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An Unknown Hero

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1 An Unknown Hero on Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:14 pm

Chapter 2

A boiling caldrin of mixed emotions filled my mind. Anger,frustration,depression.But out of all of them, hatered ruled.Hatered for this unknown person, hatered for this malevolent spirt, atered for this...murderer. But how, why am I feeling this forbbiden emotion against this, this, whatever it was? Most Jedi should never go through such conflicting emotional pain.Then again, Im not like most Jedi.
"Belle?"Padme asked me. Her deep brown eyes full of concer and worry over me. "Are you alright?"
"Yeah, just fine." I lied. I felt a tear well in my eye, then trickled down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away, hoping Padme wouldn't notice it. But she did. She put her hand on my shoulder
"Belle, I could pilot for a while. You've had a hard day."
"No, this helps take my mind off of everything"
"Alright, whatever will help you cope"
She had given up on arguing with me along time ago.Throught the trip I had tried to picture what this monster looked like. Theroy one was a giant cannibalistic changerling with a thirst for blood. Theroy two was a insane gundark human hybrid. All I could see were disfugered montsters.
We landed the Twilight a few miles from the town. It was taken over and raided by the terroreist like hundreds of other towns. I walked to a small closest and got my robe and put it on. I tossed Padme her robe
"Why do we need these?"
"To conceal ourselves.If they found out I was a Jedi and you were the senator, we'd both die."
"Good point" Padme agreed as she put on her robe. I tossed her a comlink and I put on mine. I turned mine on and turned it to Anakin's signal.
"Anakin? You there?"
"Yeah, has anything happened?"
"Nope. We're gonna try to get so information. Padme's going to record it, then send it to u and Artoo at the palace."
"Ok but how will you get it?"
"I have my ways,"
"Don't do anything stupid"
"No guarentees"
I turned off the comlink and walked out of the Twilight, Padme at my side
The crowd in the town was great.My guess was they were having a meeting on there next attack.We took our places in the back behind the large plethora of terrorists.A cresent shaped horn sounded, thus marking the beginning of the assembly.
Then my very heart stopped as I saw who the leader was. The monster I had always pitured was no monter at all. But my sister, my twin sister Graciana. Her reddish blonde wavy hair in a pony tail high atop her head. She wore all black, exept for her dark blue boots.
"People relax!"She said to the crowd. "We all now why we're here dont we?"
The crowd yelled in agreement.
"But I hea we have new member so I'll go over it once more."
A small droid put a chip in a projecter. A map geological map of Naboo appeared. There were tiny flashing red dots everywhere. These dots were a highly explosive element found only on this planet.
"Now this element is ot only rare but it can also get you a pretty penny. But noooo we can't mine it. So the only solution? Deystory everything that is standing between us and that money! But whats so bad about that? We have made a sdeal with the sepratists that if we could turn the chemical into bombs, they would pay us billions. We will then plant them in each republic system and if they refuse our demands, the system is deystroyed. And the entire galaxy will be at our fingertips obeying our every command.And with the help of the sepratists we can make a better Naboo for years to come!!!"
Thunderous applause errupted from the people. I told her to go back to the twilight that i would be there shortly.
There was banquet shortly after In a large building.I stood with my back against the wall thinking. My beloved sister killed my mother. Then I felt it.
"Belle? BELLE!"My sister ran up to me and hugged me tightly. "So, what are you doing here?"
"I was considering joining" zHer face lit up
"Terrific!"She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the room. She cleared her throat and silence filled the room.
May I introduce to you my siser and lastest member, Belle Marieena!"
The room was filled with cheering, applause and the clanking of glasses. Graciana took a sip of cheap wine from her's then tilted it at me, offering me some.
"No thanks,"
"Still the good one i see."
We went on small talking like this for hours until it was time for me to retire.I was to stay with Graciana in her mansion.
"Do you like it?"She asked me
"Oh I love it Gracie. Where's the library?"
"Fifth floor"
Every library had a computer. Every computer has a file. And every file has a secret.I hacked into the system fairly easily.What can I say?Nobody lives on Tatooine without learning a few tricks. I searched until I found the file.Then i found the design of the bombs, how to deactivate the and evrything.Including the factory.
Then I found an even bigger discovery.I found a file that contained not war stratedys nor hit lists but...photographs. Photograph of me and her when i was younger before i eft naboo for the temple.And suddenly I felt guilty. Darkness and evil possessed her, yet she loved me. She hated everything but loved me. The worst of it all was sh became a monster, and I had to slay it.
"Belle?"I heard her call from the end of the hallway.I downloaded the bomb and factory information onto the chip and transmitted it to Anakin at the palace.Just as the computer shutdown Graciana entered the room.
"There you are!Thought I lost ya for a moment!Did you find the book you wanted?"
"Yesh"I pulled a random book from a vast shelf.Graciana took it out of my hand and looked at it.
"Hmm History of the Republic. Well you should got to bed, I dont want you tired for my corination."
"Yes, tomrrow Im beginning phase three." Her voice was over taken with a dark edge
"And Im taking out anybody that gets in my way."
She walked out of the room.I left a few minutes after she did and went to my room.
I contacted Padme and told her everything.
"What should I do Padme?"
"Justice must take its corse,no matter what the price"
Then I herd a blast.A scream.Static. And a deep voice saying that Padme was taken hostage.

Then silence

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2 Re: An Unknown Hero on Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:20 pm


The Fatal Five:
Breiane:.........................Kyshanie:................................. Milana:
Species: Pantoran ...........Species:Human......................... Species:*Hallician
Age:23 .........................Age:22......................................Age:19
Weapon: Blaster..............Weapons:Blaster/Bombs.............. Weapons:Blaster

Giavonni:....................... Sarhani:
Species: Twilek............... Species: Human
Age:21 ..........................Age:20
Weapon:Blaster.............. Weapon: Blaster

Every bounty hunter listed is female
*Hallician- A human like alien with all the features of a human but has large wings.Wing colors:White Gold Black

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3 Re: An Unknown Hero on Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:35 pm

Chapter 3:
As soon as I got to my guest room, I closed the door and locked it.Then I sat on my bed and wept.Not over the lose of my mother, or myself.But my sister.How had my closest friend and comforter since before my birth turned into such a corrupted monster? How, Why did she do this? Why would she killed Mother and could she do the same to me?I knew I would have to face her, but would I be strong enough to defeat the creature she has become?
All of these questioins rang through my mind.I snapped up suddenly, remembering something, something worth fighting her about.My friend. Padme. I quickly cleaned my tear stained face and walked out of the room.Gracian met me in the hallway.
"Where are you going?"
"Back to Corasaunt, Im home sick"
She sighed then smiled at me."Alright.Promise you wont wait another nine years before I see you again"
That was a promise I new I couldn't commit to.So I just said goodbye to her and left as soon as I could.I also left with a new mind set about the situation at hand.This was no longer the sister I had grown up with.A monster had consumed her.And I was determined to kill that monster, even if it ment killing her.Although I relished the thought, it was bound to happen at some point or another.
But still one part of my heart still longed for her,the old Graciana.he one that would dance in the summer rains with me.The one that would run through the shaak feilds with me on warm Naboo summer days.I remember we would have walks by a small stream that ran by our lake house and we would harmonize with the sounds of the breeze that rustled the tall grasses.That was the sister I loved.The one who had died a long time ago.
The twilight was a mess when I began to search it over. There were blast marks every where. I laughed softly to myself.Padme had put up a fight,a good one at that.She was a good fighter for a senator.Then I saw somthing that infurriated me.I knelt down and examined it.It was a small puddle of blood. A humans blood. Padme's blood. But she wasn't dead or else they would have left her here.
My comlink began to beep.It was Anakin from the palace.But insted of his voice I heard a seris of clicks and beeps.Instead of him, it was Artoo.He said he got the information and transmitted it to Corasaunt.Then he told me just five minutes earlier, the terrorist came and tok Anakin and the queen to the bomb factory. They were going to be held until nightfall the coming day.He send me a holomap of the factory.I thanked him and closed the transmittion.
I had little time to act but aleady I had come up with a plan.The last time I was here,I made friends with a group of bounty hunters called the Fatal Five.They were my only help, my only hope.They lived in a city near by so getting there wasnt hard to do at all.Finding them was a much different story.
I found them in a smokey nightclub.I walked to the back of it to there office as they called it.It was guarded by a behemoth of a alien nine or eight feet tall, five hundred or more pounds.
"And what do you want little lady?"
"I needto see the Fatal Five"
"And are you going to hire them?"He asked me like I was a small child
"I dont know yet"
He put his hand on my shoulder and stuck his ugly disfigured ead into my face.
"Well I cant let you see them.And there's nothing you can do about it." I was getting tired of his childish tone.I wrapped my hands around his massive fore arm and tossed him over my shoulder into the bar next to me.
"I bet you will know"I told him. He only moaned and passed out.I let myself in.
The room was dim.Only lit by a small lamp an large table.
"Well if it isn't blondie?" Milana greeted me from behind. They were all behind her Giovanna, Kyshanie, Sarhani, and Breiane. We all sat down at the table and I explained the dire situation.And showed them the money.
"So," Giovanna began,putting one of her bright purple legs on the table."What your saying is we have to deystroy over a hundered droids as well as around two hundred terrorists free a queen Jedi and senator and blow up a factory?"
They all looked at one another
'We're in"They said in unision
We all went back to the twilight and flew a few miles away from the facility.I went over the plan once again and after that we bagan to walk to the factory for a battle that none of us would ever forget

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4 Re: An Unknown Hero on Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:41 pm

Chapter Four:

We were waiting at the edge of the swamp for Milana to come back to tell us where the factory was located.Milana landed at my side
"I can't find it. Maybe the coordinates aren't accurate."
"No they are.Let me try"
I closed my eyes and opened my mind to my surroundings.Suddenly I heard it. Crashes, and the clanking sound of machinery.The factory.I opened my eyes
"Lets go"
Graciana had hidden the facility well.It was underneath a thick covering of foliage and sluged.It was a thick wall of glass revealing the main entrance.
"Allow me"Kyshanie pulled out a bomb from her belt.
"No," I told her "If you do that the factory will be deystoryed."
I told them to get back. What I was about to do was dangerous. I thrusted my hand forward and the glass wall that once blocked our way in, exploded, sending millions of tiny shards to the hall below. They all stepped back up to me. Then we jumped to the factory below.
And like I thought, waitng on us was an army, not of droids but of terrorists. They stared at us, blasters aimed and we stared at them. The five pulled out their blasters and I activated my lightsaber.
"Let the games begin" Breiana yelled out to them.
Thus marked the start of the battle.
Milana was doing the airal attacks, swooping down and shooting. The others were behind large titanuim crates firing. And I was in the middle, with my lightsaber moving in every direction imaginable.
And as I fought my mind thought and worried.Where were Anakin and Padme. Then my mind went wandering past the machines and chemicals to the deep bowles of the factory. I saw them. They were bloody and injured, coverd in bruises head to toe. They had been mocked and beaten. Tourchered. Anakin was behind a plasma wall helpless as large men began to......
My mind snaped back into my body. I was furious at what I had seen. I almost went out into the crowd of savages to finish them all off but something was holding me back.What I didn't know but Im glad it did. The terrorist kept coming at us as fast as we were shooting them down. Near defeat I feared the worst. But then I saw a glimmer of hope.
I saw a crate of explosives. I lifted it to center of the crowd and held it there
"Shoot it Milana!"I yelled.
She fired like I told her to do and it exploded with a thunderous sound.And we walked through the fire, victorious, onto the next obsticals.We were going to win this fight no matter what the cost. Nothing was going to stop us. Not even death could prevail against us.
We stopped at the the end of a corridor.
"Keep in mind this place is rigged with anything and everything imaginable.Be careful"
They all nodded in agrrement to the statement.And we trudged onto into the unknown depths of the factory
We got to the end of a hallway and stopped
"Remember,be aware of your surroundings.This place is rigged from top to bottom.We can do this.Cant we?" They all nodded.I sensed fear from them.And to tell the truth I was terrified myself.But despite our emotions, we pressed on, unprepared for what was to happen next.
We were in the middle of a hallway wen the floor bagan to shake. It was splitting in half revealing the firey crust lava like crust of Naboo.I force jumped across the growing void and Milana flew behind me.
"What about us?"Sarhani asked when we landed.
We all relized the floor as well as time was quickly as well as sweet time. I closed my eyes and reached out my hand. They all rose in mid air and floated to the other side where Milana and I were.We were all together again.Safe with one another. At least for now.
We then walked into a large arena like room.It bonechillingly cold within it.But then we heard it.An ear splitting screach that came from one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy.What we heard was the unmiskatable roar of the gundark.
Suddenly, three of the beasts busted out of a massive doorway. They were starved of food so that it would be hungery for its next meal.Us.
"Go!"Giovanna yelled at me as she fought with one of the monters."Save them!We got this under control!"
With great reluctance I left them to fight them.
But I had an even greater battle to fight.It was with my now sworn enemy.A even greater monster than a gundark.I had to fight my worst nightmare. My sister Graciana.

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5 Re: An Unknown Hero on Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:46 pm

Chapter Five:

I took a deep breath.And with the move of my hand the door opened revealing a cave like crypt. And then I saw them. Anakin and Padme were chained to the cold stone wall in front of me.The looked...dead. I could bearly look at them because of the severity of the wounds. What wasnt black and purple, was marooned with dry crusted blood. Then from across the room came a dark sadistic laugh.
I turned. In all her tyrany and terror stood Graciana.
"Welcome sister dearest to death.'
"Why?" I choked "What happened to you?"
She laugh again and a slight breeze arose from no where.
"When I was born.Our fate was already written in the force.They began calling me a babe in the crib. And I listened. Every nightmare you ever had was caused by me. Every injury every fall caused by me. And the death of that pathetic woman you so called mother was caused by me."
"Graciana why didn't you tell me about the darkside calling you? I could've helped,"
"You meaned weakend me. Darkness rules over all things. Light rules nothing. Dark can cause light to fade."
"Light can cause darkness to fade as well. Please Gracie let me help."
She pulled out and activated her crimsion lightsaber."Never will I give in to you and your Jedi ways of slavery."
I pulled out my lightsaber and activated it as well. Its violet hue luminated the entire room.
"Then I guess Ill have to deystroy you"
"Not before I kill you!"She charged at me.
That first blow was so strong, it nearly knocked me to the ground. I jumped over her and landed behind her.She struck at me again howling with rage. And we fought like ancient Jedi warriors and Sith Lords that had long since passed before us. Like the dance of a seperpant and its charmer, striking fatal blows upon one other only being protected by our minds and lighsabers. We twirled around the room as if we were dancing with one another, striking again and again. Once she struck me with such force that I fell to my knees.
"You were always the small feeble one.Weak in mind and body" She told me, her jade green eyes burning into mine. Then something happened to me as memories of us flooded my mind.A sudden rush of strength and power coarse throughout me.As if someone was helping me fight her.
I looked back into her cat like eyes
"Not any more!" I pushed her back then kicked her across the face,knocking her to the ground. Her lightsaber deactivated and it slid across the room.I stood there gasping for breath my heart pounding. I then remembered something.
Padme and Anakin were still there, chained and trapped on the wall. I ran across the room and released them form their bondage. Both of them hit the floor with a thud.
"Padme!Are you ok?" She lolled her head facing the ceiling
"Belle,"She warned me. Graciana was ontop of one of the beams that held the crypt together. And like a nexu stalking its prey she pounched from the ceiling. I had just enough time to light my lightsaber and block the attack. I then lept up to the beems above us. Now that Padme and Anakin wereon the ground, I couldn't risk harming them. All the light from the room faded suddenly and the only source was our lightsabers. I turned quickly at the sound of Graciana's twisted laughter.
"Where am I Belle? Am I behind you." A scalding pain sliced my back and I saw a streak of red. Blood was dripping from my back. I doubled over screaming in pain. I forced my self back up to an upright postion dispite my body's pleas to do otherwise and retook my attack stance
And in front of me was her.
"Awww whats the matter Belle?I knew you weren't strong enough to save the day"
"Im strong enough to stop you."
Then with a thunderous crack we collided with a force that nearly caused the building to collapse in on us all. But then she spun and sliced open my left arm and right thigh. I lifted my head and roared in pain. But still I fought until I could no longer. When I blocked one of her attacks, she deactivated her light saber foe one slit second then activated it again. And before I had time to react, I felt it. I looked down at the lightsaber that was skewering my stomach. Blood gurgled from my throat and began seaping through my clenched teeth.And I watched as the scarlet drops fell from my mouth towards the earth below knowing my fate too would be the same. Graciana deactived the blade and kicked my chest and I began to fall towards my death.
I landed with a bone crunching sound. I saw graciana punch in a code setting a bomb to explode the factory and all who were in it in five minutes. My eyes closed as I neared death. Not only was I facing it but I wanted it. Every one I ever cared for was either dead or dying. Then there was the pain that ran rampid inside me. Every breath I drew was more painful and every heart beat came slower.
I heard something in the midst of it all. Blasters and shouting.
"Kyshanie Breiane!Get the senator! Sarhani, Giovanna get the Jedi! Ill get Belle!We need to get them out of here now!"
And that was the last thing I remembered

The first thing I could do was hear.
"Ani, I'm going to see if they know when Belle will be up."
"You already asked that.The droid said soon. Shes been out for a few weeks, whats a few more days gonna hurt?"
Next I could see. My eyes fluttered open to a dull bright yellow room.I tried to block the light from my eyes but something was preventing me from doing so. I looked over and saw an IV in my hand and moaned. I hated IVs.
"See I told you she was fine" Anakin and Padme walked back into the room.
"Thank you Belle. For everything you did. For us as well as the repblic. Because of you Naboo is safe once again.
"What about,"
"The Five had business to attend to on Tatooine but they said your welcome."
"And Graciana?"
Anakin spoke up and leaned against the wall "Shes in a maximum sceurity cell far from this part of Corusant."
I sighed in relif.It was finally over.
"I have to go to a senate meeting so try to get some rest while Im gone."
"I will"
They both left.I was nearly asleep when someone else entered the room.And much to my surprise it was Master Windu.
"What are you doing here master Windu?"
"Congradulating you on your success."
"Master, why couldn't I hurt her?"
He sighed and sat down on my bed.
"Well for one you have a good heart. Two your a good Jedi. And three she's your sister.Im proud of you my former padawan."
He smiled at me and I weakly smiled in return and Thanked him.Then for the first tim in what seemed like an eternity, I fell into a deep peaceful sleep. And felt like everything was going to be alright.

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6 kfhishfidhfiyigh on Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:31 pm

Ok this is chapter one redone.Leia moved it from my old topic so here it is

Chapter One
I awoke to sunlight flooding the bedroom of my Corasaunt skyrise apartment.I rolled out of bed and hit the hard floor with a loud thud.I scrambled up and made my way to my closet and put on my Jedi uniform.But just as I was about to leave,I noticed i forgot somethings.
The first thing was my purple lightsaber,which i found under a mountian of clutter on my dresser.The second was a dear friend.I sat down at my desk and pulled out an old tattered blue diary and flipped to the last page.

Thank you my old friend.Its seems like just yesterday when i got you when i was thirteen.The day i left Naboo for the Jedi Temple,the day i became a padawan.Now as of today Ive been a knight for two years.And Ill be going on my first mission,without a master that is.I have to protect a dear friend that Ive known my whole life.But my other close friend Anakin Skywalker will be tagging along.Although weve been friends since i was 6 and he was 4 when i first moved to Tatooine Now we cant stand eachother.I have to leave now,I musnt keep the council waiting.Goodbye my old friend

I signed my name,Belle Marieena at the bottom of the yellowed page and left my apartment
I got to the temple around mid-morning and was greeted at the door by anakin's padawan ahsoka tano.
"Morning Belle.The council is ready for the briefing.What do you have to do anyway?"
"Protect Senator Amidala from terrorist,if you will,while she goes to naboo."
"Do they know whose doing this or why."
"No but they must want something.Bad.Bad enough to kill a senator."We got into the elevator and continued our conversation.when I got out of the elevator ahsoka moaned.
"What?"I asked her
"I have to teach a class of younglings now"She almost wined.I laughed to myself though
"May the force be with you."
She moaned again and walked down the hallway and i entered the room.I bowed and exchanged the traditional formal greeting."And where would anakin be?"
I glanced around and as usual he was going to be late.
"I have no clue master kenobi"
"Come one!"I thought to myself "Your feeding me to the gundarks here anakin!As if you would care anyway!"Master Yoda laughed aloud.
"your thoughts,very amusing they are."Then he looked up at me with his greenish hazel eyes."Much faith in your sucess,I do have."
I bowed and thanked him for his faith in me.Then,anakin burt through the door,his light chesnut brown hair tousled by the wind.He came over to my right side and greeted the council.
I slightly tilted my head so i could see his face"So finally decided to show up?"I asked him
"Shut it sleemo"He mouthed.I stuck my tongue out at him,childishly.
"Well if you plan to rendezvous with the senator on time you best be leaving now."Master Mundi told us."Anakin,due to the recent delvelopments in the assaination attempts,yu must guard the queen.Belle,you'll still guard the senator."MAster windu added.I felt anger build in Anakin but before he could protest,we were dismissed.
Morning Corasaunt traffic had only gotten worsehalf way to the senate building,as did anakins anger."I can sense your upset about the council's desicion."
"Of course I am!Padme could get hurt or,"He shook his head,unable to utter the words.I stopped my speeder.
"Anakin,no harm will come to her.I swear it."I pulled back into the street and pushed a blonde ringlet of hair back behind my ear.When we got to the senate i groaned to myself.
"What?"anakin asked me
"Theres no place to park!"Then i got an idea.I looked at him who looked back at me.And by the way he laughed i could tell he lekid this enterance much better.I jumped out of my speeder and began free falling towards the concrete below.I landed on my feet and anakin did as well.
"You do realize their probably going to tow your speeder right?"he asked me
"I didnt like the color yellow anyways."

OK thats pretty much all the redone part the rest of the storys still the same as it was before.Just wanted to post it here along with all my others!

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7 Re: An Unknown Hero on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:32 pm

Chapter 6

I awoke find myself in darkness, surrounded by a deep navy mist. What wasnt the mist, was a shade of a slate gray. But yet somehow through the darkness of the encasing fog I heard a familar voice calling out to me. I stood up from the cold ground where I had lay. I saw a luminous white figure step towards me from the blackness.
And it was. She came closer to me until she stood in front of me. Her long ivory hair swayed in the cool night air. Her smile was as warming and loving as it ever was, like she was never dead to begin with. She smelt of lillies and Naboo summer wildflowers.
She incased me in her arms, cold to the touch. But i didnt really care, i was just glad she was able to hild me again like she did when I was smaller.
"Oh honey. Its alright. Everthing will be soon enough. Just hold on baby."

And for some reason I cannot explain, I began to cry over this reunion.
"I love you Mama." I said with a smile in my voice.
"I love you too"
But then as soon as she appeared to me, she had vanished. The peace and the light left along with her. But I sensed something darker, more sinester in its place. The mist even left in its place, making all visibility impossible. I looked around, confused and worried.
I looked around but there was nothing.
"Reveal yourself!" I demmanded. "Who are you!"
"I am your fears, nightmares. That little cloud of doom that always clouds your mind. I am the reason you are what you are today."
"Who are you!" I yelled, more in panic now than anything else I felt.
I heard another demonic chuckle.
"Like you dont know you clueless pathetic lifeform."
Then I felt it rush towrads me as it shrieked a battle cry. I saw a flash of blood red and crimson. And then it faded into the blackness like everthing else around me.

I bolted up out of my bed, gasping for air ,my heart pounding. It was just a dream...Or was it? I shook my head and got up out of the bed. It had been nearly two weeks since, since it all happened. And I was still in the medical bay. And I was also lucky to be alive after it all.
I had 5 broken ribs, a broken leg, arm, bruises everywhere, and lost in total nearly a gallon of blood. I stood up and got a cup of water from across the room. I put the the cup down then pulled my gown up to my thigh and looked at the deep purple scar that spread across it. They said it was almost to the bone, and that it almost sliced through my femral artery.Then I looked at the one on my right arm. It wasnt as bad as the others but it was still painful.
Then i looked at the one on my stomach. It was 4 inches in diamiter. A thin layer of skin covered it. It was a deep purplish-red color. It nearly killed me. The skewering blade missed my major organs by mear centimeters. The medical droids have to keep this bandage and special salve there to re-grow the skin there. And I had to change the disgusting thing every six hours.
I still wasnt strong enough to leave the center yet but I was getting there gradually with medicine and therapy. Just that short walk across the room left me exausted so I crawled back into my hard lumpy bed.
And as I looked out to the busy Corasaunt night sky, I drifted and wondered. Why did I keep having the same reoccuring nightmarish vision everynight? Who was the crimsion demon that terrorized me in my dreams? I couldnt wait to heal so I could meditate at the temple about this. But most of all I just wanted out of the horrible little room.

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8 Re: An Unknown Hero on Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:44 am

Chapter Seven:

It had been three and a half weeks since I had been sent to the medical center. Three boring awful weeks of therepy, pain, lumpy beds, IVs and horrible food. But now I was ready to leave this place.
The scars on my arm and thigh had vanished, like there had never been any to begin with. And the one on my stomach was now just a light pink patch on my skin. I had healed physically but my emotional state was questionable.
I was lying in bed, waiting on breakfast like i had been doing for the past weeks.
"Dott-E where's my lunch?"I called to her. She wasnt the type of droid to ever be later about anything...unless she got distracted that is.
"Yes. She is in that room"
"Thank you" I heard a familar voice tell Dott-E
And in stepped Anakin. I lept of from my bed and hugged his neck. I was so thrilled to finally be leaving this place.
"Sorry I'm late" He told me
"Anakin your always late and you have been for the past fourteen years. Im used to it"
He let out that same stupid smirk that he had.
"And Im used to your insulting complements after fourteen years."
I smiled and rolled my eyes
"Your impossible"
I was signed out of the medical center by noon and was headed to the Jedi Temple in Anakin's speeder by lunch. But I was still in deep thought about it all. The same reaccouring dreams that haunted my mind. What did it all mean?
"Dont you wanna know why your going to the temple?" Anakin asked, shaddering the silence between us.
"Sepratist conflict? Another battlefield? Mission?"
"Master Yoda is going to Kashatt for a few days to help them kick out the seppies. And you, have to watch the younglings."
"Why me?" I complained "Why not Master Plo or, Ahsoka or you?"
"Master Plo and Snips are on Felucia. And Im going on meditiative retreat." "Retreat my butt!You and Padme are going to Naboo for the weekend!"
"Which means you have to watch the younglings"
I glared at him.
"Well fine then." I crossed my arms and sank into my seat.
"Ok, I'll tell Obi-Wan you need some help. He's good with kids"
Anakin dropped me off at the temple and there waiting on me, as if he had known all about it was Master Obi-Wan. We werent friends, or enmies, but neutral. He wasn't crazy or spontaneous enough for me.
"Hello Master"
"Hello Belle. You look troubled"
I sighed.
"I am. Every night since it all happened, I've been having the same dream. Blackness, a mist, my mother, darkness, and something else."
"Do you have any idea what this something may be?"
"I wish I did master. But I dont even know myself"
"Well after my mother leaves, theres just a heavy feeling. Then pitch black darkness. And something, a bright red flaming something, nearly kills me. Then, I wake up."
"Hmmm. I wish I could tell you something but I'm just as puzzled about this as you are. My best advice is to meditate on the matter."
"Alright. I will"
But I wasnt going to now. I had bigger problems to face. Like a classroom full of hyper younglings....

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