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Daughters Of The Empire

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1 Daughters Of The Empire on Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:27 am

Daughters of the Empire
Note: Anakin doesn't wear the suit in this story.

(I don't know if this really matters, but just to make sure, I think I'll put it anyway.)
I do not own Star Wars nor have I made any money off of this summery.

Well, the begining isn't as good as the newer chapters.


Padme gave birth to Luke and Leia on Polis Massa. Padme had "died", but it was just Obi-Wan and Yoda who put her in a deep sleep that made her appear dead. Everyone was told that Padme and the baby had died. Meanwhile on Polis Massa, while Leia was in the nursery, she was taken by an agent of the Emperor who realised that Leia was the child of Padme. The agent threatened the nurse into telling Obi-Wan that Leia had been too weak and died.The agent didn't realise that Leia had a twin because Luke was in another room with the doctor. Yoda went to Dagobah to live, and Obi-Wan took Luke and Padme's "body" to Naboo. Obi-Wan brought Padme out of her sleep and told her Leia had died and that they needed to hide on Naboo with Padme's family. Meanwhile the agent was on her way to Coruscant with Leia when she stopped at Bespin to take care of some business. Ahsoka was also on Bespin, and had heard that Padme had died with her baby. She had even watched her "funeral" on the holonet. When Ahsoka saw the agent's ship land she felt a strange presence on the ship. When she saw the agent walk out she realised that she was an agent of the Emperor's, and when she saw Leia she knew immmediately that she was Anakin and Padme's child. She also realised that the agent would take Leia straight to the Emperor and Leia's father, Vader, if she didn't do something. She confronted the agent then killed her in a fight. Ahsoka took Leia to raise on Shili. Ahsoka had no clue that Padme had indeed lived and that Leia had a twin brother who also had lived. Ahsoka decided that she would tell people that she had adopted Leia. She changed her and Leia's last name to Padana. Pad for Padme, and ana for Anakin. Now 17 years later is where my story really begins............

Ok, here's where my story begins. I'm open to suggestions if y'all have any. What do you guys think? Please don't say anything too bad about my story. Also do you think that maybe Rex should be with Ahsoka on Shili?


Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars!

Chapter One: Life on Shili

Ahsoka was resting in her hut when all of the sudden 17 year old Leia came bursting through the door. Leia was a very attractive looking girl. She had long locks of chocolate brown hair that fell to her waist. She was tall and thin, but very strong and athletic. Leia had always felt out of place on Shili being the only human in the tribe. The togrutas certainly didn't make her feel at home either. Most of them disliked her greatly. Once when Leia was eight, she had painted her arms and face orange hoping she could be accepted. That, of corse, didn't work.

As she slammed shut the door, Ahsoka noticed Leia had an upset expression on her face. Ahsoka knew exactly what must have happened. Leia had always been treated bad by the kids her age no matter how much Ahsoka tried to protect her. As a matter of fact, Leia had only one person she could call a friend, a togruta girl named Treema Lee. Treema had also been treated like an outsider because nobody had liked her father. Tree lived only with her mother, Reema, since her father had "died." Reema had suspected he had been murdered. Ahsoka never knew him though because he had died before Ahsoka and Leia came to live on Shili. Treema was force sensitive herself, so Ahsoka had been training both Leia and Treema to the best of her ability to be jedi. The problem was Ahsoka never completed her training, so she couldn't really train Leia and Treema to be actual jedi knights.

"Are you alright, Leia?" Ahsoka asked. "I'll be fine. Today was just sorta a tough day." Leia answered. "You'll feel better tomarow. Why don't you go to bed?" said Ahsoka. "Well, alright. G'night then." sighed Leia. Ahsoka watched Leia walk into the back bedroom. Ahsoka sighed. Things were hard for her too. No one liked her either. She didn't know for sure why. It must have something to do with her raising Leia. Ahsoka was starting to develop a headache. "This is all Anakin's fault!" Ahsoka said out loud. "I'm going to bed." she grumbled. She had to get some rest anyway because she had an important lesson to teach Leia and Treema in the morning. As Ahsoka layed down in bed, she thought of a time when she herself was a padawan, when Jedi walked freely through the temple, and when the "Hero With No Fear" was a hero indeed...........

Well, what do ya think? The next chapter is when the adventure should start! Oh, in case you didn't know, Anakin has been called the "Hero With No Fear."

Chapter Two: Rex

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Also just so you know I researched all about togrutas and Shili and such, so some might be true and some might be made up by me.

This is where my chapters start getting better.

Little two year old Ahsoka was sitting lost and alone in the middle of a turu grass field. She shouldn't have run off alone. Why didn't she listen to her father when he told her brother and herself not to run off alone? Well, Ahsoka was never one to listen. At the moment she was scared that a fearsome akul would jump out at her. She had been lost for a total of two days. There wasn't much hope she could find her why home for turu feilds could be very vast. Especially the one she just so happened to be lost in. She probably wouldn't be found either because no one much traveled through turu feilds unless they were hunting. She had survived the past two days by eating wild berries and using her natural togruta instincts.

Ahsoka froze. She heard footsteps. She really hoped it was her father coming to take her home. The footsteps were getting closer and closer and closer. She hid behind a rock just in case it was an orange furred akul. She peered out from behind the rock to see who or what was there. It wasn't an akul or her father. It was a rather strange looking person. She was frightened by the stranger at first. "Well now. Who are you young lady? Aren't you a little young to be out here alone?" the strange person asked.

Ahsoka sighed. She really missed Plo Koon. Back after he had found her, Plo Koon tried to locate her family. He didn't know were to start looking though because the only words Ahsoka could say was Ahsoka, Aton, Daddy, Mama, and lots of gibberish. Unable to locate her family, Plo Koon decided to take her to the temple were she could be trained to be a jedi. He gave her the last name Tano, and the rest is history.

After order 66 she came back to Shili with Leia hoping to find her family. She hadn't been able to locate them because not only did she not know her real last name, but no one remembered a little girl named Ahsoka who had gone missing. Shili was just too big, and her family might have even moved to another planet. The only things she knew was that her name was Ahsoka and that someone close to her must have been named Aton. Was it a friend? Brother? Father? She really didn't know. She had only one memory of her family. She had always had the image of a strong togruta man and a beautiful togruta woman embedded in her memory. She had always guessed they were her parents. Whenever she was lonely she would think back to that memory. The only memory she had and would probably ever have of her parents.

Ahsoka had to forget about all of that for now. Today was an important day. Today just so happened to be the day someone very near and dear to both Ahsoka and Leia would be paying them a visit. Rex. He was the only reason she was still living. After he helped her escape order 66 he had joined the rebellion. He had always made time to visit them though. For the past year he had been trying to convince Ahsoka to join the rebellion. Ahsoka hadn't felt the time was right yet to do so.

"There's his ship!" Leia shouted trying to keep her excitment bottled but not really succeeding. "It'll be so good to see him again! I wonder how things have been for him! I can't wait!" Leia rambled off excitably. "Leia, you're acting like a five year old." Ahsoka laughed. "I can't help it!" laughed the usally mature Leia. Leia straightened up and tried to act a little less excited. Rex and Leia had always been close. Leia looked to him kind of like a father figure.

The ship set down near the hut. A smile broke across Ahsoka's face as she watched the doors ease open. Leia ran up the ramp and into the ship before Rex even had a chance to walk out. Ahsoka went in as well to greet her old friend, but she stopped short when she saw him. "What happened to you?" Ahsoka asked. Rex was sitting in the pilot's seat with a cast around his left leg. Leia was standing next to him with a concerned expression on her face. Rex leaned forward in his chair and with a grin on his face said, "Ah. Nothing to worry about. Just a little ol' broken leg. It happened on one of my missions." After a moment of silence Ahsoka said, "Well, come on now! We have a dinner prepared in your honor!" "Well then! Let me get my crutches here, and lets go!" Rex laughed. "We also invited Reema and Treema Lee to dinner. I hope you don't mind." said Leia. "Of corse I don't. I'll enjoy seeing them again." said Rex. "Good." smiled Leia as they walked down the ramp.

Ahsoka, Leia, Rex, Reema, and Treema had just finished eating when they all went outside to talk and catch up in each others lives. Rex had been telling them stories of the Rebal Alliance most of the evening which Leia and Treema had enjoyed immensly, but the conversation had turned rather dark as the subject of the empire came up.

"You know there are some that say that the empire is going to take Shili under complete control." said Reema quietly. "And invade our homes and make the men work for the empire." "Oh, Reema. You can be so paranoid." said Ahsoka. "Why would the empire want to even mess with Shili? You can't believe everything you hear." "But I've heard it too! They say the empire has already taken over Corvala!" Treema said worriedly. "One of the hunters told me. He said that no one can leave nor enter Corvala." "Corvala isn't far from here. Don't you think we would all know for sure if the empire had taken over Corvala?" Rex stated. "Maybe. Maybe not." said Reema.

Ahsoka was starting to feel a little uneasy. What if it was true? She had taken Leia to Shili to keep as far away from the empire, the emperor, and more importantly Vader as possible. Of corse Leia didn't know Vader was her father. Ahsoka hadn't told Leia that Vader was once Anakin Skywalker either. Ahsoka had always told Leia that she was the daughter of a dear friend that had died, so she found Leia and took her to raise. Leia had always thought that Ahsoka had always stayed hidden because she had been a jedi padawan. That was true, but only Rex knew what Ahsoka knew. The horrible truth that Leia was not Leia Padana, but Leia Skywalker. Leia Vader.......

What do you guys think? PLEASE review!!! Don't worry. Padme, Luke, and Obi-Wan will show up eventually. I also changed Treema's mother's name from Ima to Reema if you didn't notice. I also have a surprise for you guys that won't be revealed till a couple chapters from now. Not sure exactly how many though.


Disclaimer: I don't own SW!
Chapter Three: Escape From Shili

"Good morning, sweetheart! How's my baby girl?" Ahsoka's father asked. Baby Ahsoka looked up at her father and cooed. "Where's Aton?" he inquired. "Most likely getting himself into trouble." Ahsoka's mother sighed. "I had better go find him......."

Ahsoka woke up sweating heavily. The two adults in her dream were the same two people she had always had a memory of. Her parents! A peaceful feeling came over her. She replayed the dream over and over in her mind till she finally drifted off to sleep again.

A couple hours later, Ahsoka woke up to someone shaking her violently. "Hu? Wa-?" she mumbled. "Get up Ahsoka! GET UP NOW!" Rex yelled. Ahsoka then woke up very quickly. "Wh- what's wrong?" she studdered. "The Empire is ransaking the villages!" he said. "What?" Ahsoka said unbelieveably. "A member of the tribe council told Reema. They're both here right now! They came here to warn us before it's too late! Leia is already up and getting things together! It's either surrendner and possibly die, or try to escape, and I'd perfer to not die just yet!" Rex yelled then ran out of the room. Ahsoka burst out of her bed with new-found energy. The Empire COULD not and WOULD not find her after seventeen years of hiding.

Ahsoka ran into the main room to find Leia and Treema packing food and Reema rushing outside to Rex's ship with a box."Rex! Get over here!" Ahsoka yelled. She opened a crate and pulled out several different blasters. She handed them to Rex. "Put these in your ship!"

She leaped toward her room and snatched her lightsaber and hooked it on her belt. She started to run out of her room when she stopped herself. There was something else she wasn't about to leave behind. She ran into her closet and pulled out an old, dusty pale blue box. Her name was inscribed in silver on the box along with the Jedi symbol. She hadn't pulled the box out for several years. It just brought back too many bitter memories.

As she was looking at the box, her mind wondered to the past. "Um, are you aware we're in a hurry here? If you haven't noticed, the Empire is breathing down our necks this very minute, and here you are in la-la land!" Reema said from behind Ahsoka. "Uh, sorry. Lets go!" Ahsoka said after snapping back into reality. She then opened the box and grabbed a silk pouch and a smaller box from inside then ran out of the room with Reema.

"Come on everyone!" Rex called as he wobbled out (since he still had to use crutches) to his ship. Leia ran over to help him. When they all got to the ship, Ahsoka took time to look at Leia and Treema's face. Treema looked like she was going to be sick. "Poor girl. She's not used to this much excitment." Ahsoka thought to herself. Leia, on the other hand, looked extreamly excited, alert, yet nervous all at the same time.

Rex got in the co-pilot's seat while Ahsoka sat in the pilot's seat. "Come on, Rex. Lets blast our way out of here." Ahsoka said confidently. They took off and flew over the trees. From the air, they could see the destruction that had already been done to Shili. Everything from the turu grass feilds to the the villages were being either ransacked or burned down. Anger started building up inside her.

"Those monsters." Reema said bitterly. "How can they do this to a planet that never gave them any trouble?" Reema then looked out once more for several seconds then left the cockpit. "Lets get out of here." Treema said quitely. "I agree." Rex said.

The Empire obviously didn't care or were too busy to care that a ship was escaping
from Shili, so they were able to fly away and jump into hyperspace without too much trouble other then some cannons firing at them from the ground. Ahsoka, being the skilled pilot she was, dodged them without problem.......

Woohoo! I'll try to update soon! REVIEW!


Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or anything in it. The begining is from Revenge of the Sith. I don't own it either! No money has been made!

Chapter Four: Padme and Luke

"I don't know you anymore! Anakin, you're breaking my heart! I'll never stop loving you, but you're going down a path I can't follow!" Padme cried. "Because of Obi-Wan?" said Anakin slowly. "Because of what you've done! What you plan to do! Come back! I love you!" "Liar!" he screamed.......

Padme shook the memory out of her mind. She definatly didn't want to replay that day in her mind any longer. She'd hoped that with time the pain would lessen, yet as each year went by, the pain stayed as sharp as ever. Not only did she live with the pain he caused her, but she lived with the pain of loosing her baby girl.

She had to stop thinking those dark thoughts. Things were good for her now. She was safely tucked away with family and friends. She found the emotional support she needed in Obi-Wan, her mother and father, sister and her husband, her two neices, and especially Luke. Luke took the news of who his father was quite well considering... He had been told on his fourteenth birthday, and it was a day she would long remember.

She headed for the couch and sat down to relax and grabbed some food to eat. She turned the holonet on. "What the?!" she she grunted through the chips she was eating. "SOLA! Get in here!" "What's wrong? Oh, so there's the chips. I was looking for them when I was making my sandw-" Sola said then stopped short when she saw the holonet screen. "Oh no." she whispered. On the screen was Shili. Total destruction. Houses burnt to the ground and the bodies of those who tried vainly to stop the Empire littered the ground. Suddenly Vader himself appeared onscreen, and Padme felt her heart leap.

"Mother?" came a voice from behind them. They turned around saw Luke standing in the doorway. "I see my father has been busy." Luke said dryly. Padme reached over and turned the holonet off. "You don't have to try to protect me. Mother." he stated. Padme looked away after Luke had spoken.

After a moment of silence, Sola spoke up, "Now, lets talk about something cheery. How about we all go help prepare Pooja's suprise party. It's not every day my baby turns twenty-four!" Padme reached over and grabbed Sola's hand. "Okay." she said with a twinkle in her eye. "Wanna race to the lake?" "Like when we were kids? Well, okay. You asked for it, Padme!" Sola then made a break for the door with Padme on her tail. Luke followed after them smiling and shaking his head.

Meanwhile on Shili...

"Prepare my ship, Captain. I want to leave this blasted planet as soon as possible." Darth Vader ordered as he survayed some of the wreckage. "Yes, Sir. Before you leave, sir, there's something I think you'd like to look at first." Vader became immediatly interested. "While my men were going through the homes, they came across some sort of box with the Jedi symbol on it." said the captain while motioning the troopers to bring it forward.

The box seemed vagely familiar to him. It was pale blue and about medium sized. On top was the Jedi symbol in silver. He turned it around to look at the back and was shocked at what he saw. On the back, faded yet still legible, was the name in silver, Ahsoka Tano. The box, in fact, was a gift he himself had given to her so many years ago.

"Where did you find this? Show me immediatly!" he said angryly. "Yes sir. I'll show you personally. Trooper, bring that speeder around!" the captain ordered.

It wasn't a long trip to the hut where the stormtroopers located the box. "I want you to stay outside, Captain." he ordered. Whatever he found, he didn't want anyone other then him to know about it. He opened the door and stepped inside.......

Yahoo! So there's chapter four! I'm not sure when chapter five will be up. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!


Chapter Five

Sorry to say this chapter is short and only deals with Ahsoka's group. Vader and Padme's group will be main characters in the next chapter.

"I'll name this one Jana!" seven-year-old Treema Lee said excitedly while holding her new-found pet bug. "Than I'll name mine Naja!" six-year-old Leia giggled. "Lets go show them to Ahsoka!" Treema suggested. "No, said Leia with a mischievious grin on her face, "I have an idea. Lets go stick them down that dumb Crysaline's skirt! She thinks she's soo much better than us that she can't be friends with us. It'll teach her a lesson." "Okay, but if we get into trouble, it was YOUR idea!"

Raising Leia turned out to be harder then Ahsoka thought it would be. She had a firey spirit and a fiesty attitude to go with it. When she was little, she would get mad. REALLY mad. Ahsoka thought she'd never live through that stage of Leia's. Though as she got older, she calmed down a bit.

"Mom, I'm completely bored. How much longer is it going to take to get to wherever we are going?" Treema whined. "Do I look like I'm the one flying this ship? Go up front and whine to Ahsoka about it." Reema replyed. "Yes, Mamma." Treema sighed as she started walking up towards the front.

"If I have to play one more game of holochess, I'm going to scream." said Leia as she flopped herself onto a couch. "You're just upset because I kept beating you." said Treema as she walked back to her seat. "I still think you cheated. Anyway, what did Ahsoka or Rex say?" She questioned. "I didn't ask them because once I got up to the cockpit, they seemed to be having a personal conversation. I thought it would be best to not bother them." she answered.

"I see." Reema said slowly. "If you two don't mind, I'm going to go listen in on their conversation." "Ooh, can we come too?" Leia said with a huge grin on her face. "No, now you know I was only kidding. I'm going to go take a nap now. Wake me up if we ever reach whatever planet we're going to." she said as she walked away.

Leia let out a big sigh. "Wanna play a game or something? We can see how many times we can run around the room in a minute." she said sarcasticly. "Uh, no thanks, Leia" "Hey! I know! Grab some soap and lets go play tick-tack-toe on the refresher room mirror!" Leia jumped up and announced. "Why would you want to do that?!" Treema said with a confused grin on her face. "Oh, I don't know. Just come on now! Last one there's a nerf hearder!".......

Well, READ AND REVIEW!!! The next chapter will star Padme's group and Vader.

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2 Chapter Six on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:23 am

First of all, let me say that I know my story isn't very good. Yes, I think it's been getting better, but it doesn't match. If you were to read the first chapter then read this this chapter, you'd be like "Is this the same story?" I am planning a HUGE re-write because I know I can do better. So, without further to do, here's the newest addition to Daughters of the Empire.

BTW Anakin, I know you like going through posts trying to fix misspelled words, well, don't do it with mine. I have a reason for misspelling certain things as you may soon see. yodasmile

Chapter Six

Lord Vader stood in the doorway of the small hut. He wasn't sure what he was about to discover. He slowly, trying not to miss a single detail, went through the old hut. The kitchen contained a small amount of food. Most of it they seemed to have taken when they fled the planet. The living area was a sea of books and tools. He took note of all the native decorations on the wall.

He headed towards what seemed to be a bedroom. It had even less in it then the kitchen. Just a bed and a closet. He swung the door open and took out one of the few boxes that layed inside.

He became quite confused. There was nothing but old baby clothes that seemed to be homemade. There were old wraps and such that seemed to fit an older child. Maybe Ahsoka lived with someone in the hut. Maybe a widow with a child.

He looked through the rest of the boxes but found nothing of extreame importance. He was becoming discouraged. He was finding nothing that could tell him who lived here and where they where now.

There was one last room. There had to be something in there that could help him discover where his former padawan might be found. Or at least how she lived here without being discovered.

He opened the door and stopped short. Stuff was EVERYWHERE. Books were all over the bed, and also seemed to be stuffed UNDER the bed. There were papers and machine tools strewn all over the table that sat in the room. In a room this messy, there had to be something that could give him some answers.

His guess was correct. After wading through dosens of papers and greasy metal pieces, layed a book. On the front it read, "Journal." There had to be something in there that could prove to be useful.

Dear jorenal,

Ahsoka gave me you for my birtday. Maybe I wil writ in you later. I got birtday cake in my hair so I beter go get it out now.


So, hair? This child obviously wasn't a Togruta. Most likely she was human.

dearest jornal,

I have not writen in you because I lost you a year ago. You fell behind my desk. Dont blam me. It was your fault.


So, now he knew the gender of this child. A female named Leia.


I got into a fight again with that Sander boy. He thinks he is so special. ahsoka came out to stop us. Before she did I got to punch him the eye. He started it first. His mamma told ahsoka that I couldn't come near her "baby" or she'd cause trouble for me. Me and Treema got a plan to get back at him. I hope it works.

Leia Padana

Interesting. Padana? He would have to check the data holos for all families named Padana. Good chance he could find his former padawan that way.


Sorry I haven't written in you for a while again. It's been at least 2 years. I'm 12 now, just so you know, journal. (This is insane! I'm talking to a journal. I must be loosing it.) Anyways I almost cut myself with the lightsaber Ahsoka keeps hidden in her drawer. (Don't tell Ahsoka that, journal!) There I go again. Talking to a journal like I do a Togruta. I AM loosing it.

Leia <3

Dearest Journal,

Uncle Rex came for a visit!! I love when he comes around because he lives such an exciting life. He's always telling me stories. Makes me realize I live a pretty simple life. Then again, I kinda like my simple lifestyle.


So, now who was this man named Rex?

Dear Jouranl,

Treema and I had a slumber party in the hut last night. Ahsoka told us tons of stories while we all helped cook in the kitchen. She told us about Barriss Offee the Jedi healer, Quinlan Vos, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker the hero with no fear.

She warned us to never spread those stories around. If the Empire knew she was spreading around Jedi tales, they'd lock her up. Or possibly worse.

After Ahsoka went to bed, we pretended to be Jedi knights. Treema was Obi-Wan Kenobi and I was Anakin Skywalker. We pretended to defeat the evil Empire and restore order to the galaxy. In the process, we broke a lamp that Ahsoka said belonged to her mother. Lets just say Ahsoka was a lot like the Emperor when she found out about that. We calmly told her it was all done in the name of peace for the galaxy. (Since we broke it playing Jedi Knights.)



Turned 14 the other day. Yippe yoo hoo! I know you're so excited for me. *sarcasm*



Once again I haven't written in a while. Want to know why? If you guessed that it was because I lost you again, then you are correct!


Dear Journal,

OHMIGOODNESS!!!!!!! I JUST HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! My birthday was about three days ago, and Uncle Rex suprised me with a visit! Now, he's a great guy and everything, but what I'm so happy about is he took me on a trip!!!!!!! Ahsoka said he was taking us to NABOO!!!!!!

It's my first trip EVER to another planet!!!!!!! The whole gang went! Uncle Rex, us Padanas, and the Lees!!!!!!! I've read so much about different planets, but never thought I could go to one! We toured the whole planet. (Or as much as we could.) We saw the hills, the waterfalls, the town square, and musuems!!!!!!! I also learned a whole lot about people I've read about! Queen Jamilia, Queen Apailana, Governer Sio Bibble, and Senator Padme Amidala!


That was the last entry. Nothing else was written in the book besides some creepy looking pictures she has obviously drawn as a child. But he learned some very important things.

Where had they gone? He felt like he had a very good guess.

"Captain. Prepare my ship for hyperspace immediatly."


"I know! You're pretending to be a whale!" Reema smiled.

"No." Treema grinned.

"I know! A shark!" Leia exclaimed.

"No!" Treema laughed.

"I think I know! You're pretending to be Rex!" Ahsoka said with a huge grin on her face.

"Yes!!" Treema said falling to the floor laughing.

"Haha! That's a good one, Lelila.

"I don't walk like that!" Rex pouted. Treema just grinned.

"We're coming out of hyperspace!" Ahsoka exclaimed. "Yay! Now we can finally see this 'mystery' planet." Leia said while buckling up. "Mystery planet?" "Yeah, you wouldn't tell us where we were headed. Hense the term mystery planet." Leia said a matter of factly.

Ahsoka rolled her eyes. "You never asked me where we were headed. If you must know, we're headed to Naboo, of course. I thought it would be great since we've been here before and met some friends."

"I'll miss Shili, but I'm estatic to get to live on Naboo!" Leia thought silently to herself. "At least for now. We'll probably be moving on eventually." Ahsoka answered back through the force. Leia gave her a look. She hated when she read her thoughts, and Ahsoka knew it.

After they landed, they headed out towards the city. "Well, where from here, Rexy?" Ahsoka said with a questioning look on her face. "Um, follow me! I remember the way!" he said walking away light-heartedly. "Oh, I bet you do." Ahsoka whispered sarasticly.


"Luke! Get in here! I need you!" Padme said becoming annoyed that her son wasn't responding to her calls. "Sorry, Mother. I got caught up in something." he said jogging down the stairs.

"Yeah, caught up talking to that new girl over the phone." Pooja said as she walked pass."Ugh. Teenagers." Padme said rolling her eyes. "I need you to go over to Amiloa and Kilora's house right away and borrow some apples from their backyard. I was going to make an apple pie for the picnic tonight, but discovered Ryoo's boyfriend, who has a bottomless pit for a stomach, ate the last of them.

"Well, he has to keep his strength up." Ryoo defended grinning ear to ear. "He needs to do it in his own kitchen then instead of wiping our's out." said Padme.

"Ha, did he really eat them all? Okay okay. I'll go do that. I'll get you 12 then." "Hurry now!" she called as he ran out the door.


"Um, is that where we can rent you guys a temperary house?" Rex asked Ahsoka who just shrugged. "I don't know. Hey! I think it was that building over there, if I remember correctly."

Reema laughed and pointed at a building and said, "Maybe it's that building over there that says 'Houses For Sale Or Rent.'" "Oh, that must be it then." Ahsoka said starting to walk across the street. "I'd imagine so." Reema said walking after her.

"Nooo! They're closed for the Naboo national holiday! I had completely forgotten about the holiday!" Ahsoka moaned. "That means tons of places will be closed. Of all days for us to arrive on Naboo." "Lets try hotels then." Reema stated simply. "No, I think they'd probably end up being full for the holiday. Besides, we might want to lay low, if you know what I mean." Rex whispered the last part. "I also need to be getting back to my group. I was only supposed to be gone a few days not several days. But I won't leave till I know you all are safe."

As they walked down the street, they passed by a familiar looking building.

"Hey! Isn't that where the Benson's work? It looks like they're open! Lets go in there! I bet they'd have some suggestions. They might even let us sleep over or something!" Rex grinned. "We couldn't ask them to do that!" Reema exclaimed. "I know. I know. But it wouldn't hurt to drop some hints." he smiled mischieviously. "You do that and I'll- Hey!" Ahsoka screamed as Rex ran over to the building. "Fine! You better heed my warning though!" as they ran to join him.......

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3 Chapter Seven on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:43 pm

I hope you enjoy this, Jacen!! Very Happy The begining is not as good as the end. Wink

Disclaimer: I don't own anything...DUH!!

Chapter Seven: Leia, Meet Luke

"Hello? Anyone? Hello!" Reema called. "I don't think anyone's here after all." "Great. They must be out partying just like the rest of Naboo." Rex said just before they heard someone walk up from the back room.

"Oh, Ahsoka? Everyone! I'm suprised to see you guys!" said Mrs. Benson. "It's good to see you again." Ahsoka smiled.

"Are you all here for the celebration?" she asked after greeting everyone. "You might could say that." Rex replied. "What do you mean?" she smiled with her eyebrows raised. Ahsoka elbowed Rex in the ribs. "Urg. Oh, yes. We're here for the holiday. I mean, it's a great time to visit, right?" "Actually, we're going to be staying for a while. We were hoping to find a place to stay as well. We actually came to ask a favor of you... Would you happen to know of any place that might would still have rooms to spare till we can find a place to settle down permentantly?"

"Let me see... I don't think so. Most places are full around this time. Most of my friends who own hotels have told me they won't have rooms for a week or two. Tell you what, come stay in our guest house till you can figure out where to go. I can introduce you to a few of my friends. I also know of some teenagers who can help Treema and Leia get familiar with everyone. I promise you'll love living here." she assured. "Come with me. My husband is back home. I was actually just about to close up shop. We're planning a party tonight complete with fireworks. You are all invited!"

Ahsoka sighed. She was glad Mrs. Benson didn't know what planet they had originally lived on. She didn't want to answer questions like, "How'd you get out? Did they burn down your house? Did you shoot any stormtroopers? Is the Empire after you?" Back when they first met, they told her they were from Bespin for security purposes.

"Secondly, call me Kilora from now on! Not Mrs. Benson. Makes me sound old."

"Uh, okay, thank you... Kilora." Reema said as they walked out the front door. She looked back at Ahsoka and gave her a side-ways shrug.


"Hey, Luke! Luke! Luke! LukeLukeLuke!" Luke's friend Biggs yelled running up from behind him. "What is it, Biggs?" Luke said annoyed. "Let me- catch-my....breath. I just ran all the way from home. I'm tired."

Luke rolled his eyes. "I'm headed over to Amiloa and Kilora's house. I need to pick up some things for my mother." he said. "Right. That's what I was going to tell you. Your mom told me to tell you she needs two dozen instead of one. She's making extra for the party the Bensons are throwing. Oh, she also said that she left something at their house when she last visited. She said to be sure to pick it up, and that Kilora would know what it is."

"Glad you caught me then. I would have hated making an extra trip." Luke said while kicking at some rocks on the road. "I wish she would have let me take the speeder." "After you wrecked it last month? You'll be lucky if she lets you drive it again within this next year." "I didn't mean to run into the lake. It wasn't my fault. A stupid squirrel ran out in front of me." Luke defended.

As they talked, they made it to the house, and Luke rang the doorbell.

"Hello?" Amiloa said. "Well, well. If it isn't Luke and Biggs. What brings you two here? The celebration isn't until tonight."

"We know, sir. It's just my mother is making some food for the party you are having, but discovered there were not enough apples left. Most stores are closed, and she thought she might could ask you for some. She also said something about picking up something she left behind last time she visited." "Sure, help yourselves. Just go around back to where my servents are setting up tables for tonight. As for what she left behind, I have no clue. I suspect you'll have to ask my wife about that, and she's still out at the store." he said while rubbing his forehead. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some grilling to do." he added with a smile.


"Padme?" Ben Kenobi called as he walked through the living room. "Yes, Ben?" "Where's Luke? I can't find him."

"Oh, I sent him out to get something. Why, is something wrong?" she asked. "Don't worry so much, Padme. I was simply wondering where he had gone."

He was lying, of course. The fact was that for some time he had been feeling on the planet some strange feeling through the force. He couldn't exactly place who it was or what it was. All he knew was that he had better keep an eye on Luke till the feeling faded away.


"Here we are!" Kilora said cheerfully. "The guest house is in the back. The one you'll be using is the second from the lake. If you'll excuse me, I have preperations to attend to. I hate to run off, but I really must. I'll be sure to tell Amiloa to stop by to say hello." she said as she walked inside. "We'll be sure to help prepare things as well! As soon as we settle in first, of course." Reema added.

After a few minutes of silence, Reema screamed, "I've got the shower first!!!!!!!" "No, let me go first!!" Treema yelled as she ran after her mother.

"I had better go lock down the ship for the night." Rex said as he walked back towards the city. Ahsoka looked at Leia and shrugged. "It's just you and me." Leia just smiled.

"Lets go see if we can help get things prepared, K?" she said giving Leia a sideways hug. "Cheer up. You'll make friends and be a normal Naboobian, Leia." Leia sighed, "What about mine and Treema's training?" "We'll figure something out. Just lets sit back for now and relax." "Sure." she said looking out towards the lake.

Ahsoka felt her heart melt away at the look Leia had on her face. She had seen the look several times on her master's face. Ahsoka sighed. "Come on."


Leia looked around the yard as they walked along. Servents were running around everywhere, and everything was so beautifully decorated.

"I feel so out of place here." Leia stated as they walked along. "I mean look! Here everyone has nice houses made of brick and nice clothes made of silk. I'm used to grubby jumpsuits and huts made from wood from the forests. I mean, I love Naboo, but it just feels...strange here. Like I don't belong, but I do." "I can understand that.. I think. Anyway you'll get used to it with time, I assure you." "You are waaay too positive, Ahsoka." Leia's eyes narrowed. "Do I have to stop wearing my jumpsuits?" Leia said as if someone had just suggested they were going to cut her arm off. "No." Ahsoka laughed.

"Look, you can go anywhere you please, but don't leave the yard and head for town without my permission." Ahsoka said walking off without her. "I'd hate for you to get into trouble, which you are very good at doing."

Leia crossed her arms and smirked. She walked over to the edge of the lake and watched everyone run around preparing for tonight. Then she spotted the funniest site she had every seen over on the other end of the yard.

Two dummies were trying to climb a very tall tree, but weren't really succeding. One made it a couple of feet, but slid down landing straight flat on his back while the other boy laughed at him. The two had obviously never climbed a tree before, which she found oddly strange, and she started walking towards them.

Once she was close enough to where they could hear her, she called out. "Hey! You two dummies ever climbed a tree before?" Not exactly the best way to introduce herself, but it kind of came out before she could stop it.

One of the boys turned around startled. "Hey, would you please not sneak up on people like that?" "Well, sorry if I frightened you, but-" she was about to come off with a snippy statement when she stopped herself. If she wanted to start making friends, the best way to do so would be to not insult them, but that was going to be very hard for her. For some reason she seemed to always come off with statements that more or less insulted someone. Haliea Kel from Shili said it was just just her personality, but Leia wasn't really sure if she ment it as a compliment or not... Ahsoka told her she got her sarcasm from her father, and she'd do well to work on not being so sarcastic. "Uhg, never mind. What are you two doing?"

The blond boy turned to her with an annoyed look on his face. "What does it look like? We're trying to get up to one of the branches of the tree so we can shake the limbs to get more apples to fall down. There aren't enough laying on the ground. We need more."

Without saying a word, Leia slithered up the tree faster then a squirel and disappeared within the leaves."Heads up." she said from within the tree.

Suddenly apples started raining down around the two of them making them run out of the range of the falling apples.

She stuck her head out of the leaves. "Did enough come down? Want me to shake it some more?" "No!" Biggs exclaimed rubbing his head where an apple had hit him. Leia then jumped down out of the tree.

"Name's Leia." she said rubbing her hands on her pants. "Uh, I'm Biggs and this is my friend, Luke." Leia looked Luke and Biggs up and down and smirked. What a bunch of characters. she thought to herself. "That's nice. Please excuse me, I need to be going. If you're going to be here tonight, so will I. We can talk more then." she said jogging off.

"Um, wow. Okay... She's a bit strange." Luke said while picking up an apple. "Did you see how fast she scampered up that tree?" said Biggs still watching her run off. "Of course I did. Ah, never mind her. Lets go pick up whatever it is my mom left behind from Kilora, who's home now, and go."

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