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Outbreak Of The Blue Shadow Virus

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1Outbreak Of The Blue Shadow Virus Empty Outbreak Of The Blue Shadow Virus on Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:00 am

Outbreak of the Blue Shadow Virus

Note: This story takes place before TCW episode “Blue Shadow Virus”

On the peaceful and serene planet of Adana sits a beautiful, pristine, lake. Along the bank of the lake sits a rustic cabin that appears almost as old as the Baraka trees that surround it. Within its four aged walls a small table and two chairs fill in the center of the three room cabin. To the right is a small kitchen and bathroom; to the left is a small bedroom and desk. Sitting at the desk is a tall, aged, Faust man known as Dr. Nuvo Vindi. Don’t let his docile appearance fool you; he is a separatist tool in charge of manufacturing a deadly plague. Suddenly an alarm sounds signaling an incoming hologram message. Vindi stands up from his work and swiftly walks over to his holoprojector to accept the message. The message is from separatist leader Count Dooku.
“Are you prepared to fly to Naboo to carry out your research?”
“I am just finishing up gathering the rest of my paperwork and then I’ll be on my way Sir.”
“Good. We will finish this conversation once you reach Naboo.”
The hologram of Dooku fizzes and disappears. As Vindi gathers up the last of his papers into an old Nerf-skin briefcase, he pours a cup of Caf into a mug and trots out the door. Outside sits his Naboo Star Skiff gifted to him by Count Dooku as partial compensation for his work on the resurrection of the Blue Shadow Virus. He quickly loads his belongings onto the ship and then boards the ship himself. Once settled in his chair, he starts his engine, bursts out of the atmosphere, and jumps into hyperspace.

“We are approaching Naboo. Prepare to land.” Said Vindi to his Rabbit Droid.
As the ship descends into the atmosphere of Naboo, a small army of Battle Droids prepare to meet the Doctor. The Droids are frantically trying to make the place look presentable but there efforts were failing. A Droid carrying a glass of water to give to the Doctor upon landing had slipped and spilled the water everywhere. “Quick C12!! Clean those papers and gather the floor!! Uh, no, wait I mean…gather the papers and clean the floor!! Hurry his ship just entered the atmosphere!! Quick everyone lets move out to meet him! Said several frantic Droids trying to take control of the situation. The Droids swiftly shuffled out to meet him. “Hello my fellow separatist friends. I have arrived!” “Hello Sir. Shall we head inside?” Said the Commander Droid. “Yes of course. I must contact Dooku to tell him I have arrived!!” Vindi entered first and the Droids followed. “Do you have the vials of the Blue Shadow Virus that I have sent for safe keeping?” “Yes sir.” “Bring them out and set them near the sink as I meet with Dooku.” Vindi walks into his private quarters and closes the door behind him. He then pulls out his holoprojector and calls Dooku.
“Hello Sir, I have arrived on Naboo.”
“Good. I trust the Droids had everything in working order upon your arrival?”
“Yes everything since I arrived has been going according to plan.”
“Very good. Hopefully things will continue to go this way.”
Suddenly a Droid bursts in to room. “I knew I should have locked the door…” Mumbled Vindi under his breath. “What is the problem C12?” “Doctor Vindi, as one of the Droids was setting down the vials where you asked, he slipped and it flew down the drain!!” “This is not good at all! It will enter the people’s water supply and they will discover our plans! Where is that Droid?!?” Yelled Vindi. “We will deal with the Droid later. Right now we must send some Droids to try to remedy this most unfortunate situation. I trust you will handle this predicament properly, Doctor?” Said Dooku. “Uh yes Sir.” Vindi said in a nervous voice. “Good.” The image on Vindi’s holoprojector disappears as the call ends. “Do as Dooku says. And let’s hope that we can fix this before it gets out of hand.”

To be continued in “Blue Shadow Virus”.

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