been lying there? Had she waited this long for him? Anakin felt a horrible sting of guilt. It was almost five hours past their scheduled session and there was his tiny padawan, alone, probably feeling let down, lying in the corner of an empty training room.

He approached her slowly and stopped in front of her “How are you supposed to wake up a teenager?”Anakin asked himself. Ahsoka was almost always up first so he had never had to wake her up…should he talk to her until she wakes up… or shake her… or tap into their bond and contact her through the force?….hmmm

“Snips…?” he sent through their force connection.

His padawan remained still.

“Ahsoka?” he whispered

Ahsoka stirred but remained asleep…

Anakin shook her shoulder gently and called her name again

“Wake up Snips…”

Ahsoka fluttered her eyes until they opened completely. She felt something on her shoulder and saw her master next to her causing her to jump in alarm. Anakin chuckled.

“What are you doing?” she said in a very harsh whisper clearly forgetting where she was.

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

“Wha-…I…Master, can this wait till the morning?” Ahsoka was still half asleep and had clearly forgotten about the day’s events.

“Sure” Anakin smirked. He didn’t want her to come to her senses and start an argument. It was late and she needed her sleep.

Anakin gently slid his arms around his sleeping apprentice so that one hand was underneath her back head tail, supporting her back, and the other was tucked under her knees. He slowly and effortlessly lifted her off the bench. He used the force to place the training saber back into the training cubby they shared before making his way back to their shared quarters.

Ahsoka and Anakin didn’t usually wear pajamas when they had a few days off. They didn’t sweat or get dirty so what was the point?

He pulled the blanket back using the force and gently laid Ahsoka on the mattress before pulling the blanket over her tiny body.

“I’m sorry Snips…sleep well” he whispered before making his way to his own room.


Anakin laid in his bad trying to push the guilt out of his mind. He felt bad that his little Snips had been let down by him and that she still stayed there waiting for him. The truth was he had forgotten about their training session. Anakin had a lot on his mind. He and Padme had gotten into a pretty big fight over their “secret”. Padme wanted Anakin to tell his padawn about their relationship because of how close Ahsoka was to both of them. Anakin thought that Ahsoka was better off not knowing. He trusted her with their secret and wanted to tell her but he was afraid of the result.


“She deserves to know! “ Padme shouted.

“Telling her would only make things more difficult for everyone especially her. She was raised to believe that the Code is the law. If she found out that the person she looks up to the most broke the code, she would be devastated.”

“Don’t you trust her?”

“Of course I trust her! But I also care about her and telling her something this big would overwhelm her and she wouldn’t know how to react! What if she asked for a different master?” Anakin asked, his eyes growing in fear at his own words.

“This isn’t about trusting Ahsoka…this is about your fear of losing her.”

“I’ve corrupted her mind too much already. No other master would be able to handle her. You don’t understand. The bond between master and apprentice is strong but also delicate. If I tell her there is no telling how our relationship would change.”

“If you don’t tell her, I just might have to.”

“You wouldn’t dare. She is my apprentice not yours. I’m her guardian and it’s my job to protect her in a way I see fit.”

“SHE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!” Padme yelled

“EXACTLY!”Anakin bellowed before stomping out of the apartment.

They hadn’t spoken since. It had been almost four days and every night Anakin had been going to bars to take his mind of his marital issues. Unfortunately, today he had gone to the bar during the day and got pretty drunk. It took him a few hours to sober up. It was late when he finally made his way back to the temple. But how was he suppose to explain that to Ahsoka?


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2 Re: Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:22 pm

Part 2:

Anakin woke up and looked at the clock it was already 10:00 but the MPT didn’t start till 3:00 so he had plenty of time to smooth things over with his padawan. He heard a crash in the living quarters and raced into the room.

“What happened?!?”

He saw Ahsoka on the ground gathering up the remains of a plate she had dropped. She was wearing her sleeping clothes consisting of baggy red pants that were much too long and a big white t-shirt. Weird…she dressed when I put her to bed…Anakin thought.

“You okay Snips.”

“…yeah” she mumbled.

“Need some help?”

“No thanks I got it. You can go to the bar now.” she snipped.

“Oh come on Snips, don’t be like that. We’ve gotta get ready for the MPT.” he said hoping that his padawan would put aside her anger for a few hours.

Ahsoka stood up and gave him a puzzled look which quickly turned to one of disappointment.

“Master, the tournament was yesterday.” she sighed.

“What?… No, I remember you were in training room asleep and a brought you back and-”

“That was two days ago.” she interrupted in a monotone.

“But…what? I- Whoa!” Anakin grabbed the counter to keep from falling over. His head was pounding and his was dizzy.

“Oh my head.”

“I’m not surprised. Remember now?”


Ahsoka sighed and began to tell him all that he had forgotten.

“You slept in and I went to the library before you woke up. I left a note saying to meet me in the training room in two hours and that we would talk after the tournament. When I got to the training room you weren’t there so I practiced with Barriss and Master Luminara. The tournament started and you still hadn’t shown up so Master Obi-wan volunteered to substitute until you arrived….which you did…during the final round drunk beyond compare. We were winning and tried to ignore you but you were stumbling around and trying to fight with your real lightsaber…everyone was staring… You sliced a good five training sabers in half before declaring that you had won. You told me to go with you but Master Obi-wan told you to go back to our quarters and leave me with him until you were sober. You started to yell and grabbed my arm…” she pulled up her sleeve to show him some bruises on her upper arm. Nothing too bad but enough to scare him to death…I did that to her? Anakin was shocked but before he could ask question Ahsoka continued…

“…Master Obi-wan got you to let go and then we helped you back to your room. You passed out and slept a good sixteen hours. I’m surprised you didn’t barf.” she added before attempting to storm out of the room but Anakin wouldn’t have that. He needed to talk to her.

He grabbed her other arm gently and came around so that he was in between he and her room.


“Sorry? You’ve come home three nights straight reeking of alcohol and even though you haven’t been really “drunk” until yesterday you’ve still woken up with headaches and then you cancel or as you like to out it post-pone out training sessions. Does that seem fair to you?” she asked glaring at him.

“No and I am really sorry Ahsoka it’s just...lots of things have been going on in my life lately and drinking takes your mind off of it for a while.” Anakin did his best to explain.

“What kinds of things?”

“Ahsoka I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I can’t tell you” he said already knowing what her response was going to be.

“What’s that suppose to mean? I sat in a training room for six hours and you don’t have the decency to tell me why?”

“I don’t have a better answer. I’m just angry”

“At me?

“No Ahsoka.” he said exasperatedly “Believe it or not, not ever thing involves you”

“Me?!? You act like everything is about you! The past few nights you’ve come home late and wake up with a headache and cancel training the next day. I’m not some game you can just pause and then pick up again when you feel like it.”

“I never said that!” he shouted

“Then stop acting like it!” she snapped before slamming the door in his face.

Anakin was just about to go after her when he heard Obi-wan’s voice.

“Anakin what is going on?” Obi-wan said as he entered the room.

“As if you don’t know?”

“She is right you know. You have to consider her to you can’t just up and leave like when you were a young Knight. You have a padawan now.”

“I know! I’ve had her for almost two years. Will everyone stop attacking me? I know I screwed up! Can we just move on?”

“She feel neglected.”

“She shouldn’t, I’ve always been there for her. I know more about her than anyone does.”



“What’s tomorrow Anakin?” Obi-wan asked



“The 16th of August…what are you getting at” Anakin questioned.

“Oh Anakin. Where is your head?”


“Tomorrow is August 16th, the two year anniversary of Ahsoka assignment to you”

“…Banth Poodo” Anakin cursed under his breath.

“Do her a favor as well as yourself. Go out tomorrow, not to a bar somewhere to eat, and talk. Not about training, not about the war. Talk and learn things about each other that you didn’t know before.” Obi-wan suggested.


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3 Re: Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:23 pm

Part 3:

The next day Anakin got up and knocked on Ahsoka’s door.

“Open up Snips?”

A very groggy Ahsoka opened up the door and looked at her master puzzled

“What are you doing?” she whined.

“Come on! Get dressed, we are going to lunch.”

“What?” There is no way he remembered…right?

“I heard that and I did so remember. We have to work things out anyway so hurry up.” he said. Closing the door before Ahsoka could respond.

Ahsoka went to get ready with a huge smile on her face but she was also a little worried.

Anakin went back to his room and got a call from Padme



I heard what happened, are you okay?”

“I’m talking to you aren’t I?”

“Anakin, this isn’t funny how could you be so irresponsible?”

“Padme not now.”

Yes now. Anakin you aren’t 18 anymore, you can’t just do whatever you want.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

It means you are being selfish


You’re putting your wants above others.

“Oh yeah right. That’s why I gave up my life to fight in someone else’s war. That’s why I didn’t send Ahsoka back when she was assigned to me.”

You became attached to Ahsoka, and if I recall you’ve broken the Jedi Code more than a few times.

“Is there something wrong with that?”


“So marrying you was a wrong? Is that what you’re saying?”

How dare you. Don’t call me again

And with that Padme hung up, leaving Anakin feeling worse than before.


Ahsoka came out to find four beer bottles lying empty on the counter.

“What the- Master?!?” she called

“Yeah I’m ready let’s go.”

“What are those?”

“Oh they are from last night” he lied

“…all of them?”

“Uh…come on we’d better get going”


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4 Re: Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:24 pm

Part 4:

The two sat in the speeder in silence.

“Snips, I know I let you down.”

“Just a little.” she snipped

“Did you forget to leave the sarcasm at the Temple?” Ahsoka sighed before gesturing him to go on.

“Well I don’t want us to be mad at each other...especially not today.”

“I guess…two years is a long time.”

“Yeah it’s hard to believe that-WHOA!” Anakin yelled slamming on the breaks.

“Ah!” Ahsoka jumped.

They were about four feet away from slamming into another speeder.

“Edocot gershi bialanto!” the other driver yelled.

“Whatever stang head.”

“Master, are you sure you’re okay to drive?” Ahsoka asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” he said before rubbing his temple.

“You’ve been drinking.”


“Why do you do this to yourself?”

“I….I need to. You’re still a child, you wouldn’t understand. When you drink you forget about your problems for a while.”

“Master Plo says alcohol doesn't console, it doesn't fill up anyone's psychological gaps, all it replaces is the lack of the Force.”

“Well if you ask me, he has been reading too many poems.”

“I worry about you when you’re drunk. When you where stumbling around and grabbed me it was…scary…you were scary.” that changed things for Anakin. The last thing he wanted was his Snips to be scared of him. Ahsoka wasn’t supposed to worry about him. She was his student.

“Hey look at me” she did, “You don’t ever have to be afraid of me. Do you understand? Never. It’s my job to be worried for you not the other way around. I made a mistake Ahsoka and I’m sorry but I don’t want you to worry about me okay? I’m gonna work something out and fix everything. I’m not going anywhere Snips.”

Ahsoka met his stare and gave a small smile before her eyes widened in fear. But she wasn’t looking at him…she was looking behind him.

“MASTER!” she shrieked.

Time slowed down a great deal. Anakin looked at his padawan’s face of terror he had never seen her like that before. He slowly turned his head to see a fast approaching speeder…well it seemed to be coming in slow motion… Then he realized that they were in the middle of the intersection. Anakin turned to look at his padawan’s desperate face before everything went black.


Part 5:

Anakin slowly opened his eyes but everything was blurry. His head was pounding…again. He reached up to rub his temples but the moment he touched his head he felt a shooting pain. He brought his hand in front of his face and found blood. What the force? He realized that he was lying on something very cold. Anakin’s vision began to clear but his ears were ringing. He felt a range of emotions through the force. Pain, fear, panic, concern. He looked around and saw glass everywhere. There were pieces of metal lying around and something was on fire. He looked up to see that he was underneath an upside down speeder. Anakin barley managed to roll onto his stomach.

The pain was becoming worse as he came to his senses. His hearing began to improve but the first sound he heard made him wish he was deaf. He could hear small screams and whimpers from a voice that was all too familiar to him. Ahsoka? Using the force and found her location wasn’t too far from him. He dragged himself over to a pie of metal and began to search from some sign of his padawan. He looked through a small opening made by a bent piece of metal and saw that blue and white lekku.

“Snips?” his voice was soft and crackly.

Ahsoka turned her head to face him, her eyes were hazy. She appeared to be buried under much more metal than him and there was much more smoke around her. Anakin had to look closely to see that she had a hand clasped on her leg.

“M-…Master?” she barely got out. She was gasping and panting at the same time. I sign that she was in shock from pain and the smoke wasn’t helping.

“Tell me where it hurts Ahsoka.” he struggled to speak and coughed as the smoke began to take its toll.

“My l-leg and m-my chest.” she said taking in a shaky breath.

“Okay take deep breaths, everything’s gonna be okay.”

“I c-cant (cough) b-breath” she gasped trying to catch her breath.

“Shhh I need you to stay calm help is coming. I need you to stay strong.”

“M-master I-…p-please don’t l-leave m-me” she begged.

Anakin reached his through the opening and held is hand out for her. She took her hand off her leg and held his as tight has she could…which wasn’t very tight. Anakin could see that her hand was covered in blood, indicating that she had a deep cut.

“I’m not going anywhere.” he assured. “We’re gonna be okay, I promise.”

Ahsoka began to cough and her breathing began to slow down and she started to lose conscious.

“No Snips. I need you to keep your eyes open.”

She didn’t speak and passed out from the smoke.

“Stay awake Snips…you can do it…just stay awake…stay awake” Anakin started to fade away and his eyes began to close.


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5 Re: Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:25 pm

Part 6:

Anakin woke up to the sound of sirens and ambulances but when he opened his eyes he was still under the speeder holding Ahsoka’s hand.

Suddenly he felt the machine above him begin to move and people shouting.

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” a rescuer called.

“Here” Anakin tried to yell but his voice was raspy and could barley be heard.

“I see someone Barvey!” another voice called.

“Ahsoka, you hear that?” Anakin asked looking through the hole.

But his padawan remained still.

“Ahsoka?” he called a little louder squeezing her hand. But Ahsoka still didn’t move.

Anakin called her name again and shook her hand a little desperately trying to stir his motionless padawan.

Suddenly the air cleared and someone appeared next to him.

“Sir, do you feel any pain in your neck?” but Anakin wasn’t even looking at him.

“Snips?” he called again, his voice breaking as he became more desperate.

“Sir, is there pain in your neck?”

“Help her” Anakin begged looking at the man for the first time.

The rescuer turned to where Anakin had been looking and saw the tiny hand encompassed in Anakin’s much larger one.

“Stang” he muttered.

“Help her” Anakin repeated.

“My men are moving the wreckage, they will help your friend but right now I need to get you out of here.”

“No…snips” Anakin tried to pull himself closer to the opening.

“Don’t move sir, I need you to stay still. We are going to move you to a stretcher.”

“I’m not leaving her.” he coughed.

“My other men are going to help her sir, but I need to help you.”

Three of them rolled Anakin onto his back and attempted to move him onto the stretcher. But he held onto Ahsoka’s hand refusing to let go.

“Marlos, bring me a shot of gurtagen.” the rescuer called.

Anakin felt a prick and began to feel drowsy.

Another voice was heard,

“Anakin!” Obi-wan cried. He ran over and knelt beside him. “Everyone heard what happened, Master Plo is on his way and Padme is waiting at the hospital…is that?...Oh no…” he looked wide-eyed at the tiny hand Anakin was clinging to.

“..p…promised I wouldnleave her. Pleasestay here wither” Anakin was mumbling as he began to lose consciousness.

“I will.” Obi-wan said.

Anakin went limp but his hand stayed clenched around Ahsoka’s. Obi-wan pried Anakin’s hand off and held Ahsoka’s in his own.


Part 7:

When Anakin woke up he was on a stretcher in a medical ship. He reached out with the force and was greeted by pain and remorse….What happened? He finally opened his eyes and saw the rescuer that had helped him before.

“General Skywalker, you’re on your way to the hospital as we speak.” Why does he sound so sad?...and who told him my name?

Anakin sat up slightly to ask the man more questions but he noticed that there were several people standing by a stretcher next to him. He looked closely and saw Master Plo on the opposite side holding a small orange hand. Ahsoka? Her other hand hung off the stretcher and looked as though it was reaching out to him.

“Clear!” someone shouted.

Ahsoka’s body convulsed before falling into its previous limp position.

“Ahsoka?” he whispered trying to lean over.

“Stay still General.” the rescuer ordered.

“Snips?” he asked louder

“You’ve gotta rest.” but Anakin wasn’t listening. He reached over and grabbed her tiny hand but because of the size of his own he encompassed part of her wrist as well. He recoiled slightly, he couldn’t feel a pulse….no….NO!

“SNIPS!” he yelled loudly “Snips” he cried as he felt tears streaming down his face. “I can’t leave her. I can’t leave her….Oh my god…I’m sorry Ahsoka…No Snips!” Anakin tried to hold back tears as he desperately fought the truth. His padawan was dying.

Suddenly Anakin couldn’t breathe and his chest started to convulse.

“Crap he’s going into cardiac arrest.”

Anakin felt pressure in his chest and suddenly saw a bright light…


Anakin felt like something was pulling him up. Eventually he stopped and his feet landed something soft before gravity began to weigh in again. Anakin tried to clear his mind but he found his memories fuzzy and it was only getting worse. He couldn’t even remember why he felt such pain in his heart. Anakin looked around. He looked like he was above a cloud…but the bright blue sky above him seemed to glow and there where stars everywhere. “Ahsoka would love this….AHSOKA!” Anakin finally began to recall why he was hurting so bad. What about this place made him so disoriented?

“Chosen One…” he heard a voice echo

“Who’s there?” he asked

The Daughter appeared from a cloud. She looked different. Her hair was white and flowed in the wind. Her once green robes where white and blue, her eyes where a bright, icy color.


“You are in the Threshold of the Force. It is where the spirits, of those who are force sensitive, are sent to cross over and become one with the force.”

“So…I’m dead?”

“For now, I needed to speak with you so I…borrowed you”

“Why am I here?”

“I wanted to thank you for stopping my brother. My father wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. You brought balance to my world.”

“Um…you’re welcome.”

“When I heard what happened to you I decided that I would return the favor one last time.”

She raised her hand and Ahsoka’s body rose from the ground, limp and pale. Anakin froze and flashed back to Mortis when she died.

“You care deeply for you apprentice don’t you?”

All Anakin could do was nod. He took a step towards his motionless padawan but a strong gust of wind stopped him.

“You can’t come any closer. Your spirit hasn’t crossed over yet. Luckily I stopped your padawan’s before it was too late. Do you know why I saved her on Mortis?”

Anakin shook his head.

“Because I saw your face when you thought she was gone. I’ve never seen such pain and guilt before, not even when my father lost my brother to the dark side. I could also sense her strength through the force. Her signature is one of the purest and brightest I’ve ever seen.”

Anakin smiled that sounded like Ahsoka.

“Be warned, this is the last time I will be able to do this. The force is generous but even it has its limitations. If she loses her life again I will not be able to save her. I trust you will watch over her?”

Anakin smiled and nodded.

“Very well…” the Daughter raised her hands. A gold ball of light appeared and when she moved her hand it went into Ahsoka. Ahsoka’s skin turned back to a bright orange and her chest began to rise and fall.

“I…I don’t…thank you.” was all Anakin could say.

“You’re welcome.” she raised her hand and a glassy portal appeared. Through it Anakin could see his body and Ahsoka’s in the ambulance. Both begin given CPR in a desperate attempt to get their hearts beating again.

Anakin scooped Ahsoka up in his arms and carried her through the portal…


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6 Re: Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:26 pm

Part 8:

Anakin felt an electrocuting pain explode throughout his body. He began to breath but his chest ached. He heard a heart monitor begin to beep and several relieving sighs. Anakin slowly opened his eyes and realized where he was.

“Welcome back.” said the rescuer holding the paddles.

Anakin sighed with relief and looked at Ahsoka. She was still but her heart monitor was beeping indicating that she was alive. Master Plo hung his head and rested his forehead against his hand that was holding Ahsoka’s. Anakin could feel his relief through the force.

“We’re here.” the pilot called.


Anakin and Ahsoka were quickly wheeled off the ship. Anakin saw Padme running in their direction.

“Anakin! Oh my god…I have an operation room waiting for you and Ahsoka.” she looked worried.

“Padme…I-I’m sorry.” he gasped

“No An-…General, I’m sorry.” she said with teary eyes.

Anakin heard commotion and turned his head to look. Several medics were rushing over to Ahsoka’s stretcher. A nurse grabbed Plo Koon’s arm and tried to lead him away. Anakin saw Master Plo bend down over Ahsoka’s lekku and his mask move slightly indicating that he was talking softly before allowing the nurse to pull him away.

Then, Ahsoka was wheeled into the hospital. Anakin reached out to her and called her name softly.

“They are taking her to emergency surgery Anakin, they are concerned that she reopened the wound from the battle on Shili.” Padme explained.

Anakin flashed back to just about a month ago on Shili. Running through the catacombs, explosions, rushing water, Ahsoka falling, her leg bleeding, her screams in the hospital as the doctors fought to save her leg. She had been alone and Anakin didn’t want that to happen again.

“Go with her…please.” he begged.

Padme nodded and backed up so Anakin could be taken to his operation room.

I love you Anakin mouthed as he was wheeled away.

Padme smiled before running to catch up with Ahsoka.


Part 9:

When Anakin woke up all he could see was white. He let his eyes adjust and saw several machines and an IV bag hanging nearby. He also saw Padme sitting on the side of his bed reading a holo-pad.


“Ani! You’re awake.”

“What happened with the surgery?...How bad was I banged up?...Ahsoka…Where is Ahsoka? Did her surgery go okay? Is she alright?”

“Whoa! Whoa! Slow down. One question at a time. You have a minor concussion and your mechanical arm needed to be repaired. You also had several broken ribs around your heart. One came close to puncturing your lung and the other nearly tore through your heart. That is why you went into cardiac arrest. You needed to have someone donate some extra heart tissue to repair the damage and fast because of the severity of the wound. Luckily someone happened to be just getting out of another surgery and was more than happy to make the donation.” Padme said with a smirk.

“Wow...I’ll have to thank him later” Anakin asked

“Hm, I’ll see if I can find her.” Padme smiled and quickly left the waiting room. Anakin saw her run past the window that allowed people in hall way to look in. Anakin sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

What would he do without his wife? Even though they had just had a huge fight she had still waited for him to wake up and she stayed with Ahsoka until her surgery way over…Ahsoka! Padme never told him if she was okay…but she was smiling so that meant that his padawan must be alive…right. Anakin closed his eyes and quickly tried to find Ahsoka through their force bond. He was startled to find that she was close by…very close.

Just then, Anakin heard a soft tap on the window and turned his head to see his wife standing above someone... There sitting in a wheelchair with a smile bright enough to light up the galaxy was his little Snips. Ahsoka was in a light brown hospital robe like his own and her complexion was as orange as ever.

Anakin smiled and sighed with relief before giving a puzzled look to Padme. Didn’t she say she was getting the heart tissue downer?…wait…

Before he had a chance to think Ahsoka pulled down her robe so that her collar bone was exposed. There just below the bone was a small bandage that looked like ones put on after an incision… Anakin’s new hypothesis was confirmed when he saw the amused smile on his padawan’s face.

Anakin was at a loss of words. He had neglected her, lied to her, disappointed her, taken advantage of her, not to mention nearly killed her. Yet there she was with a smile on her face and that sparkle in her eye with part of her given to him so he could live. You don’t come across many people like that in the galaxy.

Anakin was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw his padawan’s eyes avert to the floor and her smile fade, replaced by a look of determination and sadness. As if she was trying so desperately hard to mask her true feelings and make him think that everything was okay. But she was failing.

She leaned her head back slightly and said something to Padme whose face also became solemn before she nodded and headed down the hall. Ahsoka met Anakin’s eyes once more before taking a deep breath and wheeling herself to the door and into the room.

When the door closed, both master and padawan felt an unsettling silence begin to spread and grow with tension as the pair found themselves tongue-tied yet again.

“Thank you.” he began trying to break the tension.

“You would have done the same.”

“You’re right I would have. Ahsoka…I-”

“Don’t apologize.” she said still looking down.

Anakin gave a frustrated sigh. What was he suppose to say? That he was sorry? Oh yeah, real deep. That will fix everything. Cause I’ve never told her that before.

“Arguing with yourself isn’t going to help.” she said, overhearing his loud thoughts.

“I...I don’t know…how to even-”

“Don’t hurt yourself. I’ve been trying to figure that out for over two hour and I’m no closer than where I started.” she mumbled before leveling his concerned face with a small glare, “The beer bottles, they weren’t from last night were they?” she asked as if daring him to lie to her.

“Are you okay?” he asked choosing not to acknowledge the question they both already knew the answer to.

“No I’m not okay! How could I be okay? Who in their right mind would be okay in a situation like this?”

“I meant health wise.”

“More or less. I re-opened the wound on my leg so I have to be on crutches for the next ten days and they gave me some pills to deal with the pain but they make me dizzy... hence the wheelchair.” she said gesturing her hands to small leg that was engulfed in a large cast.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Was it worth it?” she asked


“The drinking and the staying out late…was it worth it? You know. Worth the hangovers, the MPT… the last twelve hours?”

“Of course not!” he exclaimed

“Then why didn’t you stop?”

“I-…I don’t want to talk about it Ahsoka. What I do outside of the temple is none of your business.” he snapped a little

“Does this have to do with wherever you always run off to?” she asked.

“…Yes, but I’m done talking about this. What’s gotten into you?…Even you’re not usually this persistent. We both di-…almost died in case you forgot.

“I have not forgotten Master. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it…” she trailed off losing herself in her thoughts.

“What’s really bothering you?”

“What if you had died? Then what?”

“What do you mean then what?”

“What would happen to me? Where would I go? No one would train me and I’d be alone. Did that ever cross your mind? You’re sorry because I got hurt and I forgive you for that…but I can’t say the same about you endangering yourself.” she said raising her voice.

“You’re not making any sense.”

“You were so worried about me that you didn’t even think about what would happen if you died. I wouldn’t have had anyone.”

“Not true. You would have had Master Plo, Padme and Obi-wan”

“Not the same.” she stated glaring at him for even considering him being replaced.

“Wait. So you’re mad at me for endangering myself even though you almost died as well? I think I’m missing something.”

“Imagine the reverse. Imagine you were badly hurt because I endangered our lives. What would anger you the most?”

“…The fact that you were so reckless with your life.”


“…because if something happened to you I don’t know what I would do.”

“Thank you, finally.” she sighed leaning back.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know. Promise me you’ll never put us in that position again. You have no idea how scary it was to think about you leaving me.”

“I promise. I’m not leaving you Ahsoka.”


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7 Re: Promises on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:27 pm

Part 10:

A few days later, master and apprentice were discharged from the hospital. Anakin as good as new but Ahsoka still needed to be on crutches for three to five days.

They walked with R2 through the halls of the Temple the day after being discharged. Anakin could tell Ahsoka was embarrassed. She had never come back to the temple injured before unless it was some heroic rescue in which case everyone was asking her about it. However this time word had gotten out. The part about Anakin being drunk was between him and Ahsoka so all anyone knew was that there was a speeder accident.

As soon as they got home they had noticed people looking at them strangely. Come to find out from Barriss that there was a rumor going around that Ahsoka had been the one driving and caused the accident. Ahsoka was pretty quiet the rest of the day. Younglings were teasing her behind her back and older Jedi would scold Anakin silently by glaring as he passed. They thought he was irresponsible for letting Ahsoka get hurt. If only they knew the whole story.

Snapping back to reality, Anakin noticed Ahsoka speeding up a little and it wasn’t until he looked around that he noticed why. People were staring again and some older padawans were chuckling. Younglings whispered and Jedi Masters looked at Anakin disapprovingly.

Anakin quickened his steps to catch up with her. Then he heard an older master whisper.

“…next time he is going to get her killed.”

Anakin spun around and was about to teach the old geezer a thing or two about questioning his care of Ahsoka using selective vocabulary but stopped when he heard a grunt and a thump.

Turning back around, he saw Master Windu face-planted on the ground on top of a crutch and Ahsoka regaining her balance with the other in shock.

“Oh. My…. Master Windu. I-I’m so sorry.” she stuttered as several masters went to help him to his feet but he waved them off.

“Eyes on what’s in front of you padawan. I would think you of all people would have learned that be now.” …so he thought she had been driving too.

Ahsoka opened her mouth to speak but closed it quickly.

“If you have something to say please share.”

“Forgive me Master, but you walked into me, and given my limited mobility I would say I had the right of way.”

Master Windu looked surprised by her assertiveness but quickly turned bitter when he heard youngling laughing.

“I suggest all of you get to class.” he said sternly.

The younglings giggling quickly stopped and they scurried down the hall as Anakin walked over.

“Skywalker, you might want to teach your padawan to be mindful of her surroundings…and her tongue. Similar to a “do as I say, not as I do” lesson.” he glared before stomping away.

Anakin and Ahsoka looked at each other before bursting out laughing and R2 beeped happily.

“Race you to the Holo-cube” he challenged referring to the game system in their shared quarters.

“Uh don’t you think the odds are in your favor just little?” she said sarcastically gesturing to her crutches.

“Well then I guess you’d better get moving.” he smirked before taking off down the hall.

His feet moved fast as lightning just to taunt her, he had this in the bag. But soon he heard a rocket like noise and soon saw R2 zooming up him with Ahsoka sitting on top of him. They slowed down to move along side him.

“Hey Master” she waved.

“That (gasp) is so (gasp) cheating!”

“Oh right silly me. We wouldn’t want one of us to have an advantage I’ll slow down.” she smirked before patting R2 on the head.

R2 blasted his rocket full power and Ahsoka shrieked happily.

Anakin slowed down and just watched they zoom down the hall. They would be okay. They would get through this. Together, could do anything.


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